Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Something Else

yes, it has been months ago since I did my latest post here. A long period of exhaustive, destructive and depression causing exams took the upper hand. Now that I am free again, lets catch up the time we have lost.

The White Electric can be called a three piece electro - punk - pop - rock band, with its origin in Melbourne, the beautiful south of Australia. The three piece is formed by Sally, dealing with some attractive vocals, Lachan playing the synths and Dave smashing the drums.

The band was formed in 2008 and already this year it will be releasing its debut EP.

I have to admit, this is not the kind of music you are used to discover on this blog. But I have to admit even more that this is the kind of music you should discover whenever you get the chance.

For me, it was the almighty Trumpdisco remix from "Into You" which led me to the original tracks. (A remix which is not findable at the moment.)

Into You Remix Promo Clip by Trumpdisco

So, I have sent a polite e-mail to one third of the band and a friendly feed back made my get my hands on two beautiful "The White Electric" tracks.

The White Electric - Into you

The White Electric - Wasted

So, my fellow Ratrabbits, give them an attentive listen and enjoy these tracks as I surely do.



Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tunes... let's hope they start to kill me again soon!

Although I only have one exam left, the previous ones seemed to really have killed me. I'd rather get killed by tunes, so that sucks big time. Consequence: my blogging upkeep seems to be getting slower and slower...
I will give you 2 tracks today that I liked a lot recently, there are probably lots of more hot tracks on the blogs these days, but I really am to tired to search any longer.

The first one I stumbled on was one from Hostage, let's say that it's a typical one for him - then you know you don't have to expect anything typical! Thanks to the Dem Slackers blog to bring this to my attention.

Hostage - Rooted by HOSTAGE

Geometry are famous for their banging trash tunes, and they recently made a remix for P2t (long time since we heard anything new from those dudes...). They made the song a bit more club-worthy, and what's even more important: they made it better!

P2t - Jump (Geometry remix)

Saturday, 19 June 2010


The amazing BMKLTSCH record label sent us yet another mail full of news about upcoming releases on the label. Besides their label, these dudes also have a dj/live set (under the name Boemklatsch), where they play on stage with 6 people at the same time (3 dj's, a host and 2 vj's). Their productions always put a smile on my face, because they don't take the whole thing too serious (you've probably already guessed that from the name). Below I have a few upcoming remixes from them, the first is one they did for Shameboy's (very famous in Belgium) "Vultures".

Shameboy - Vultures (Boemklatsch remix) by Boemklatsch

This collab with Dem Slackers should be released in august, below you can already preview the bass-slapping track!

Slap In The Bass - Surko (Boemklatsch & Dem Slackers remix) by Boemklatsch

The new releases on the label both come from producers who got famous with a remix for "Amsterdam". Dem Slackers remixed Mightyfools' "Amsterdam", and they made us all admit that we had a serious alcohol problem. RipTidE gave Jennifer Delano's "Amsterdam" a face-lift, and a star was born. Basically every dj of the planet played that track last summer, and it made us all wonder what "I came to the city of Amsterdam, and I bought myself a bicycle" meant. I still haven't figured it out, but I guess it doesn't matter that much, Riptide is on fire!

Dem Slackers & Fake ID (I have no idea who that might be) "Working title" EP is actually a free one, to promote his upcoming "Let's go" EP which is going to hit you straight in your face from in july. Boemklatsch and 3 is a Crowd did a great job remixing, Boemklatsch giving it the high-pitching approach and 3 is a crowd making it a bit techy (not too much luckily) and with a beat pattern that sounds very classic (I remember it from somewhere, can't recall from what though). If this was a buy-able Ep, I had ordered you to get your ass straight to beatport, but hey... it's free!

Dem Slackers & Fake ID - Working title
Dem Slackers & Fake ID - Working title (3 is a crowd remix)
Dem Slackers & Fake ID - Working title (Boemklatsch remix)

Whole Ep for free!

RipTidE (aka Max Bedeker) is always in for a surprise or a weird thing to do. An example: he recorded a song with Tibetan monks. Now that's something YOU surely wouldn't do! His music sounds original, but sometimes a bit to slow for my taste. The original "Fireleaf" isn't my cup of tea, but Clashes made it a bit more distorted and hard which turns out great.
But if I was a Dj, and I was looking for a track to play in my set... it would definitely be "Fk Me". The vocals (Fk me, Fk me,...please don't make me wait) are exactly what a sweaty crowd needs to go completely nuts, and I can't wait until I hear it getting played live at full volume...

RipTidE - Fireleaf
RipTidE - Fireleaf (Hidden Cat remix)
RipTidE - Fireleaf (Clashes remix) (direct link)
RipTidE - Fk Me (direct link)

Buy the whole release here!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

US electro is not dead!

My 2 favorite US producers seemed to be a bit lazy the last few months, or at least we didn't brought you any new stuff from them... But The Disco Villains and Figure weren't sitting down and doing nothing, they actually prepared some sick new stuff!

Let's start with the Disco Villains, because they had some bad luck with the health of Louie Fresco, who was really sick the last couple of months. Now that he's getting better, they started to work in the studio again, and they pumped out some summer style songs that fitted my mood perfectly today. They're all quite techy and with a latin vibe, but every once in a while I like my songs that way. Eyes wide open for the nex ep, they have caught Etienne de Crecy as a remixer!

Disco Villains - Carnavalismo by Disco Villains

Disco Villains - La Boa by Disco Villains

Figure's Ep, called 'the death of Joshua" was released on we are live records a few days ago. Angry distorted tunes (like he describes it on his own blog, Penned Madness), that was a genre that he didn't made yet. These 3 tracks are all a bit more trashy than his other stuff, but just like I said before, this man is so genius that it always turns out great! There should be coming a remix ep too somewhere soon, with remixes from Modified Noise and Flufftronix.

Tracklist of the teaser:
Lover of the broken
Bring it
The death of joshua

Buy it on beatport here!

Figure - The Death Of Joshua ep (Sampler) *Out now* by Figure


This remix for Tiga's "you gonna want me" is one of the few songs that I'd happily download a shitty, setripped and full of jingles- version from. The reason why is obvious: it's massive! Played by Erol Alkan, and tons of others are to follow!

Tiga - You gonna want me (Hey Today! remix)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Haezer? I know who the fuck he is!

If you follow this blog since early april (or earlier), you'll probably still remember who the fuck Haezer is. This South-African dj and producer has boomed since then, and his highly anticipated "Who the fuck is Haezer"-Ep dropped this week on beatport (check all the remixes and buy it here). Remixes from Cyberpunkers, Trumpdisco, Noize Generation,... 7 in total, and from those the remix Cyberpunkers pumped out is my favourite. It blows your head off with it's hoarse, even a bit sexy vocals, combined with the pumping cycles of madness that we know from the Italian punkers.

Haezer - Who the fuck is Haezer (Cyberpunkers remix)
(I hate the fact that it this version cuts off before the end, I'd love to hear more of that...)

There was a time when we got our hands on awesome Trumpdisco remixes and originals almost every 2 or 3 weeks, but their stream of promo stuff was set on hold for a few months. This doesn't mean that they were being lazy during that time, in fact they are looking for labels to release their stuff. A small 2 weeks ago they uploaded a bunch of new & old stuff on their soundcloud, I think that you should definitely check all that... I'm gonna do that myself too, but my neck still needs some recovery from all the headbanging sessions from the last few days!
Their take on Haezer's track is typical for them, a simple, pumping beat pattern under thick layers of trash and distortion. And that's why Trumpdisco is so fuckin' genius!
Haezer-WTFIH-TrumpdiscoRemix promo by Trumpdisco

The Noize Generation remix aims for a more casual trash feeling, with looped vocals and a sample that seems to come straight from a metal song. This gives it an agressive and ravey atmoshpere (not something that girls would like I think), perfect for a sweaty mosh-pit at a festival!
Haezer - Who The Fuck Is Haezer (Noize Generation Remix) PREVIEW by Noize Generation

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Pink & trash

Modek has been really busy the last few months, with remixes for Nadisko, Rave Our Souls, The Oddword, Serial Chillers,... and his own "Mumps" Ep which was released on Kiez Beats (Check all Modek's productions here). To promote all that stuff, he decided to give away a track, called "Pink". It has a fat bass, big bleeps, and the crushed sound that we've all come to love as "trash".

Ado is giving away his remix for Modek's "Mumps" away for free, it's slightly less distorted then his original tracks. But you'd be mad if you let this one slip through your fingers, Ado is still sick! Whatever he says in his titles, don't get yourself fooled! His debut Ep will drop somewhere in september, so we'll keep you posted about that.

Modek - Mumps (Ado ain't sick mix)
Trashing Teenagers have been featured here some time ago, but this time we have downloadable stuff! My favorite of the whole package is "Supernova", but their unfinished tracks sound very promising too! Their track on Basserk's Some tunes 4 compilation (Freakz on 66) was very noisy too, it might even be the trashiest thing on that cd... Buy that release on beatport here!

Trashing Teenagers - Supernova

Trashing Teenagers - Overdrive V2 (teaser)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Snobby Sharks

With 2 of my toughest exams down, I hope that I can find some more time to throw more stuff on the blog, but since I'm basically on my own, I don't have someone to cover my back when I'm feeling lazy.

Ok, let's cut the crap and get to the music! Snob Electro Sounds just finished a new remix for Gsus' "Vendetta", which I really like. It builds up very atmospheric, with some clerical "ooooooooh's" (a bit like the first 30 seconds of Cornelius from the Bloody Beetroots), and then it gets destroyed so rapid and violent that you just can't do anything but dance!

GSUS! - Vendetta (SNOB Electro Sounds Remix) by SNOB Electro Sounds

This is an older one, but it has the same feeling as the previous one, so hard and trashy that even your grandma won't be able to resist banging her head.

We Are Not Cliché - Exhausted (SNOB Electro Sounds' Stuck In A Turbine 2 Remix) by SNOB Electro Sounds

We are not cliché - Exhausted (Snob Electro Sounds' Stuck in a Turbine 2 remix)

"The Funniest Dudes" in Flanders electro universe have made a remix for SES and Gsus's new song "Beatgrinder". I am talking about Depuis 91 of course, the guys that gave away their last Ep for free. They mix melodic parts with trashy explosions, that's the way how to do it!
Check the original mix on Snob Electro Sounds' soundcloud!


In the early days of this blog, I throwed a lot of Sharkslayer stuff at you, and this stream has weakened ever since we focused more and more on trashy shit. The last thing I listened from those Finnish dudes however, was just to NICE. I think this will be something that we'll be hearing on a lot of festivals this summer, it has everything to be a hit: a silly vocal, a tribal bassline, and it's highly dance-able too!

Sharkslayer - Hammerhead (128 kbps)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wrap up # 3

After a few hectic days caused by the exams, I finally found some time to sit down, relax, and dive into my swimming pool of electro (some even call it our "inbox"). The relaxing part from my intentions didn't quite came true, and if you listen to the music listed below, you'll understand why!

I'll start with the new release on MAKO records, the third one already. It's the first one from Polymorphic on this label, and it's also the first remix from the Proxy that gets released on his new label. My favorite of the release is "Robodance", but you should definitely check out the other 2 aswell! It only takes a minute, in the literally sense of the word.


Noize Degeneration, a nice french blog with basically the same focus as we have (being ass-kicking, bleeding hard electro), has started a project to promote some of their favorite french young guns (they're all between 16 and 22 years old). It's called "trash mob volume 1", and since you are a smart-ass, you can tell that this is gonna be the first part of a series! I picked my favourites from the package, but if you want more you can download them in a nice and friendly wrap-up file.

Tracklist :
1. Valy Mo - Diskro 2.0
2. Krusty Proders - Runegade
3. B. Frenzy - Super Pyramid
4. Arcade Nights - Smashing
5. 89 Revolt & Valy Mo - Spit On Your Money
6. Krusty Proders - 21h48
7. B. Frenzy - Russian 11 (Arcade Nights remix)
8. Valy Mo - Diskro 2.0 (89 Revolt remix)

If you want the whole package, download here!

VNDL is fully enjoying his summer back there in Montreal, but it's not only chilling and partying for him, he also locks himself in his room to make partytunes for us, mortals. His latest track sounds a bit like a mutation between trash, dubstep and hardstyle, and it sounds a lot better then this weird description might let you think!

I.D.G.A.F.A.W. (Original Mix) - VNDL by Philippe VNDL

The Sekskilers (ft Cute Boy) made a remix for Mika Chew's new Ep, which is coming out on D.E.N.S. records soon. If all the other remixes for this Ep sound as good as this one, it'll be pure gold once it has hit the shelves!
Mika Chew Ft AG&AG - Chew It Up (Sekskilers Ft CuteBoy Remix) by Sekskilers

Illstm's remix contest is going quite well, he has received 25 remixes already, and one of the remixes was made by Topaloca, 2 young belgians. They really gave the track a whole new look, it's less trashy and ravey, but with a more pumping bass underneath. I still prefer the original over this, but this is certainly worth a bit of your time.
Illstm - Moctezuma (Topaloca Remix) by Topaloca

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Fuck bass

Depuis 91 are officially the funniest electro producers of the moment (and they probably would end high in the all time rankings too) in my humble opinion. They're giving away their Ep for free, because who except dj's still buys records nowadays? But, feel free to think that you're downloading it illegally, that should make you feel better! If you want to read the whole damn description they wrote to promote this masterpiece, click on the soundcloud link!
If we take a closer look at the tracks, the first thing that crosses my mind is: trashy and melodic at the same time, woohoow! The two originals, Romantiq and Fuck Off, are typical for Depuis 91, if you have gotten your hands on Athlantiq and Erothiq, you know how that sounds.

The Vecho remix is unbelievable HARD, just like always with Vecho (I called him "the new Proxy" a few months ago, but he has really taken his own way, even harder than the Russian general). Preview the tracks with the soundcloud link, and I know you will want to downlad them, so I kindly give you mediafire links too!


Depuis 91 - Fuck off
Depuis 91 - Fuck off (Vecho remix)
Depuis 91 - Romantiq

Bassmakers, a duo from the Netherlands, attracted our attention with their track "Pirate Party" a few months ago. While that track is still not finished, they gave us 2 other banging tracks, and I'm sure you'll like em. They're supported by Blatta & Inesha, Mustard Pimp, Dem Slackers,... and lots more are to come, this is high quality like we normally only see from Big Guns like - well, basically it sounds a bit like a Mustard Pimp original! My favourite is "hit it!", but "Barbarian" is certified gold aswell!

Hit it! by Bassmakers

Barbarian by Bassmakers

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sneaky bastards

Today I have 2 tracks for you that shouldn't have slipped under our radar, but they still did. It's kinda hard to listen to everything you find on blogs, so I usually only check the things that have a high chance to be something good (everything that flies into our inbox gets a listen of course).

The first one was passed on to us by Supreems themselves, in a very kind mail. Supreems are Xavier Van Bouwel and William Pauwels (VNNR's brother), and they finished their first track a month ago. It's called "Axis", and it sounded like a perfect marriage between house & trash. Keep an eye on these guys, they're playing on some cool dance festivals in Belgium like Laundry Day and last year's 10 days off.

Supreems - Axis by Supreems

When I was listening to Sawgood's latest mixtape, the second track of it got stuck in my head. After some research I found a decent quality version from this banging piece of trash, it turned out to be the Cyberpunkers remix for The Blister Boyz. If I close my eyes and turn the volume to the maximum, I can think about what things this would do to a packed dancefloor...

The Blister Boyz - Solferino (Cyberpunkers remix)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Don't we all love (I love) techno?

Deafman, a project where I have talked about a lot recently, are aiming for the big fat fish with their latest track. They participated at I love techno's big talent hunt (U love techno), with their track "Power to the people". They didn't promote it, but still it has a solid lead on all the other (At the moment that I'm writing this, 119 tracks are participating) entries, which is only fair if you ask me. Support and listen to the track here! (5 hearts of course!)
If they win this, the track will be released on beatport!

Nadisko released their first Ep on "Monkey see, monkey do!" the 27th of may, called Check your Disco. It contains 2 originals and 2 remixes (Serial Chillers and Modek), and it really gave me a tough time to pick my favourite... In fact I really don't have one, they are all great for different reasons! The 2 originals are noisy club bangers, and the Modek remix makes it even noisy-er. The Serial Chillers rmx has car alarms in it, but it surprisingly turns out to be something else than the plague called "Dutch House". That fact alone should convince you to give the Ep a listen! Buy it on Itunes, Beatport,...

Nadisko - Disko check
Nadisko - Disko check (Serial Chillers check the disco remix) (128 kbps)
Nadisko - Bring it home
Nadisko - Bring it home (Modek remix)