Friday, 26 February 2010


Felix Cartal's album "Popular Music" has just been released digitally on Dim Mak, and Taelor has done a good job with this. It's filled to the top with bangin' tunes, in his typical sound, a cross-over between techno and electro. I've picked "Love" and "Berlin" as my favorites. Felix really likes cities a lot, he already had Parisienne, Vancouver, Montreal Dreams and now Berlin. You can buy the whole album here.

01. Popular Music Intro
02. Berlin
03. I Believe In (feat. Beta Bow)
04. World Class Driver
05. Volcano (feat. Johnny Whitney)
06. Drone
07. The Grinch
08. Love
09. Dutch George (Horn Version)
10. Why Wait (feat. The Faint)
11. Boy And His Computer
12. Something Nice

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Proxy - Proxy LP

The Proxy is working on his album (it's probably going to be titled "Proxy), rumor has it that it will be released in march. In the meantime, there has popped up an album teaser. It has caused people to freak out, even while it's only 1 minute and 48 seconds long, for 14 ear-bleeding militaristic techno tracks. I've spent the last bit of my youth analyzing it to get most of the track ID's.
Most of em can already be heard in his live-sets for quite a while now, and because the bits and pieces of the tracks that you can hear are no longer than 10 seconds, I'm reposting his live-set from I love techno. The tracks in that live-set are in a much better quality than the teaser (which is 40 kbps), and they're a lot longer.

The Proxy - Album Teaser(40 kbps)

Tracklist of the teaser:
Indian film
Quad damage
Who are you
Think first

Thanks to the people who helped me with the ones I didn't know!

Proxy Live @ I love techno

01. Proxy - Cooper
02. Autodidakt - Shit Your Rack (Proxy Remix)
03. Proxy - Indian Film
04. Proxy - Ready to Watching
05. Proxy - Сypher
06. Moby - I Love to Move in Here (Proxy Remix)
07. Zombie Nation - Shottieville (Proxy Remix)
08. Tiga - What You Need (Proxy Remix)
09. Digitalism - Home Zone (Proxy Remix)
10. Proxy - Raven (Live Edit)
11. Proxy - Vibrate
12. Proxy - Status
13. Proxy - Who Are You?
14. Proxy - Who Are You? (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
15. Proxy - Abyss
16. Proxy - Decoy
17. Proxy - Dance in Dark (Live Edit)

Let your ears get scratched and wounded!

From every mountain side: let Belgian electronic music ring.

With this post I would like to introduce some Belgian producers which, in my opinion, haven't got yet the attention they deserve. Let's hope my little literary masterpiece will spread their word a bit!

First up is the 19 years old DJ/producer Jens De Kettelaere. Being one third of the Belgian electro/trash trio "Aerotronic", he also has a solo side project "X-Ettl".

After winning an internet competition X-Ettl had the honor to perform at Belgium's biggest electro festival "I Love Techno". Things haven't stopped growing and soon he will release his first solo EP on the german label "Dusted Decks". (Next to Fukkk Offf, Aniki, Saint Pauli,...)

The Ep, called "Jetgum" will include 4 tracks:

X-ettl - Jetgum
X-ettl - Ngin
X-ettl - Stride
X-ettl - Deadc4t

Because he wants to protect these tracks until their release, he is not sending them into the blog world, but you can hear some previews in this minimix.

X-ettl 30 min mixtape by X-ettl

X-Ettl has sent us another track he made in cooporation with the Belgian MC "Tizzi" (formerly known as Toastaz) . Mjammmie.

X-Ettl Feat. Tizzi - Sticks 'N Stones

The fourth of April he will be sharing decks with Busy P and Mr. Oizo at Liquid Sunday in Germany.

Bonus: Aerotronic - Helicopter

The next artist "Modek", Willem Claesen, has already made several huge originals and remixes. (formerly known as Mellow)

As "Mellow" he released his first EP, called, ... yes, Mellow. (Monkey See Monkey Do) Later on he released his Kamikaze EP (Buy) on Keatchen Records and in the future he will release his Hiroshima EP (Monkey see Monkey Do) and his Mumps EP (Kiez Beats)

I love his sound, because it is that extraordinary hard and trashy. His tracks should really hit more dancefloors.

Difficult to choose which tracks I would share with my fellow Ratrabbits, but here they are.

Modek - Kamikaze (Kamikaze EP)

Modek - Copperhead (Kamikaze EP)

Modek - Hoax (Kamikaze EP (Set Rip))

Modek - Hiroshima (Hiroshima EP)

Modek - Omnivore
(Hiroshima EP)

(5 tracks, still too hard to choose, but please buy the tracks if you like them.)

The last artist I am presenting, Vincent Pauwels, better known as VNNR and 26 years old, is also making his way to the top.

His remixes are dropped by artists such as Mr. Oizo, Busy P, Felix Da Housecat,and Don Rimini. (So I asked myself: who isn't supporting him?)

At the moment VNNR is working on a remix for Aerotronic, while an Aerotronic remix will feature on Modek's Mumps EP. The Belgian "harder" electro scene, seems to be one happy family.

I am posting two of his best remixes, not hard to find on the web, not fresh, but in my opinion they haven't got a really decent post somewhere.

Depuis 91 - Erotiq (VNNR Shake The Room Remix)

Somebody's Going Down Tonight - Duckkk (VNNR Remix)

Coming up is, as I said, his remix for Aerotronic, but also a remix for The Oddword's "Kortelas".

You can hear the preview in this video:

So, until here my little word of Belgian chauvinism. Of course I can continue my story and tease your ears once more with other Belgian artists, but my fingers tell me to keep that for an other episode.

I hope it got your attention.

Enjoy the tracks and support the artists!


I already said something about Proxy founding his own label, well, he finished his plan: Check it out guys.

Monday, 22 February 2010


In our interview with Sawgood, he mentioned that he would soon be releasing an ep on plasmapool records. This Ep was released on the 20th of february, and it contains some serious partystarters!

All three tracks have this fidget tone, "Clowny" is the most wobbly one. "Rock it" is my personal best, the vocals really get me going. "Sawsage" is the hardest, darkest of the Ep. I know that's not much words to describe how good it is, I'll give you some names from peeps who played it already: Stereoheroes, Blatta&Inesha, Hostage, Gigi Barocco, Mustard Pimp,...
So... why are you still reading this?

Sawgood - Clowny
Sawgood - Rock it
Sawgood - Sawsage

Figure from Florida keeps on surprising me with original tunes, his "The Warriors" remix was a fucking bomb, and this new track I'm about to give you is something special aswell. It might not be so mindblowing as his rmx of the aforementioned, but it did scare me a bit.
And I mean that in a good way. I liked the spacey, synthy build-ups, and the techno beats at the break get me jumping, which is what I look for in electro music.

Figure - Swarm

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Boys Noize @ fuse

This remix for Boys Noize's Kontact me surely will blow you away, it was played by the man himself at Fuse in Brussels last friday. The guy who made this pumpin remix is Canadian Rynecologist, some of you might know him from his previous work on Ed banger. Hothothot!

And what a crowd by the way... Wish I was there...

Friday, 19 February 2010

Doomsday device

The title of this album explains itself better than I can do, this is heavy bass stuff strictly made for dancefloors. It's the first installment in a new series on trouble and bass records, and this first track should get you totally hyped for further releases! "post apocalyptic death rave dance floor destroyer", I couldn't describe it any better. I think this could be the new summer-hit, like pon de floor or riverside.

Drop the lime - doomsday device

And now, a fresh remix from Swedish electro duo Dadalife! "Symphonies", a track by Dan Black and Kid cudi, given some extra club power. Good drop, nice build-ups,... what else do you need?

Dan black feat Kid Cudi - Symphonies (Dadalife rmx)

Monday, 15 February 2010

Run for the Riot

I guess not much of you have already heard from RunRiot, a 24 year old producer (real name Tom Young) from the UK. He has only started this project in January 2009, but he already has some critical acclaimed productions up in his sleeve. His new Ep "Take my hand" is now available on his record label "We are live", so if you like the remix I am giving you, give that one a chance too!

Double 99 - Rip Groove (RunRiot rmx)

This is a compliation of some of the gigs he played last summer, crazy footage!

Gigi Barocco always had something with poppy lyrics, and this one is no exception to that trademark. Remixes like these give the ladies in the crowd something to do, while the boys still have a sick bassline to bust a move on.

Plaza da Funk feat Miss Trouble - Push 'n pull (Gigi Barocco rmx)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Panoramx party

I'm sure a lot of you gys have already heard from Panormx, one of the biggest Belgian electro blogs. They recently got fucked big time by blogspot, who deleted their page without reason. Now their back in business with a page on wordpress, so if you wondered where the blog has been: here it is.
Their first party on the 27th of february (@Jeugdhuis Twidrio, Sint-Pieters leeuw), with the friendly Beatbouncers as headliner, will surely be one hell of a night. We have one ticket to give away for free, the only thing you have to do is sending a mail to, and you have to tell em who started the blog.
That may be a little digging, but you get a free ticket!

PANORMX PARTY from Pieter Subtiv Steyaert on Vimeo.

Pink is back!

This Gtronic remix seemed to be up for a small month already, I can't come up with a reason why nobody posted it...
So anyway, here it is: the Gtronic remix for Pink a Pad's "Pink is Back". Dark, heavy, not for pussys,... good old G at his usual level.

Pink a Pad's - Pink is Back (Gtronic remix) (removed on request, the whole Ep can be bought at beatport)

If you have wondered why you can't find any mixtapes from him, the reason for this is kinda simple. He doesn't has that much time to work in his studio, and when he has, he rather makes tracks and remixes. Again a mystery solved by the Ratrabbit detectives!

Topaloca is a young producer from Belgium, and he recently made a few new acks. "Break the sound barrier" is the best of those. Not so hard as I like my electro normally, but I see he has some talent.

Topaloca - Break the sound barrier

Friday, 12 February 2010

Shark... off!

Some brand new Sharkslayer remixes, they all have their specific sound: something between fidget and tech-house.
The vocals in the remix for Sekta give me a tropical, a bit scary feeling. Not a pure dancefloor monster, rather something to listen on your Ipod or mp3, wondering how Sharkslayer can be so genius.

Sekta - Peterpan (Sharkslayer Nassau VIP)

Femme en Fourrure are compatriots of the Sharkslayer duo, maybe this is why he remixed one of their tracks? Some high pitching, several layers, horns,... big tune!

Femme en Fourrure - Plump bisquit (Sharkslayer remix)

The last one is also appropriate for the dancefloor, sick drop at 1:30. This gets you jumping for sure! It's slightly older than the other 2, but since it's so good...

The Willowz - repetition (Sharkslayer rmx)

EDIT:Oh my god! This remix blows away the other 3, with sexy/creepy vocals, a crazy bassline and some melodies who are getting distorted by that crazy bassline... It was played by Illstm in his omgitm mix, made me hum the tune for days.

Jinder - Youth Blood (Sharkslayer remix)

And now we have some cool tracks from Dirty Disco Youth's Ep. His track Minds... off got remixed by Stereoheroes and Dirty Disco Youth. That's right, he remixed his own track! Both are good tracks, but I'm giving you his remix, it's slightly better.

Dirty Disco Youth - Minds... Off (DDY rmx)

The Fukkk Offf is strong enough to stand next to the original, and not being put to shame by it. A slightly different touch, somewhat more techno-like, resulting in a killer tune.

Dirty Disco Youth - Brains... Off (Fukkk Offf remix)

Heads... off, one of the three originals of the Ep, deserves some attention from you aswell. Perfect for heating up clubs, It might sound a bit weird when you listen to it the first time, but the barking dog at the drop does it for me. Close to perfection, that's what it is.

Dirty Disco Youth - Heads... Off


Tuesday, 9 February 2010


When I talk about Belgian producers, this were always Flemish (part of Belgium that speaks Dutch) guys. This might let you think that Wallonie (the French part) doesn't have talented young dj/producers, but I will show you that this is not the case!


"Two handsome guy’s who came from the south of Belgium. Armed with decks and love of music. With the only purpose of shaking people’s ass… and well… it works pretty well."

To show you what it looks like; here's a taste trom one of their dj-sets.

Their rep grew fast (they started in march 2008), and as an icing on the cake, they won the Belgian contest for Soulwaxmas '09. So they opened one of the biggest events during winter in Belgium, and they only started a year and a half before.
That's pretty sick if you ask me!

Here are some tunes which have been released on Level 75, and other labels. "Glow in the Dark" was released in the "Bangers compilation" of Level 75, amongside big guns such as Djedjotronic, Popof, Keatch,...

Natsuko - Glow in the dark
Natsuko - My car is bad
Natsuko - White hat

Some of their tracks remind me a bit of Electro-rockers Goose, but then a little bit more distorted... Well, just give these songs a listen and make up your own mind!

And now I have some songs who have been on repeat on my Ipod for the last few days, but I couldn't find some other new stuff by the artists. These tracks are a bit more "fidgetty" then the stuff I posted lately, but they all have the power to destroy...

Donald Glaude - Teed off (Calvertron remix)
A1 bassline - Bad Man Horror Theme (Mustard Pimp rmx)
Tenkah - Stalingrad (Ikki rmx)


Monday, 8 February 2010

No inspiration for a title, let the tunes speak!

So many good tunes lately, it's hard to pick out the ones that really stand out...
I'll give you some tracks by ratrabbits favorites, Gtronic, Felix Cartal and Dirty Disco Youth.

The "Pumpin" Ep by Nt89 and Distrakt will be released on vinyl the 15th of this month, and the 1st of march, but for those who can't wait, we have the Gtronic remix for you. This Ep is supported by basically every artist that we love, so you better love it too!

Nt89 and Distrakt - Pumpin' (Gtronic Rmx)
(Thanx to Noize Degeneration)

Felix Cartal (real name Taelor Deitcher) seems to be in a very busy mood, a few months ago he released Drone, but after that it became a little bit silent about this talented Canadian... With his album coming up, the rmx's seem to flow thick, something you should thank god for! This one doesn't have the famous "big drops" that we're used too, it's more a continuously vibe going on, which works great.
I'm so hyped about the album, so we'll definitely will keep you posted about that!

NROTB - Droplet (Felix Cartal Rmx)

Dirty Disco Youth remixed Wolfgang Gartner's mix of Britney spears's "3", and now the annoying vocals are completely destroyed, NICE! Some real hard noize in there, which is always good when you remix a sucky pop song.

Britney Spears and Wolfgang Gartner - 3 (Dirty Disco Youth rmx)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

15 seconds left... Party!

"Imagine your life would only be 15 seconds long. What would it be like?"

Get this track, it's one of Gtronic best remixes. And Gtronic hasn't made anything sucky, so I guarantee you that it will get you jumping!

Autodidakt - 15 seconds (Gtronic Remix) (link fixed)

Aerotronic will be releasing their first EP "First blood" on Monkey see, Monkey do on the 18th of february. We have the teaser for you, which contains the tracks "Helicopter", "Bezerk" and "Ravers nightmare". Give em some love on the 18th!

Aerotronic - First Blood EP Teaser by aerotronic

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

It’s all about Canada!

Canadian Felix Cartal has been busy making fat tunes for a few years now, and in the very near future, he will be releasing an album “popular music”, on Dim Mak records. The title track of that album has hit the net a few days ago, and it’s getting positive response from all over the globe. I have to say that I’m digging it completely, and I’m completely hyped about the album.
I also have a new remix by him for you, the original song has the most ridiculous long title I have ever seen: “I Have High Expectations For What I Want To Be But In The Mirror I Don't See Them Staring Back At Me”. And since it’s a remix, you can add “Felix Cartal Remix” to it aswell.

Felix Cartal – Popular music

Hussle club - I Have High Expectations For What I Want To Be But In The Mirror I Don't See Them Staring Back At Me (Felix Cartal rmx)

If you are one of those people who think Jfk can only be John F. Kennedy, you should be ashamed. Jfk = Jesse F. Keeler, one half of the legendary duo MSTRKRFT from Toronto, Canada and also a member of death from above 1979.
This one is a real oldie I think, but since it hasn’t been released officially on a record label, I believe it is my duty to post it.
Baby Techno, that’s the name of this beauty. And it’s pure sex, this is one of those songs that make the sun look sunnier, and the winter a little less cold. This is only a set-rip, but if you have a better quality version, feel free to tell me!

Jfk – Baby Techno