Sunday, 30 January 2011

Enough Weapons...

Enough Weapons are a huge favourite of us, South African electro lovers..
They'v had a lot of gigs recently and make our crowds go crazy. This duo travels around the world, mainly hitting Europe and South Africa although they have been to the states. They use a whole bunch of equipment ranging from Kaos pads to Nordlead 3 and some other unknown secret weapons which will make you crave for more.
These guys produce some of the best electro, dub and break beats. Both guys in this duo have had a lot of D.Jing experience beforehand, now when put together they are amazing...

In 2010 they had lots of gigs and brought out many new tracks but now its 2011 and we should appreciate their tunes.

Move Bitch - Ludacris (Enough Weapons Bootleg) by Enough Weapons

This remix of Ludacris is crazy and if it doesn't get your head bobbing I'm not sure what will..

Ultra Funk- Enough Weapons by Enough Weapons

This song is for all the electro lovers who like that beautiful sense of rythm...

And last but not least the song that represents all that is good in my country South Africa. We take "The Big Five" by P.H. Fat and have it remixed by Enough Weapons... P.H. Fat is the king of dub in South Africa, pouring Tequila over the crowds that come jam to their beats. This song is S.A. heaven...

The Big Five- PH Fat (Enough Weapons Remix) by Enough Weapons

Shot, Loose K

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wrap up # 9

We posted a remix of Dj antention's track Ivan a few months ago, it was remixed by X-ettl, one of the guys from Aerotronic. Vecho made one too, and this one is even harder than the one by X-ettl (oh, poor ears of mine, they really have a tough time nowadays...). I prefer this one over the original and remixes, but you are of course free to disagree with my humble opinion.
Big up for Vecho!

pass: ivanvechoremix593

And here is another one remix by Vecho, this time for Redial's "Venom". Sweeeeeeet!

The artist who would definitely have got the Ratrabbits award for "breakthrough artist of 2010" (if it existed), is Comic Strips. I have downloaded everything he has made so far, and 90% of that was pure sex (the other 10% was only foreplay). Not many producers achieve that level of versatility, quality and productivity. And he is only just starting... His latest remix is a bomb that has an impact similar to the one dropped on hiroshima.
It will hit you in you face out of nowhere... It's Sucker Punch by Gtronic!

Temabes is a producer from Moscow, Russia, who seems very eager to let the world know that he is out there, making stuff that bangs and kicks you right in your manhood. This is heavy, dark, grinding, teeth crushing electro like only a sick mind from the former soviet union can make... Prepare...

This remix by Beatbouncers is out since monday, and it's been supported by big guns like Kissy Sell Out, Cyberpunkers, The Oddword, Shameboy,... The sound is a lot heavier then their stuff when they were still a duo, something that I can only be happy about.

The Eleven from the Netherlands is a relative young producer, but his tunes already gained support from Dj's like Dem Slackers, Riptide, Screendeath,... And his track "Pie" will be released on Southern Fried records. His stuff sounds a lot like acid house, but then with a special touch that I can't describe exactly - let's call it the" clouds touch".


I posted a preview of this some time ago, now you can have the full version!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Hide and scream

Back when I was new to electro music these guys already found their way to me. How? Well I don't know actually, these guys don't really have a real big name... Anyway, already then I was into their music. And now, about a year an a half later, their music found it's way back to me.

Here's a preview of their new track called Kraft. When I heard it the first time, I heard elements that they were allready using in their first production and I heard some really fresh stuff. The combination made me fall in love.
Kraft (Out Soon On Touché Records) by hideandscream

This one is a remix of Fresh Foolish's Awake. Shows that they have decent producing skills. It made me move on the beat and what does an electro song need more then that to be a banger?
Fresh Foolish - Awake (Hide and Scream Remix) Out 31-01 on SHAKE YOUR ASS Records by hideandscream

Le Musique D'Ordinateur

La Musique D'Ordinateur (LMDO) are a group who have inspired me in the first time I have heard their production.
This sweet little group in ascension emerge from two guys, who have musical influences from Electro, Metal, PUNK, Dubstep, all together made LMDO.
Their strong is headbanger music, they made some pretty cool remix of Slipknot, Metallica, Bring me the Horizon, Linkin Park... and more.
They are from Spain and really, they are here to stay with their music.

A new release from them are the EP " Hoover ".
Tracks release in 27 of Januar in all platforms, so prepare yourself because this EP is a bomb !

La Musique D'Ordinateur - Hoover EP by La Musique D'Ordinateur

And also have left a bonus track for us.

La Musique D'Ordinatour - Hoover ( Mr. Penisman remix )

Now for you know more about their music a SoundCloud Set with all their producing.
The remix who have impressed me so much was " Super Pixel - Bangers ( La Musique D'Ordinatour remix ).
I really recommend you to listening some of this tracks

Latest tracks by La Musique D'Ordinateur


This post was a try-out, and since his english really isn't good enough (sorry dude), he won't be able to write posts any longer. The music is top quality though, so check that out for sure :).

Monday, 24 January 2011

The perfect prescription

Mental Groove records, the label from French electro god Don Rimini, released an absolutely amazing compilation about a week ago. It contains a bunch of old tracks (or at least some of them are already relaay old), that for some reason never got released. Things from Ado, Modek and Blatta & Inesha feat Edu K stand proudly next to stuff from artists that I had never heard from before this release, like Tagteam Terror, TiTan & Scuolo Furano and The Town.
All of the tracks on this release are pure gold, it's a real shame that no one released them earlier... I recommend you run to your record farmer as soon as you've finished reading this, or just be lazy and click on the beatport link I included below, because I know that you all like to be lazy.

To make your hand go to your wallet even faster, I have permission to share one of the tracks of the release for free. It just so happens to be one of my favorites, Pancadao Supersonico from Blatta & Inesha feat. Edu K. I have been craving for this track since the very first time I heard it, which was most likely in their own Omgitm mix from more than a year ago. The bassline just goes so well with the vocals, this track is an absolute dream!

There is only one thing left for me to do now...
Admitting that Don Rimini must bring more releases like this, he probably has tons of other beauty's like this up in his sleeve.

Go for it Don.
We all know you can do it!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Fresh Disko

Nadisko will be releasing a new Ep on tuff em up records in March, and they've put a teaser online. My favorite tunes are "Ringer" and "Extortion". Ringer is a very happy tune, which will surely make you jump and long for the festival season. Extortion is rather the opposite, this sounds like it came from Haezer's cave when he had a really bad temper and wanted to make something extra violent...

To make some fuzz around their new EP, they are giving a new remix away for free. It's a remix for Jeff Wayne's "Eve of the war", the theme song for 2005's blockbuster "War of the worlds". It sounds pretty epic, I think this is a good song to start a set with!

Fresh Foolish is a project by 2 Italian Dj's/producers, who are kinda new to the scene. They have already created quite a name for themselves, with a release on crux records scheduled and a first Ep with vocals from a girl and a gun. I went through their soundcloud to pick my favorites, and these are the ones that I found:

This track is plain old heavy electro, a bit trashy, without becoming too chaotic - like trash has to sound.

This remix is a dubstep/electro blend for the remix competition for swagger by Dem Slackers, it hopefully will make you bang your head as much as it did to me...


You probably noticed that we can't run this blog on a regular basis, because me and Dislabled both have lots of other stuff to do (Electrobanging, if you read this - Post!). But if you think that you can be a good team member for us, by writing posts about hard electro, you can contact us!

Just send a mail to:, subject "writer".

- You have to be good in english (a few mistakes are not such a big deal, but I have to correct al of them, so you're not coming in if you can't make decent posts)
- You love the harder kind of electro, and you are willing to do some research to find it
- Find yourself a fancy name to sign your posts with
- Always write a bit about the artist and/or song you promote, don't just throw a bunch of songs at our readers.
- It would be nice if you came from the dutch part of Belgium, but that's not necessary.

What do you get:
- Access to our mailbox, with all the tracks, mixes, and whatever else in it.
- Access to our facebook account, so you can talk to your favorite dj's and producers in the chat.
- Tons of respect from us, the writers, and the electro community in general.

I hope I'll find some decent bloggers with this, because I really want this blog to go big :)!

Monday, 17 January 2011

F to B

This post was scheduled to be online thursday, but destiny (and my exam of metaphysics) had other things in store for it...
I guess having exams sucks...
Work sucks harder though!

After the heart stopping announcements of my last post, it would be wise to calm down and post some relaxing stuff. So that's what I did...
"Huh wait? Is this Ratrabbits? This can't be happening?"
Ok, I lied! Relaxing is for old people, not for a bunch of party-harders! How about some F2u and Bullwack to get that adrenaline pumping?

F2u will be releasing an EP on Bonds records on the 17th of februari, it will consist out of 2 original tracks (I hyped the videoclip for one of them in september already, check that post here) Bad Mad Man and Virus. I'm not allowed to post those originals, but there are some remixes ready from producers who don't want their stuff to be released. Weird, but I won't complain, because that means I can freely share them!

The credits for these excellent remixes go to Feedback and W.A.R.!

I got to know Bullwack from his remix for Comic Strips, and I got reminded of his existence again a few days ago when I saw a very touching post on his facebook wall. He wanted more plays on his myspace, because it was embarrassing to only have 2 plays for each track. I don't give a fuck about myspace actually, but I did went to his page to check his tunes. The one that I immediately loved was this one:

I guess I am sort of obliged to keep an eye on him now, you don't make stuff that good by chance... I'll start with checking his whole soundcloud after my exam on monday (Right now that means)!

Thanks Will

I got to admit something...I'm in love with Will Bailey's soundcloud page. Almost every week he uploads new tracks and almost all of them sound fresh as hell. So I recommend you to go check it out and have multiple eargasms. You don't have enough time to check them all? Well I'll give you my personal favorites.

This one is uploaded about 5 hours ago. It's not what you would expect from Will Bailey, but I'm really into this one. In my opinion this is a song that tells the story of electro, where it comes from and where it is right know. Having some familiar sounding synths next to some fresh sounds.

The next one is a remix for Dooze Jackers' Konani. Well, I don't really know how to describe this one, but it sure is a banger! So just listen to it and enjoy...

This one I did expect from Will Bailey. Typical chopped vocals, synths and drums. Some might see it as lack of creativity, but I really like those typical sounds. And in the songs above is allready been proven that he really can be creative.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Rock me on electro!

I normally don't promote party's, no matter how awesome their line-up is...
But for this one, I am making an exception! Rock me on electro is bringing Trumpdisco to Belgium, one of my favorite artists of all time. They are pretty much the only ones that I already knew 3 years ago and that I still like now. Besides, in all that time they never got their asses out of Australia, which makes this even more special...
First time in Europe, first time in Belgium, probably the first time I will get an orgasm from hearing an electro set,...

And oh yeah, that's not even everything...

The rest of the line-up makes me even more excited!



Dr. Philth!

And 1 more special guest which is not yet announced.

Where, when, why, fee, how, what, whoop whoop?

Where: Fuse, Brussels
When: 18th of february
Why: You don't want your grandchildren to be bullied because "Haha, his grandpa (or grandma, in case there are girls reading this) wasn't there when Trumpdisco made everyone get so wild that the world stood still for a moment! LOSER!"
Fee: Just 10 lousy euro's, but grandparents stories are prizeless...
How: just get your ass down there, and let the music take control
What: probably the best party of your whole life
Whoop Whoop: You bet!

Ps: I haven't said anything about Gtronic or the other guys playing there, but don't get me wrong: their awesome too! Trumpdisco is just that little bit more special because their my favorite aussies, and I've seen tha G a couple of times already.

Less known talents Nam Nori & Neologic

I have been searching through Soundcloud again and found some pretty good unknown artists. Two living examples that getting your name up isn't that easy...

I got confused on this one. His songs all sound so professional, but when I check his facebookpage I see that he only has 56 fans. So yeah you'll be thinking, he probably just started up the page. No! When I scrolled down I saw a post going back to june 2010. So a message to all you readers, click here and become a fan! This dude really deserves a little more attention. I would like to introduce him to you, but I just don't know anything about him. I don't even know it is a him! But here is my personal favorit, I just really like the way the vocals are mixed. Please check out his whole soundcloud-page.

Yuksek - Extraball (Nam Nori Remix) by Nam Nori

I don't know if I can say they're unknown, judging by their myspace they do play for decent crowds and do get some attention. I think they're just known in Brazil. But this post isn't really for the dj-duo itself, but more for one of their songs. Not that I think their other songs suck or anything, but it's just not really my style. This one is, making me enjoy that lovely bass. Ow yeah, before I forget, their name is Neologic...

Neologic - Take it Back by neologic

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Kotsnek is a brand new project from a famous Belgian Dj, who just finished his first production. Since it's a secret project, I can't tell you much more about it...
Or maybe just this: it's dubstep like it was meant to be! (So not the way Britney Spears does)

Second part of the post will be dedicated to the boomzers, a dj project that got a little too few attention from us to be honest... 10 000 facebookfans in 1 year - that's pretty impressive isn't it? In case you didn't knew them yet, this track is a perfect start to get too know them a little better!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mustard pimp & Borgore

We all know Mustard Pimp and we all know they're good at what they do. But I didn't see this one coming... When I saw the soundcloud player on their facebookwall, I excepted it to be something like Kiwi or Paper. Well... ofcourse is wasn't. This remix of Steve Aoki's Wake Up Call is a piece of big beat sounding... Well fuck it, just listen to it!

Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson - Wake Up Call (Mustard Pimp Remix) by mustard pimp

Hey kids it's Borgore! Doing what we expect of him, making some fucking filthy shit. It has been a while, but he made a new remix. It's for a band called Asking Alexandria. It isn't released yet, and the only thing we can give you is a 1.35 min preview posted on youtube. But I'm really into it, can't wait until it gets released.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Buck Wasted in the club

Wasted Basterds were promoted here about a month and a half ago, and I think it's time to give him another well deserved spot in the spotlights. His latest track, called "Mad Kidz" will be released on Touché records, together with a bunch of remixes By X-ettl, Mr. Skeleton and Vakkuum. Today I present you the original mix, an electro-trash-distortion-rave-get-fucked-up track which will definitely get you to bang your head!

Then I have some new Comic Candy for you, brought to you by our number one source of banging electro from the US and A. You've guessed it, it's Comic Strips! He has made a new Ep, this time it's not one with only tracks from himself, there are 3 remixers who all try to do it better than our whizzkid.
It's hard to pick one favorite, because basically they don't differ that much from the original. If I have to pick one, it would be the Krftkds remix, because it adds just that little more punch. But for a first track with vocals (they are done by Sneaky Mike and Femi), this whole Ep kicks ass!
The best news: it's free for all!


1. Buck Naked In The Club (original mix)
2. Buck Naked In The Club (Geneden Remix)
3. Buck Naked In The Club (Krftkds Remix)
4. Buck Naked In The Club ( The Mass Brothers Remix)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Still alive...

I don't know how I did it, but I survived new years eve! It took me some time to get back on earth though... But here I am, giving you something new. Time to scroll down bitches...

Mightyfools, the two fellas from the Netherlands, are giving away an awesome gift. A new and free song. They're not the only ones doing this, but I think their present is one of those I'll remember.
Mightyfools - California Roll (Free 320kbs MP3) by Mightyfools

I'm also going to give you guys their one month old tune called Super Summer, because it hasn't been posted on Ratrabbits yet. Sorry for the delay, I hope you'll forgive us after hearing it! Watch out though, your body will start moving spontaneously...
Super Summer by Mightyfools

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Death of Santa Claus

Happy new year everyone!
Now that you all got all your presents for this holiday period, you probably have to admit that a lot of them are bullcrap...
Thanks for the wool sweater mom, that's just what I needed...
Oh lovely, a pair of pink gloves! You do know I'm a boy grandma?

That sort of shit! You know who's responsible for this? Santa Claus indeed!

Let's get the bastard! He will pay for this! What better way to punish him than making a mixtape so hard that he will never be able to ride his sleigh after hearing it? It gets even better if I tell you that all of the tracks are exclusive, so you can only have heard some of them in live-sets or previews.... Excited already?
Click that big orange button then, and get ready for Santa's slow and painful dead!