Friday, 30 July 2010

It's G.O.O.D. to be back!

A whole month without a single post on this page? Some people must have thought that we quitted, but I am back to prove that we will continue for at least a thousand of years!
During this month that I was off, I had no access to internet, so I am basically unaware of all the new stuff that has been going around on the blogs.

One Ep in particular had attracted my attention before my holidays, "Nlarge your Parties" from Don Rimini. The Don has made several great tunes, such as "Ohow" and "Rave on", and I think that this Ep has one song that is made to stay too.
I'm talking about G.O.O.D., a song that I heard for the first time in his Omgitm mixtape. The other tracks on the Ep are definitely worth a listen, but G.O.O.D. kicks them all in the nuts.

01. “Nlarge Your Intro”
02. “Whatever”
03. “G.O.O.D.” (low quality)
04. “All About”
05. “Riminology”
06. “Nlarge Your Outro – Takes Out”

Buy the Ep on beatport

This post is meant to show our most dedicated readers that we aren't gone, I'll try to filter our inbox for the best tunes one of the days to come. Stay with us!