Monday, 28 February 2011

Justin Bieber Special!


It's time for a Justin Bieber Special! It contains 2 tracks. Belzebass - Justin Biebr and Krftkds - Justin Bieber Is Dead (Original mix). I like them both! Especially the Belzebass one!

Belzebass - Justin Biebr by Belzebass

BelzeBass - Justin Bieber

Krftkds - Justin Bieber Is Dead (original mix) READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW by krftkds

Krftkds - Justin Bieber Is Dead (Original mix)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Gtronic Interview

I made some fuzz about the latest edition of rock me on electro a few weeks ago, and even though Trumpdisco cancelled their whole euro tour, and they were replaced by Mightyfools. Those dutchies did a pretty good job, but nothing could really compensate the loss of all the ear-rape Trumpdisco would have brought to Belgium. But anyway, Gtronic, Redial and the aforementioned Mightyfools where all pretty awesome, with Gtronic being the undisputed king of the night.

I suppose you already read the title of this post, so I will not tease you any longer.

You just got back from your first tour in the USA, what was it like?

Well, it was great actually. I played in San Fransisco and Los Angeles, and even though it felt like there wasn't any hard electro known there, they really were a great public. The kids there are actually more open for it.

If you had to choose, what is your favourite country to play in?

Well, I've said it before, and it's still true: Australia. The people there go absolutely crazy, and I've tried a lot of crazy stuff there myself, like crowdsurfing in a rubber boat.

You told me that there is a new EP coming, when will we be able to listen to it?

Well, the EP is finished (during his set he played the 2 originals from the new EP, the one with the "I need... to make... people... dance... NO! I'm a dance machine!" is already my favourite tune of the new year), it will consist out of 2 originals + remixes, and it will be released in approximately a month and a half on lektroluv records. There is not yet a preview available, I'm sorry for that :).

Your sound stayed the same?

No, actually, I tried to make it sound more crunchy, more special, more mysterious. I'm trying to explore my boundaries to achieve that perfect sound. With the new sound comes a new image, which you will all be able to see in the new video clip. It's more raw, more heavy, maybe even a bit shocking. I guess you will be able to see it for yourself when the clip comes out!

Me, Gtronic, and another fan.

In other, rather old interviews you said that you didn't liked to make mixtapes, and that you'd rather invested your time in making tracks and remixes. But in the past few years you did make a couple of mixtapes, one for Omgitm, and 1 for the trashbags compilation (the First Blood cd, I gave 2 of them away as a gift for our first anniversary). What did they gave you to bribe you?

Haha, they didn't bribe me or something like that, but I just feel like making a mixtapes is a lot of work for not much result, which is why I don't make a lot of them. And if I do, I really want them to have a purpose. That Omgitm mix was originally made for my manager, who wanted to send it to club promoters. And I could use it for Omgitm too, so that's how that mix was born. And the First Blood mix was actually a sign of my appreciation for Trashbags' continuous support, they always make sure that I have great tours in Australia, and they made the awesome Iron Man t-shirts.

Do you have some artists that we should keep an eye on?

No man, I actually have no time anymore to go all around the net searching through blogs for new stuff, wo I can't help you with that :)! I used to do that, but then all the touring began, and I had to stop because I had a lack of time. But I can tell you that I really like the new Sound of Stereo track, Hurricane, and that I visited the Dim Mak office, from where I got the info that Felix Cartal is working on a new EP. I'm pretty sure it will be awesome.


Your new remix for The Subs "the face of the planet" is kinda epic, can you tell me something about it?

Yeah, I actually have a story to tell about this track. I first made the remix with only one vocal sample, and then I sent it to The Subs. But because I only had one vocal sample, it sounded kinda repetitive, so they decided to sing the vocals again, with more variation. It's a lot better now! (check this remix in orz's latest post)

What's a perfect party for you?

That's an easy one... Lots of booze, lots of hot girls, and a bit of crowdsurfing when I feel like too.
When I asked him after his set what it was like, he agreed that it was a great show!

Any favourite songs of the moment?

eerrrm, let's say Fuck the system from Cyberpunkers. I like a lot of them, they're my favourite producers!

And the last question, what's your favourite drink?

As you can see, I'm actually drinking it right now: Whiskey-Sprite!

Lots of thanks for Gtronic's time, and for being such an awesome DJ. His set was mindblowing, you had to be there to believe it! Here's a little taste of the wildness, shaped in the 2 dimensional format of a video. 2 dimensional - it can't even explain for 50 % why it was so good...

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The wasted competition

Wasted Basterds latest track, smash my disco, was supported here a few days ago, but he needs our (yes, that means you) help once again. He is doing a remix competition for this track, and the best remixes will be released on an EP which will be available on iTunes and Beatport. The record label responsible for this release is Dreieck ∆ Records, home of Andy's ill.

So, producers out there, this is a good chance to get a bit of a name in the world of electro, I'd say you grab it with both hands! Here is all the practical info:

1. Deadline: 26.03.2011
2. File format: .mp3
3. send it to
as well as to

All genres are welcome, as long as it is heavy electronic stuff.

And I post his tune once again, so that all the non producers who missed it a few days ago get something out of this post as well.

By the way, stay tuned for a brand new, shiny interview with Gtronic, it should be online somewhere this week!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Beataucue, Will Bailey and Redial

I have always linked Beataucue to freshness and new-sounding stuff. Only most of their productions aren't really the music that we aim on with this blog, but on every rule there's an exception... This rather chaotic song convinced me at the first time I heard it. Watch out, sounds coming from everywhere!

Depressed Buttons - Ow! (BeatauCue Remix) by BeatauCue

Remember Party Like Us? It's a song by AC Slater, released a really long time ago actually. Will Bailey uploaded his remix on it a couple days ago, making me rediscover this beauty. He made it sound fresh and new, as I expected it from him.


To finish this post in style I got for you a preview of the remix Redial did on Blow Money Fast of Zombie Kids. Get into the rather slow and trashy beat!

Zombie Kids - Blow Money Fast (Redial Remix Preview) by Redial!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Post it real... slow.

Hey beloved readers of this little blog,

It has been a really long time since I posted some stuff here, but that's apparently not something to worry about. The reinforced ratrabbits blog team is doing a pretty good job, so a bit of laziness from the chief isn't such a big deal anymore.

But anyway, here are a few songs and video's that I digged, hope you'll like em :)!

We start with the clip for Felix Cartal's newest single "World Class Driver". Musically, I like the Harvard Bass remix more (it just sounds so nasty on a big system), but the clip for the original is so fucked up and weird that you'll start to rethink your opinion about it.

Granny's partying like a bunch of coma boozing 16 year olds?
Yes sir! I won't waste any more words about this peace of art, just see for yourself :)!

Next, we have a few releases from BMKLTSCH records, and as always: the quality is exceptional, with a wide array of styles, ranging from electro hip-hop to big basses and grinding synths.

The first release I want to put in the spotlights here, is one from Skip & Die, the "Muti Murder" EP. The track that caught the trophy for "best track of the ep" is the Starski remix, it has a great build up, and a sound that in one way or another makes me long for the festival season...
If you're a fan of electro hip-hop, you should definitely check out "Get your braai on", it reminded me of the party it was when Buraka Som Sistema played at the festivals...

Buy the whole EP here, prelisten here!

I said something about heavy basses a few lines back, and I wasn't lying... The Oddword has remixed Electrophants' Sledgehammer, and as expected, it's a heavy bass monster.

The original Neckbreakah from the boys from Tilburg charmed me as well, the nervous, aggresive vocals make me want to throw myself into a violent moshpit, and dance untill...
well, untill I broke my f*cking neck!

Buy the whole EP on the 20th of february when it comes out, prelisten here!

To end this post, I will give you a new track by P2T, called "psychedelic night". It's dark, a bit frightening stuff, which leaves you behind totally distracted, wondering what just happened...

FME, G-Tastic, X-ettl


Imagine a Threesome that consists of 2 ears and 1 mixtape/track/remix that blows your eardrums on the rhythm of the bass … aint that something to wish for?

Today your wish will be granted!

We have Kenneth De Rooze, also known as ‘Fuck My Eardrums’, delivering a smashing mixtape for all those in need of some awesome, mindblowing beats!
As his name tells us, the beats of his mixtape do what they are supposed to do, fuck your eardrums!

Hullabaloo live MXTP by Fuck My Eardrums

’G-Tastic : To describe the G-tasticness of a song.’

It should definitely become a word since all what’s being touched by Gtronic turns into Mindblowing, fistthrowing awesomeness that makes you want to party and jump at that exact moment you listen to it!
Gtronic remixed the new song of ‘The Subs’ for us: The face of the planet.

The Subs - The Face Of The Planet (Gtronic Remix) preview by lektroluvrecords

X-ettl, the leadproducer of Aerotronic, well known for his EP ‘Jetgum’ remixed Nadisko – Nebula and the result is oh so bad ass!
It’s a little Suckerpunchish and with that being said I think we all know what that means : Pure filth!

Nadisko - Nebula (X-ettl remix) by X-ettl


Wednesday, 16 February 2011



Vecho consists of: Jarno Van der Veken(Producer) and Frederik Merckx (DJ / Design). These 2 guys are C-R-A-Z-Y! I'm sure you people know him from his previous work, Rapid Fire remix, Iron Man Remix,... Well ... HE'S BACK with some astonishing tunes!

Konovalov-Smile Now(Vecho Remix) (Fortcoming I Hate U Records) by Vecho

Redial-Venom(Vecho Remix)(preview) by Vecho

Next one is my favourite!
Pandamic - Phrantic (Vecho Remix) [Out Now on Trash De Disco records] by Vecho

Antention-Ivan(Vecho Remix) [Download FREE 320 NOW (Description)] by Vecho

Also availbable for download!
Antention-Ivan(Vecho Remix)
pass: ivanvechoremix593

And because i like the Phrntic track from PANDAmic here is the EP!
Remixes from: Vecho, WASA3I, VAKKUUM and TonyBoy. My favourites are the Original and the Vecho Remix.

Phrantic EP by PANDAmic

Friday, 11 February 2011

Wasted Basterds, Life Express and Modek

Pierrick de Stexhe, also known as Wasted Basterds, is a guy to keep your eyes on. This isn't the first post we did about him (Rather the third/fourth), but he just really deserves it. He's only 16 (almost 17) and already his production are off the fucking hook. Take a listen to his last song and just hear the professionality dripping off the entire song.

Wasted Basterds - Smash My Disco! (Forthcoming on ∆ Records) by Wasted Basterds

Got this one in my mailbox yesterday, an EP of Life Express. There is one original and 3 remixes on it, but I'm only into the original. The original kicks off a little wierd, when I first heard it I didn't expect it to be electro, but at 2:00 it turns into an electro banger like those Transformers turn from cars into robots. 

BR003 Life Express - My To-Do-List (Original Mix) by Bonerizing Records

At last I have for you the Modek remix on Transient by Clash the Disko Kids. To be honest, i'm really not into the other tracks on the EP. But the Modek remix just has this awesome feeling and sound. I'm just in love with the bass starting at 0:29!

Clash the Disko kids - Transient - Modek remix by basserk

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Are you ready for the FILTH?!


Guys, long time ago since i posted something. I was very busy with school the last 2 weeks. Now i'm back with some Pure Greek FILTH from Cubism. His songs are brutal as hell! Now less speaking more music!

Cubism - Unreal

Cubism - Humans v.2.0

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

More EP's

It isn't going to stop I suppose. Trashy EP's are just going to keep coming, and that's not something to worry about! Rather something to celebrate. When I saw this one, I knew it would rock like hell! Thank you Mechanical Resistance, Haezer, The Mastertrons, The Deficient and LaTourette for making/remixing this one... I really love it.

CRUX039 - Mechanical Resistance feat. Haezer "Vision" by CRUX Records

About a month ago Turtle Tosser allready posted something of You Killing Me, but I think they deserve a little more attention. He posted the The Boomzers remix of their song called Hey!. I think you should also hear the original, it's less trashy, but it has this really nice bass. Hey! is one of the two songs of the Heroes! EP, check them both. (1st song is Heroes, 2nd is Hey)

You Killing Me - Heroes! EP Teaser by FutureFlashs & KIEZ BEATS

Friday, 4 February 2011

Freak Slaughter, Gorillas On Drums and The Oddword

Is it just me, or do the these epic trashy EP's just keep coming? We received an email from Trash De Disco records 2 days ago with a kind request to promote the new EP from Freak Slaughter, so that's what I'll do. It's a dark and trashy EP with remixes by SNOB Electro Sounds , Noize Invaderz and more. I'm not going to choose a favorite, just because I like them all.

1. Bang The Corpse(Original)
2. Bang The Corpse (KRFTDKS Remix)
3. Bang The Corpse (L' Amère Conspiration Remix)
4. Bang The Corpse (SNOB Electro Sounds Remix)
5. Bang The Corpse (Noize Invaderz Remix)

Freak Slaughter - Bang The Corpse Preview by Trash de Disco Records

Recognize this gorilla? It's the gorilla of Gorillas On Drums! I posted one of their songs a while ago and now their back to deliver us another banging tune. It's a remix for a DJ-duo called YESYESYO!. The original is okay, but way to calm for Ratrabbits...

YESYESYO! - Posse (Gorillas On Drums Remix) by Gorillas On Drums

Yes I know, we have allready done a post about the Wrath Of God EP. But now The Oddword uploaded the full version of their remix on soundcloud and I didn't wanted you guys to miss that. In my opinion the most new/fresh sounding remix on the EP.

Trashing Teenagers - The Wrath Of God ( The Oddword Rmx) by The Oddword

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mix n' Blend

Mix n' Blend are the Dub and Drum n' Bass kings of Cape Town. This band has to different performances, the one being the live band and the other the D.J.s who create the amazing beats and remixes.

The live performance consists of two D.J.s, a three piece wind section, a live MC, guitar and keyboards. A awesome performance to watch. The combination of the D.J.s and live band is a show stopper. If you ever have an opportunity to see the full band I suggest you take it.

The other performance is the D.J.s you can catch them live but they are the ones to hold responsible if you find a sick beat on the internet. These to guys create amazing beats and remix's.

Gazelle - Die Velore Seun (Mix n Blend remix) by mixnblend

A mellow Dub creation... By the way that language is Afrikaans...

Mix n Blend - Lost feat. Sindi by mixnblend

Thats the mellow Drum & Bass...

Mix n Blend & SFR - Sirens by mixnblend

Getting heavier...

Mix n Blend & SFR ft. EJ von Lyric - Tantrum (Album Mix) by african dope publishing

This song is pretty much what its like live, EJ is the MC.

And now last but not least, the true Drum & Bass...

Mix n Blend - Kitten Mincer by mixnblend

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Catastrophic Awesomeness!

A new year usually means a fresh start for the most of us and if that doesn’t fit within your philosophy, you probably want to continue with what you were doing, being awesome!

That is exactly what Mustard pimp did with their new Catastrophe Mixtape Vol. 5!
This one is the 5th in the his series and oh boy, they only keep getting better and harder which is obviously what we want and can’t get enough off!

Our French duo from Dim Mak is doing really great at the moment, just think about the Jack Bauer mixtape they made last year, the OMGITM mix and let us not forget the ‘Burn Paris Burn’ mixtape series!
Aaaaaand Apart from all that goodness, they will soon deliver some recently finished quality tracks as well.
Something to look forward to!

Mustard Pimp - Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 5 by mustard pimp

I’d also like to introduce you to Loadstar.
Loadstar is the new name Xample and Lomax gave to their partnership.
Both of them are well known producers from the UK, especially in the DnB scene.
With an album forthcoming on Ram records this year, they’ll definitely draw attention from more people around the globe!
I can already imagine how tracks like ‘Space between’ and the absolutely sick remix of Breakage’s ‘Fighting fire’ will get people going insane (in a good way) on the dancefloor!

I think we are looking at a duo that will dominate the Drum and Bass scene in the years to come!