Thursday, 31 March 2011

OH MY .....

G-tronic, thats right, he did it again!
Our Belgian trash producing genius remixed one hell of a track!
This time he went all out on “Dead Meat” by “Designer Drugs”, you’ll hear this one in a lot of remixes to come, mark my words!

Designer Drugs - Dead Meat (GTRONIC rmx) by GTRONIC

FuckOurOrdinaryLives, F.O.O.L, will be releasing a new EP on OMGITM! Records soon.
With Remixes of Dumme Jungs and Trumpdisco (amongst others) they made sure that this one will be one of THE best EP’s to be released this spring!
My favourite one is the Dumme Jungs remix, go ahead and decide for yourselves!

Invasion EP Teaser - OMGITM 010 by FuckOurOrdinaryLives


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Rolling in the nebula

This guys, was what I needed to make this beautiful day complete. An amazing EP by Nadisko filled up with trashy shit. We gave you the preview of it in january and now it's 100% ready! Not convinced yet? Well it contains remixes by X-ettl, Tom Deluxx and The S. If even this didn't make you directly want to hear the whole EP... well fuck off then and get your life sorted out. Crazy fuck!

NEBULA EP - Nadisko by Girl_A

Really good remixes of non-electronic songs don't come around that often, but the British Dj/producer Gold Top really pulled it off. The amazing vocals of Adele mixed with some crazy synth and beats.

Adele - Rolling in the deep (Gold Top Remix) by G0ldt0p

Monday, 21 March 2011


After a long period of what appeared to be lazyness, but in fact was a week of holidays and a week of working to make sure that the holiday week didn't had catastrophical consequences for his grades, your beloved Turtle Tosser is back in business. Unfortunately, his laptop is kinda fucked up (writing this post is a hell for him), and it has to go the shop for repairs...

Because even The Almighty Turtle Tosser can't know when the repair dudes will be ready with the fixing of his laptop, posts in the near future from his hand are very uncertain... But He (The Almighty) feels that the time for him to stop talking in third person, and come down to earth to talk music, is almost there... Almost...

For all the people who thought: what a fucking long intro is that? You're absolutely right, I (notice the switch to first person perspective) just felt like talking some nonsense (although the laptop story is true) after such a long time of absence :).

Now let's get to the music, I have 1 super awesome Ep for you guys, by a project called Kaze. I can't find much info about it, only that it is a solo project by one of the guys behind VOID CAMP and that he is a resident dj in a lot of clubs in Madrid. It's heavy, ravey, dark, aggressive, wild electro music, which would fit perfectly next to some of Haezer's stuff - although this sounds a bit more mechanic than the anarchy sounds from the South African.

The Ep I'm talking about is the superloser EP, from which the second track is my favorite. I heard it for the first time in the mix cd for Tuff Em Up records by Nadisko and Gtronic. I have been looking for it for a few months, than completely forgot about it, and 2 days ago it popped up in my head again. It appeared that the 2 tracks are a free give away! So go and grab em!

Kaze - Superloser feat. Klark the What?

Kaze - Pipelines Orchestra (extra awesome!)

To end this post, I want to give a big fat thank you to dislabled, who basically kept this whole blog running while I was doing other stuff!

Saturday, 19 March 2011


Because of a lack of time, today was the first time I heard The Subs' new album Decontrol. Too bad I didn't make time for it earlier, my mood would have been a lot better past days. Decontrol has a lot partybangers, what I didn't really expect actually (don't know why though). There's only one song I don't like, and that's Itch. All other rock! My favorite: Dry Lemon.

The Subs - Decontrol (previews) by lektroluvrecords

Friday, 18 March 2011

Blaster & Silent H!

Another preview by Blaster. This one gives us a little taste of his remix of Hungry Teen Attack by The Slutgarden and LOOOL. Typical Blaster sounds aka awesomeness.

The SLutGarden & LOOOL - Hungry Teen Attack (Blaster Remix) PREVIEW by 0blaster0

We did a post about Silent H! a couple days ago and now he made a 60min mix. Make some time for this one, because it just really bangs! The mix has a lot of his own songs next to other bangers. Songs by VNNR, Skrillex, ... Check it out!

1. Silent H! - The Computer
2. VNNR - Sueme (Silent H! Edit)
3. K12 - Stupid Jam
4. Depuis91 - Erothiq (VNNR Shake the Room Remix)
5. D.I.M - It's You (Silent H! Edit)
6. Dilemn - Pitless
7. The Boomzers - Rowentah (Far Too Loud Remix)
7. K12 - Step Back
8. Ikki - Bakala Banger
9. Matt Herdman - Hold On (VNNR Let Goo Remix) (Slent H! Edit)
10. Busy P - To Protect And Entertain (Crookers Remix)
11. SebastiAn - Walkman Re-Edit (Silent H! Re-Edit)
12. Daft Punk / BreakWater - Robot Rock (Silent H! Edit)
13. ZZT - Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix)
14. The Destroy Squad - Call Me MR. God (Silent H! Remix) (*NEW*)
15. Skrillex - Weekend
16. Bang Chatter - Galactic Cats (Silent H! Gas Mark 9 Remix)
17. Troublegum - Blue Steel
18. Skrillex - Rock 'N' Roll
19. Silent H! - Megatron
20. Silent H! - Bellatrix (NEW*)

Press Release M!X [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Silent H!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

A quicky

Because of a lack of time here's a small post. I'm just going to shoot at you a track by Bastanoise, a rather unknown producer. The bass of the song has this Gtronic-feeling, what of course makes it delicious.

Bastanoise - Carillon (original mix) by bastanoise

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Silent Box

Silent H!, not really a big name on the scene, brought out an EP called Monstrumental. The EP contains 6 original tracks. I'm going to give you guys 2 of them, both really worth listening to. First one is called Megatron, nice electro banger with some lovely synths.

Megatron by Silent H!

Second one is called The Computer. It has this epic intro and some badass synths going on. Not an easy song to mix into another (neither is Megatron), but it sure bangs...

The Computer (Original mix) by Silent H!

This is a remix of the epic Black by Haezer done by Bl∆ck Box and M3LT!. That raw and nice fucked up bassline of the original has been kept, changed the rhythm and made it a little harder. Real great remix!


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Another Venom remix

We have for you guys another remix of Venom by Redial, I think it's already the third one? Anyways, this remix by The Phat Crew is just off the fucking hook! In my opinion the best remix I ever heard of Venom. Be ready to get blown away...

Redial - Venom ( The Phat Crew Remix ) Tuff'Em Up Rec. by The Phat Crew-

Remember Hey! from You Killing Me? We did a post about the song some time ago and now Wasa3i uploaded a preview of his remix. It bangs a lot harder then the original but the atmosphere of the original has been kept. enjoy.

YOU KILLING ME - Hey! (WASA3I remix) [MASTER PREVIEW] by wasa3i

Monday, 7 March 2011

Russian Power and free stuff!

X-Sundays, a radioshow hosted by the “F2U” Dj’s on Housebox radio, had another livestream going on last week.
Their monthly livestream already held guest Dj’s like Cyberpunkers, Noize Generation and only play’s alternative electronic music!
This time, they had DJ Antention as one of their guests and boy oh boy, he delivered one smashing and banging live set.
Be prepared, it’s a hard one!

01 - Redial - The Boss (DJ Antention Remix)
02 - Dj Antention - Poison
03 - Dj Antention - Gun Ready
04 - Dj Antention - Gett
05 - Dj Antention - AK 47
06 - Dj Antention - Rapid Fire
07 - Dj Antention - ???

Haezer is giving away a free remix of “L'Amere Conspiration – Clash“!!
The intro is amazing and the rest of the track speaks for itself.
It’s a soft master, so just add some gain and bounce to those beats.


Smash My Teenagers

A while ago we announced a remix competition for Smash My Disco by Wasted Basterds. On that competition your remix can win a place on the EP. At first I thought the boys of Trashing Teenagers were like competing, but with some logic thinking (and one of them correcting me) I can tell you that their remix is an official one .Trashing Teenagers uploaded a small preview of their remix a couple days ago on soundcloud, and ow yes I'm already convinced. Hope they'll upload a longer preview soon.

Wasted Basterds - Smash My Disco (Trashing Teenagers Remix) by TrashingTeenagers?!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Modek shot

As you see this post is about Mustard Pimp their new track Money Shot. More in particular, the Modek remix. I can assure you that this will not be the last time you hear the name Modek. All his production lately sound like pure gold and bang like no pornstar has ever banged before. I'm sorry for the over-excitement, but hell yeah he got me there!

Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine - Money Shot (Modek Remix) preview by Modek

Here is the original mix, also very sweet.

Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine - Money Shot by mustard pimp

Friday, 4 March 2011

Venom - but harder!

Vecho team: Jarno (producer) on the left, Frederik (dj and design) on the right.

The boys from Vecho made some very tasty remixes once more, very heavy and trashy, as it should be. Amazing that those tracks are all made by a dude who only just turned 18, Jarno van der veken. I basically like everything they pump out, but these 2 are just that bit extra awesome... It's hard to explain why, so why don't you just listen?

The original is a big fat bomb already, this remix just skips the easy going part, and makes the hard part even harder. Sweet.

The Black remix for Haezer has the same recipe as the previous one - making a heavy original even harder and trashier.

And I have another remix for Redial's venom, which has some awesome parts as well! It's been remixed by Snapcrack, who filtered, stretched and scratched the original, creating this second awesome remix.

It's a free download by the way :)!

Thursday, 3 March 2011


About a month ago we already posted a preview of Hide and Scream's Kraft, but now it's released. They got a lot attention with this one, almost whole facebook has posted the soundcloudplayer of the Kraft EP. The soundcloudplayer contains two original mixes and some fucking tasty remixes. Love the original of Kraft the most though.

Hide & Scream - Kraft EP by Touché Records

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


The Amsterdam based underground label Basserk, will be releasing a new ep in the very near future, on the 9th of march to be precise. It will be the first time the 2 boys from Crunkd, aka Hernàn and Ambrogi and Gianni Marino, will show their producing skills to the world.

I am a big fan of the original "Gangster", and the Klipar remix is pretty awesome too. The original is a crazy, a bit trashy electro tune, that combines the effectiveness of a big bass with a very simple vocal, and some rave elements. Big tune, and I am allowed to share this beaty with you guys, so grab that chance!

I would love to share a preview of the Klipar remix too, because it has even bigger basses and some cool techno sounds (normally I don't like techno, but this is kinda cool indeed), but I can't find a youtube or soundcloud version anywhere... You'll just have to buy it on the 9th of march!


Basserk uploaded a version on soundcloud, it's here for you listening pleasure, enjoy!

Tracklist of the ep:

01. Crunkd - Gangster (04:15)
02. Crunkd - G Unit (04:52)
03. Crunkd - Gangster (dub rework) (04:41)
04. Crunkd - Gangster (Gianni Marino remix) (04:43)
05. Crunkd - Gangster (Klipar remix) (04:54)
06. Klipar - Up Da Bamba (Crunkd remix) (04:47)

For the second part of this post, I have a new breakdown tune for you all. It's called "zwiggy", and it's a very happy and dancefloor heating track. If you like silly synths, jump-up sounds, and in general a good party, this is definitely a song for you :).

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Blast it!

The French dj/producer Blaster made some new stuff and I'm happy to be able to share it with you guys. The first one is a preview from his song called Murderer. Trashy banger that will make you go nuts. Can't wait until the release!

Blaster - Murderer (Preview) by 0blaster0

Another preview, a little calmer. It got this happy feeling in it. Can't really say more, just listen.

Blaster Preview by 0blaster0

The last one is a remix he did on Redneck Rampage's No Town. Dirty, trashy, hard, what else?

Redneck Rampage - No Town (Blaster Remix) by 0blaster0