Thursday, 29 October 2009

Young Blood

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Sonic C started producing at the age of 16 when he wanted to make exclusive remixes for djing. One of his first original tracks, Stickin' (which he produced at the age of 17!), is still frequently played by the lacks of Crookers, Laidback Luke, A-Trak,... The track got spread all over the web.

Sonic C Official Website:

The tracks I am posting, are pretty huge in my opinion. One by one some serious bangers.

Look out for this guy!

Sonic C - Gaia (Original Mix)
Kick-oh - Black Celebration (Sonic C Remix)
Laidback Luke - My God (Guns On Demon) (Sonic C Remix)
Swanky Tunes - Harmony Of Life (Sonic C & Digital LAB Remix) - Sweet Cherry Rec.
-> Digital LAB. (Also played on BBC Radio One!)
The Prodigy - Android (Sonic C Remix)

As I already said, I am only posting the shit I like, so this means that Sonic C made some serious shit, not once, but over and over again!

Support him!

First Post, Big Bang!

Dear blog readers,

This post will go into history as TGM's first Ratrabbits post. There is no need to give myself a whole introduction. I will just post the stuff I personally like. It can be huge bangers or softer, even romantic tracks. The only requirement is that I love what I post.

First up is the new (and free) Nightshifters EP Vampire Killah, brought to you by the Japanese DJ / procuder Dj P.OL. Style.

The EP features remixes from the lacks of LOL Boys, Rob Threezy, DJ Donna Summer and, yeah yeah yeah: Trumpdisco.

I will give you the Trumpdisco remix, which I am digging the most. I am also posting the original, to be able to compare both tracks.

The original track is a house / B-more track with a catchy synth. The guys from Trumpdisco (Australia) made it harder and filthier!

The full free EP is at 320 so get it quick my friends!

Dj P.OL. Style - Vampire Killah
Dj P.OL. Style - Vampire Killah (Trumpdisco Remix)


Bonus: Ratrabbits going mad at I Love Techno 2009 when Bloody Beetroots drop Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now (Trumpdisco Remix)!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Sharkslayer has made an excellent remix for digital manges their song manges (very original), it can be heard in the sets from sound of stereo and a lot of other fidget dj's.

Digital manges - Manges (Sharkslayer Dub)

Congorock is one of my favorite dj's at the moment, he was the best dj I heard at pukkelpop. Because this Italian was programmed so early, we had a lot of space to dance. The bloody beetroots love him, and their collaboration "rombo" turned out a to be a floorfiller when it was released (about two years ago). His remixes for fukkk offf and all leather are, in my eyes, treasures from God. Pray for him, and dance!

Fukkk Offf - More Than Friends (Congorock Remix)
All Leather- I Don't Hate Fags, God Does (Congorock Remix)

Some time ago, Afrojack was just another one of these house producers that I wouldn't even try listening to. But then, something changed... He released three bangin remixes in a very short time (make her say, sexy bitch, killer), but the one that really got the people dancing, was his remix for spencer & hill. It even got played by boys noize at I love techno!

Spencer & Hill - Cool (Afrojack Remix)

And now, for something a lot more underground: Ado! This guy from scotland makes such hard, distorted, fucked up electro, the bloody beetroots sound like britney spears compared to this shit! He has a really weird myspace, and ado is also a football club or something, because if you look it up on google, you find anything but his myspace. but anyway, here it is: Ado's myspace.

Ado! - Employee Of The Month
Ado! - Junk
Ado! - Plugged


Thursday, 22 October 2009



I am turtle tosser, one of the three writers of this blog. We are a band of partypeople, who decided to make a blog. Our style of music is kind of the same: banging electro, distorted noises, some fidget and every now and then we add a little dubstep to the mix. Because this is my first post, I will give you some
of my favorite songs. I know they're not fresh, but I have loved them forever, and never understood why dj's don't play them.

Trumpdisco is an Australian duo, who have made excellent remixes for fatboy slim, mr. oizo, freeland and even lord of the rings! Their original tracks are also, in my opinion, great floorfillers. This song is one of my favorite remixes they made, and their trademark (noisy, distorted beats) comes out very well in this one. enjoy!

boy 8-bit - the suspense is killing me (trumpdisco remix)

I don't know many artists from norway, and I don't suppose that there are a lot of electro artists down there. Anyway, Illstm comes from this cold and snowy place, which is enough to pay some attention to it! Here's a mustard pimp remix from him, this song gave me party-energy for months, unbelievable nobody noticed this one...

Mustard pimp - RER D (Illstm violence mix)

Next up: Mashed paper klub, two young lads from belgium who throw excellent party's in brussels ( check They are more then party people, just check their video for this remix on their myspace and you know what I mean.

Hools - Don Rimini (mashed paper klub feat. floating remix)

In California, Disco villains seem to be pretty big. Here in Europe they are known because they made some songs who made it to the top of the hype machine's popular chart (justice's we are your friends, wu tang clan, N.E.R.D.,...). The remix that I love the most, is one for technotronic, a belgian r&b group from the nineties.

Technotronic - pump up the jam (disco villains remix)

My last song for now is one from felix cartal, a guy from Canada, who makes very trashy electro music. "I never liked music, until I heard my own" he says on his myspace. and when you hear his productions, one can understand why.

Laidback Luke - Need your loving (Felix Cartal remix)

Hope you enjoyed these tracks, and spread the word please!