Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wrap up # 6

Even though the posting was at an acceptable level the last weeks, there was still a bunch of cool stuff that didn't got posted, and since it started to get alarmingly big, there was only one option left... Wrap up time!

I always think that I have found my fail-proof way to catch all the fresh bangers that are currently circling through the wide web, but when I bump into something cool after a lot of other blogs hyped it already, I realize yet again that I too am but a humble human being.
Such a thing happened this week, when I finally checked out Breakdown's much anticipated track "Pet Monster". The reason why I didn't gave it a try when it was featured on Gottadancedirty and tons of other blogs was just plain laziness, and I should punish myself for having done it. This track blends electro with a touch of dubstep, the result is a prime halloween banger! Check out the funny video they made for it, and download the track for free!

The Amsterdam based label Basserk released a shitload of music recently, since the 1st of september they pumped out 5 hours, 28 minutes and 2 seconds of heavy, trashy, violent electro music. The release that took my fancy (besides the Moore & Lezz Ep that I reviewed some time ago), is the one from Portuguese bouncer Klipar. "Gogo", the absolute killer track from the release, can best be compared to Tigger from Winnie the pooh while he has an energy boost. Jumpy, bouncy, party!

Free promo track "Gogo"

Buy the whole release on beatport!

Designer Drugs new track, "Through the Prism", is a free give away to prepare the world for their first album "Hardcore/softcore" which will soon be released on ultra records. If you haven't heard of Designer Drugs before, this track is one of their finest, but check out "Drop Down" too.

To end with something trashy, I force you to give Wyke some of your time. His new production "French Beef" is definitely going in the right direction, but I still feel like there is something missing... Nevertheless, this dude will probably find out what it is, and make his next productions better and better!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Bubble Boom

Jens de Ketelaere, aka X-ettl, released his first Ep "Jetgum" on dusted deck records the 25th of october. The sound of the Ep can be described as bleepy distorted sounds, with high pitching builds and heavy drops. Pre-listen it below, buy it on beatport here!

Tracks in the teaser : Jetgum, Deadc4t, Ngin, Stride

Those of you who have never heard of this guy before, he won a contest by Red Bull last year, which gave him the honor to open the Red Bull electropedia room at I love techno 2009. Here is a free promo track, in case you're still not completely convinced:

The contest for our first birthday is finished by the way, I'll get the cd's to the people who deserve it!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Autumn Hardness

Beatbouncers released a new mixtape yesterday, which is filled to the top with a selection of the finest hard electro of today. Just throw an eye at the tracklist and you'll know what I mean. If you aren't aware of the latest developments in the beatbouncers camp: the boys splitted! Nicolas is contuing solo, while Jef completely stopped with the dj-ing stuff (sniff).
This change is noticeable in his sound, it's a lot more harder and trashier than before!


1. ZZT - ZZafrica
2. Style of Eye ft. Magnus - Antidote
3. Savage Skulls & Dousters - Bad Gal (Crookers Remix)
4. Geht's Noch? - Body jack
5. Zombie Nation - Squeek (Bart B More Remix)
6. Steve Aoki & Armand van Helden - Brrrat!
7. TAI - Paradise Poltergeist (Audiofun Remix)
8. Dem Slackers - Swagger (Clouds Remix)
9. Porter Robinson - Say My Name
10. Cajmere - Harmageddon (Felix Cartal Remix)
11. Autoerotique - Bubonic
12. Shinichi Osawa - Addicted to the Bassline
13. Chemical Brothers - Horse Power
14. Dem Slackers - Let's Go (Bart B More Lessgo Remix)
15. Soda & Suds - Heavy (Shaved Monkeys Remix)
16. Rawfare - Floor Luv (Keatch Remix)
17. Late of the Pier - Best in Class (Soulwax Remix)
18. Pendulum - The Island pt. 2

I want coockies!

What's up folks, who likes cookies? Everyone does, so check this out! The moment you hear the first beat you have a spontanious eargasm! Cookie Monsta or Tony Cook is a god! Immagine, you take a dump in a pile of vommit, eat it and finally throw up in your friends face. These tracks are even dirtier than that! They are so dirty that you can't let your granny listen to them because she'll start spanking her own ass from the moment she hears them! I could think of even dirtier things but I don't want to scare the readers so I'll stop improvising and just let you listen to it.
But look out that you don't shit your pants!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Happy birthday!

I almost forgot that we exist exactly 1 year today. At the 22th of october in 2009 I wrote my first post, giving my first readers some of my all-time favorite tracks. Illstm, Disco Villains, Trumpdisco, Mashed Paper Klub and Felix Cartal were the dudes that got honored by a post that day, and I still love them all. It's been a nice year, I got to know a lot of cool projects that I never would have run into if I wasn't doing this. But let's just cut the crap, and get to the birthday gifts right?

Gtronic and Nadisko mixed the first Tuff em up compilation cd, called "first blood". I received 3 of those as a gift from Gtronic, because we were supporting him since a long time. I kept one for myself, so that means that I have 2 of those left. I'm giving these away to our Belgian readers (I don't have the money to ship this to the other side of the world)! All you have to do is comment on this post why you would like to receive this cd, and the 2 funniest comments win! Kinda easy isn't it?

After a week I'll pick the comments that I laughed the most with, and I'll contact them to make sure the cd gets in the right hands.

This cd features tracks by Gtronic, Polymorphic, The Oddword, Autodidakt,... I guarantee that you'll party your ass off!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Saint Lezz

Comic Strips made a nice new track, called "Sainthood". He is giving it away for free once more, but I think this dude could make serious money if he found a good label. "Sainthood" uses chorus voices to get you into the right mood, and then it drops you right in the middle of the dancefloor. But anyway, I think that I'll like anything that uses Comic Strips trademark: dry, hard and even a bit sticky beats.

SaintHood by Comic Strips

In the short time that this track was online, a dude called Bullwack made a smashing remix already. This shifts the label of the track a bit more towards the dubstep, but it would still fit perfectly in a hard electro set. As you can see, this song has a shitload of comments already, you can take that as a sign of how good the quality is!

Comic Strips - Sainthood (Bullwack Remix) by BULLW∆CK

The 2 songs can be downloaded in 320 quality for free here!

Moore & Lezz had the honor of appearing on this page 2 times already, and I think it's time for their third post! They just released their first Ep on the Amsterdam based "Basserk" record label, and let me tell you something... It's a BEAST!
5 original tracks (no remixes), all worth your pennies and all 100 % ready to play in a hard electro set. It was hard to pick a favorite, but in the end I think I'll follow our Belgian pride Gtronic, who picked "Tyrannosaurus" as the best track.
"Click clack" and the "Click clack (Lezz's reload)", are basically the same track (I guess you already thought something like that), but the Lezz's reload is slightly better if you ask me. The pistol in the original gets replaced by a machine gun, and when seen as a whole, the track is just a bit harder.
"Smash your phone" uses a sample from an old phone, and then it totally smashes it, on the rhythm of some aggressive vocals.
The last track aims for a slightly more funky feeling, and this is definitely the most chilled track from the whole Ep. Moore & Lezz just can't leave it chilled like that and use a few high pitching synths to make it an all-round party tune, maybe even the one that people who aren't that much into trash will dig the most.

Buy it on the basserk store here, pre-listen it on soundcloud below and download the free promo "Click Clack" promo track through this link.

Click Clack EP by Moore & Lezz

Vaski's coming

This one is for all the dubsteppers, it’s heavy and Dark with a capital D. If you’re not a dubstepfan, than I would listen to this! It will change your mind. Vaski is an upcomming dubstepdj and producer from Minnesota, USA. He makes crazy mixes and tracks and I’m waiting for some new stuff from this guy.

I'm going to end with a quote of the darkest man ever, Darth Vader: “ Join the dark side!”.

Vaski – The Gateway mix

–Warp Gate Intro–
Vaski – Hurricane
Orbatak – Machete
Liquid Stranger – Robot Rox
Vaski – Godzilla
Vaski – Terror dome
Vaski – Game Face
Flux Pavilion – Voscillate (Vaski Remix)
Giant – Drumstick
Downlink – Ghost (Total Recall Remix)
Vaski – Robot Sounds
Orbatak – Pure Evil
Numbernin6 – Ribs
Vaski – Murder
Excision and Datsik – Invaders
Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better (Vaski Remix)
Trolley Snatcha – We Rock the Forest
Vaski – Safe or Sorry
SPL & Triage – Valhalla
Muse – Knights of Cedonia (Nostalgia Remix)
Noisia – Split the Atom (Bar 9 Remix)
Nero – This Way
Caspa – Marmite (Doctor P Remix)
Dreadzone – Gangster (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
Britney Spears – 3 (Vaski Remix)
Vaski – Resonate
Vaski – Zombie Apocalypse
Vaski Ft. Nik1 – Ferocious
Excision and Downlink Ft. Messinian – Heavy Artillery
Medison – Harry (Bare Noize Remix)
Diesel – Slippery Nipple
Vaski – Get Down VIP
Vaski – Lost My Mind
Nero – Innocence
Datsik – Want Some More
Boy Crisis – Dressed to Digress (Nero Remix)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

You' ve been cyberpunked!

Hey there ratrabbitsvisitors, I am Armydillo, the new blogger. What can you expect from me?
Dark dubstep and electro of the hardest and most violent kind!
If there's anything you want to know, just ask.

And now, let's get to the case.
For all you cyberpunkerfans, here are some tracks from the two mysterious masked mad men from Italy. Like their other tracks and remixes, their so loud and hard that your neighbours will party when you turn them on.
So turn up the volume and enjoy!

L&M Bros remix competition

The Italian duo L&M bros, known for their absolutely rad track "Wario must die", are organizing a remix competition for their first EP, soon to be released on Ventuno records. The deadline is the 1st of december, so you have a small month and a half to make the track even better.

Wario Must Die (REMIX CONTEST) by L&M Bros

There will be 2 winners in this competition, the one with the most listens and the one that the crew likes the most.

Send your remixes to & (so not to our E-mail adress)
Download the parts here.

Good luck!

To give you an example of what directions you can take when remixing this track, I'll give you one that I dig. It's made by Wyke, a french dude who started producing a few months ago.

L&M Bros-Wario Must Die (Wyke Remix) by Wykesound

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fuck Yeah!, It's A Monster!!

Today I have some SERIOUS heavy trash music for you guys! You all know Monophonique, at least I hope so. A dj-duo from West-Flanders making heavy shit.

I seriously love this track!!!!

The next track is a preview of the track Monster by Noize Generation remixed by Monophonique, and I'm also linking this very much.

The Boomzers remixed the track Fuck Yeah! from Drivepilot and Oh My God it's nice! Just download and listen!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Haezer interview

If you regularly check this page, you sure have read something about Haezer. This South-African motherfucker is conquering the world at a speed that Hitler would have been jealous at. Because his second European tour was starting at the Fuse club in Brussels, I thought it was a great idea to go ask him some questions.

When I became a fan of you on facebook, you only had like 2000 fans, and that was somewhere in the month of april I think. Now you almost have 6500 fans, how does it feel to be in the middle of such a hype?

Well, actually I don't feel like I'm so famous. I still feel like a baby when compared to the real big guns, but I'm only producing for a year and a half, and I'd rather grow a bit slow instead of booming now and not being cool anymore in a year. And after all, what kind of an indication of popularity is facebook? With just one click, you can become a fan of my music, so it's not very hard to get a lot of "fans" there.

Your music doesn't really sound like something that girls would like to listen to, but when I look at pictures from your party's, there are a lot of girls in the crowd. Is it always like that, or does the photographer just like to take pictures from the girls?

Haha, when I started playing only boys came to my shows to dance, but now the public is a bit more mixed. I also think that boys and girls like to express their dark side, and my music gives them a chance to do that.

What is it like to start a career in South-Africa? Is there a big audience for your kind of music?

When I started producing, there were a lot of people who were playing the hard kind of electro, but they didn't made their own tracks. But there was an audience for it, and I was the first to start producing. A few months ago I started a new party concept with Markus Wormstorm, called garden boys, to keep the scene going in Cape town.

So I assume that the scene in South-Africa is now a bit bigger, are there any cool projects we should keep an eye on?

Yeah, it's maybe a bit false, because they are actually friends of mine, but I really like Double-Adapter.

This is your first gig ever in Belgium, what do you know from the scene here?

I know Gtronic of course, because I played with him a few times, and then I have a lot of projects that I don't know where they're from. Like Trashing Teenagers, apparently they are from Belgium, but I was totally unaware of that until some time.

What would be your perfect party?

I love party's where there aren't too many people, but everybody is partying his ass off, and is totally fucked up!

From all the tracks and remixes that you've done, which one is your favourite?

My favourite remix would be the one I made for Wasabi's - Killer king. It's my newest remix, and I tried to make it a little different than my usual stuff. I will also be opening with it tonight!

And your favourite track?

Hmm, that's a difficult one... I actually like all my tracks, but if I have to pick one, I'll take "It's not our fault", because the vocal is so cool.

It's not our fault by HAEZER

And to end with the things that really matter, what is you favourite drink?

Aha! That would be Jack Daniels! But when I'm playing, I usually drink tequila. Tonight I'll be drinking Wodka though!

Allright man, thanks for you time!

You're welcome!

After this interview, Haezer played one of the best sets I have ever seen. 100% raw energy, and the crowd was going completely nuts!

Pictures by Sarah Vanoverschelde

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Trumpdisco EP

After some delay, the Trumpdisco EP is finally out! All five tracks are bangers of a kind rare to be heard nowadays, trashy, but not so trashy that only the boys will like it. My favourite is "not drowning, raving", but I'm just a sucker for silly vocals (Winzlow has no... dick!) and grinding basslines. "Bullshit" and "Spade" are bangers just the same, but this time the vocals are somewhat less silly - not to say that there aren't any (except one big fat "bullshit" in, you've guessed it, "Bullshit"). "The big wrench" is the track that I would use as an opener, it starts melodic and slow, and after the drop the party is determined to start! The last track is a bit of a setback, not because it's not a good one, but every self respecting Trumpdisco fan has this track in his itunes for more than a year already. But if Trumpdisco is new for you, you should definitely give "1971" a listen!

Buy it on beatport

Trumpdisco EP by Trumpdisco

Monday, 11 October 2010

Let's go Barbra!

The highly anticipated Ep from Dem Slackers is finally out on Bmkltsch records. I've got a permission to share the Bart B More "Oldskool" remix (there is also a "Lessgo" remix). Both remixes have basically the same build-up, but the drop is totally different. The "Oldskool" remix goes for the kids that still like to rave, while the "Lessgo" fits in with the more calm trends of today. Both remixes are cool, but I personally prefer the "Oldskool" remix. I'll always be a raver I guess... The original "Let's go" and the Peacetreaty remix are worth your well earned bucks too!

The second track of the Ep, Swagger (Ft. Dan Stezo), was mixed by Clouds and Evil Nine. I highly prefer the Clouds remix, because the typical hardness from the "we're so not funny that it gets funny" guys from Edinburgh always gets me excited. The original track is a piece of high quality distortion rave sounds, but for that, you will have to get your ass to beatport to buy the full Ep!

Now that even your dog knows what a damn catchy track Barbra Streisand from Duck sauce is, it's up to the remixers to rework it. The tricky thing about it is to surprise the crowds with a track that keeps the good things from the original intact, but also adds a personal touch. F2U tried, and nailed it for the full 100 %. Not everyone's piece of cake I guess, but this is a very nice, harder rework from one of the most hyped tracks of the year. Enjoy!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

His name is: Skrillex!

Sonny Moore also known as Skrillex started his career as frontman of a post-Hardcore band. Since he changed his name to Skrillex(June 2010) he started of as an electro/dubstep producer. He already made a bunch of banging tracks for us!

12th Planet & Skrillex - Father Said: And Skrillex can sing to!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Stripping fluffers

Comic Strips, I almost can't believe that there was a time were I wasn't aware of his existence. His tracks are so well made, so hard hitting and energetic, he's becoming one of my favorite young guns in the industry. If you share my opinion about him, check his latest remix below, and give him some love by favoriting it (click on the link to get to his soundcloud page, and then click the little heart in the upper left corner). If he wins, it will get released on Crux records, and that would be more than awesome!

Asian Trash Boy-Whisper (Comic Strips Remix) by Comic Strips
I haven't spread much word about The Squatters, a duo from Leeds in the UK, but their latest track really caught my attention. They still make tracks that sound a bit fidgetty, but unlike most of the other fidget projects they don't get boring by giving every track the same beat pattern (like the older crookers remixes - but that was way better than most of their new stuff). This one sounds like a vintage "3 is a crowd" track, but then spiced up with some samples. This is what a dancefloor needs nowadays!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Catastrophe vol.2 - Mustard Pimp

I'm back with a mixtape from Mustard Pimp. And if it comes to mixtapes, they are like the master of mixtapes. They started of this year with the Catastrophe Mixtape Series. If you listened the first one, you have to listen the second one too cause it's even better!

Friday, 1 October 2010


You might have noticed that the previous post on this page wasn't written by me. I found another fool who wanted to help me in my crazy mission - spreading the heaviest electro around- and if I have to judge him on his first post on our blog, things are going to get rough in the future!

I only have one musical project for you today, they're called VoltronixX and they come from Belgium, more specifically from a village near Antwerp. Their sounds can be described as heavy trash, but with a touch of old rave classics. Sounds like crowd heating stuff!