Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Modek's new Ep "mumps" is going to be released on Kiez Beats records, it will contain 1 original and 6 remixes. My favorites are Sick Boy's and the Sexinvaders remix, but you are allowed to pick your own poison on the soundcloud link below.

Modek - Mumps (Sick Boy remix)

Modek Mumps EP (Part 1+2) by KIEZ BEATS Records

Gbd crew, another talented duo from Liège, made a minimix especially for our blog, 23 tracks in 6 minutes. Some real nice transitions, one big mash-up like he says himself. The tracks are all oldies from 2005 to 2008, which is why it's called "Old smoothie from space".
An interesting evolution in the internet promotion channels: Myspace is becoming less important, Facebook and Soundcloud are taking over (some artists even don't have a myspace, like VNDL). Soundcloud and Facebook give lots of more options to interact with your favorite producers, which is probably why things are changing like this.
"Facebook killed myspace" - Gtronic

GBD crew - Old smoothie from space

This last thing does not have do to anything with music, just some weird science: some Argentine dude invented Holophonic sound. And what might that be, you think.
It's a special technique which makes the sound go circular (if you just listen it on your boxes, it won't work, use headphones!). Check the links below, they probably explain it better then I can.

The scientifical explanation
a cool example

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Barbra Streisand

Wow shit.
This is pure sex, watch those last 10 seconds...
Duck Sauce, the collaboration between A-trak and Armand Van Helden, has played their first live-set ever at WMC the 25th of March. When they dropped this track (probably going to be called "Barbra Streisand", named after the famous diva), the crowd went nuts (as you've probably seen already). So I hope this is going to be released real soon on Fool's Gold, because it will set rooms on fire like nothing else will do this summer!

Edit: someone found a better quality, and longer vid from A-trak dropping this at Ultra.

And: even my mom likes this song!

Edit 2:

Monday, 29 March 2010

As old as my grandma, as hot as your sister.

Today I am posting some tracks I have really been digging for a long time. As the title wants to tell you in a poetical way, they aren't fresh my fellow Ratrabbits.

Though, if you liked my former posts this tracks will make you dance. I assure you that they are worth your so beloved download megabytes.
First track is a "The Neon Plastix" remix of Late Of The Pier's original: Space and the Woods. Some time ago, the track featured in a promo video from Mashed Paper Klub. I recently watched the video again in some "what-shall-I-do-to-not-be-bored-mood" and in the comments beneath the video some guys were looking for it.
So, jeeep, here it is:

Late Of The Pier - Space and the Woods (The Neon Plastix Remix)

For those who haven't heard about The Neon Plastix yet. It's an English (Doncaster) electro pop disco band. (I copy / pasted that.) Their sound actually reminds me of Late Of The Pier's sound.

The next track, which I think is great but missed the bus into the blog world a bit: 99 - Daftenhalfedit. 99 (say: ninetynine) heads from Canada (Calgary) and his name should have to be Julian. (99 myspace)
Searching information about the guy, is a pretty hard assignment. I think this should be his own site:, which he has together with a friend.

If you like his music, I suggest to follow his fagebook page, because that's maybe the only source of information I am sure of.

99 - Daftenhalfedit

The last track I have for you guys proves my love for VNNR (Vincent Pauwels) again.

It's a remix he did for Matt Herdman about a year ago and that has been supported by Mr. Oizo back then.

Matt Herdman - Hold On (VNNR Let Gooo Remix) (Buy it here)

So, I leave you saying I really recommend these tracks, enjoy them!

Fuck, Fuck Me.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Nr. 100!

So this is our 100th post, I really am a bit proud of myself when I look at our back catalogue, I believe we stayed true to our mission statement (spreading loads of hard electro, and very little soft shit) most of the time. So I tried to get my hands on some exclusive stuff for this post, but aparently every major artist in the electro scene is at WMC. But don't worry, I managed to find some real banging stuff for this special occasion!

First up: Snob electro sounds, who have just finished their track "Ripper". Labelbosses all around the globe, check this out! This is serious grindin' stuff, just the way I love it! Even better than "the beast", and that track still gives me chills when listening to it. Catch them dj'ing this saturday at their own (together with Screech'd) party "Epic One", alongside Modek and Volltronixx.

SNOB Electro Sounds - Ripper by SNOB Electro Sounds

DE.LL, I'm sure that name doesn't ring a bell at all. That's perfectly normal, because he only started producing seriously a little while ago. His first track is available for download below, and for a first track, this is dope as hell. Hailing from Le Havre in France, he's now ready to start taking over the world step by step.

D.E.LL - Bang Bang by Dell

Les Petits Pilous will be playing a set at Fight Klub this friday (so that's 2 banging parties in one weekend, I bet you won't even have time to hit your bed). Their "Bielle" Ep, released on Boys Noize records, will be hitting real hard at party's all around the globe.
My pick of the Ep is "Goog", it has one of the best build-ups I have ever heard, and it sets your legs on fire like only the old Boys Noize could.

Les Petits Pilous - Goog

I hope you enjoyed this post, and more generally, this blog.
Let's go for the 1000!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Gunning down

I think this is the first time that I'm posting a drum & bass track, but it's just so heavy and violent, fucking unbelievable. Noisia, a dutch drum & bass trio recently had the honor to make an essential mix for BBC radio One, and one of the tracks in that mix struck me like it was lightning. It appeared that it was the 16bit remix of "Machine Gun". This is how I like drum & bass, normally I get tired of it when a dj plays d&b for more than an hour, but if all d&b was as violent as this shit...
Need I say more?

Noisia - Machine Gun (16 Bit remix) (removed on request)

This post is just a quickie, but I'll try to make my next post something special because it's number 100 then!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Shall we throw Domino in the trashcan?

Trashcan DJ's first mixtape (the trash-up volume 1) got some love from us in november. Their second mixtape might even be better than that first one, and if you know that it contains lots of remixes from the guys themselves, you gotta admit that they are on the rise real fast. A little bit trash, loads of fidget, some dubstep, that's pretty much everything you need to get my attention. And if you know how to mix properly, it's likely that you get a post.

Trashcan DJs - Trashup mix vol 2 March 2010 by simplyjackin

1. The bloody beetroots - warp 1.9
2. Tiga - I got what you need (Proxy remix)
3. The loose cannons & peo de pitte - Tom Tom (Trashcan Djs remix)
4. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Trashcan Djs remix)
5. Warrior one - Bad like jimmy cliff
6. Hijack vs santiago & bushido - Puttin it down
7. Jaksaw - Kung pow
8. Anti chris & The loose cannons - Gypsys kiss (Trashcan Djs remix)
9. The Specials - Rudy (Trashcan Djs remix)
10. Rob Sparx - What u gonna do (Numbernin6 remix)
11. Excision & Datsik - Swagga
12. Crookers Ft. kelis - No Security
13. Jakes - Rock the bells
14. Unknown - No No No
15. Subfocus - Could this be real
16. AC Slater - Play the record again
17. Jack Beats - U.F.O
18. Stanton Warriors - Good vibrations
19. Mgmt Vs Soulwax - kids (Trashcan Djs Dnb edit)
20. Drumsound & Bassline smith - Can u feel it
21. Jade - Pump friction
22. Prince Zimboo - To the rescue

If you like the mix, check their Pon De floor remix!

Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Trashcan DJs mix) by simplyjackin

It's been some time since The Bloody Beetroots released something banging, but their last EP, "Domino" created quite a buzz. Bloggers all over the place are telling that the beetroots are finally back on the level they used to be. "Domino" is quite good (so we don't throw it in the trashcan!), but I don't think that this will get played as much like Warp 1.9 or Cornelius. The second track on the Ep (31 seconds to die) isn't really my cup of tea, way to chill to set a dancefloor on fire (but it's probably not meant for that).

The Bloody Beetroots - Domino (removed on request)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Never end Mix part 7

Some of you might have heard from TheOthers, a duo from Liège in Belgium. They had the honour to play alongside big names such as Justice, Mstrkrft, the bloody beetroots and basically every big name in electro music.

They are residents on the famous Forma T parties and they have a mixtape project, called “never end mix” which has reached the magical number 7 this week. Every week they make one, and then they post it on their blog. We present you their mix for this week, if you like it you should definitely check their previous and upcoming mixes. Their first tracks should be finished soon, in the meantime enjoy this amazing mixtape.

1 Monomaniax : Sexy turismo (Brodinski remix)
2 Lazersonic & Zak Frost : Levels (Shadow Dancer Bonus Round Mix)
3 Vlad Sokolov : Acid for drains (2Bit Thugs remix)
4 Drop Off Service : Shacks (Kelevra remix)
5 Sweet Drop : Human nature
6 Boys Noize : Transmission 2010 (Djedjotronic dub remix)
7 Klaus Hill : Dirt Diver
8 Human Resource : Dominator (Jaimie Fanatic remix)
9 Miss Kittin : Requiem for a Buzz'
10 Pets on Prozac : Ruff Ruffin
11 Pets on Prozac : Aosa Bosa
12 Chicks on Speed : Fashion Rules! (Alter Ego remix)
13 Nitzer ebb : Shame (Mix Two)

Been some time since we posted a little dubstep on this page, I thought that Cobi's first track would be something that can fill this gap. This tune starts real cool, with some of the best vocals to get you in the mood. The last 2 minutes might have been shorter in my opinion, but for a first track, this kicks ass!

Cobi - Jah Wob-L by Cobi

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Horse & Brooklyn Fire

Horse, a dj and producer duo who are living in New South Wales, Australia, has blasted my mind with their Bangduck mash-up. He uses samples from the original, bangkok, the afrojack remix for cool and the nujax remix for bangduck. He's 22 years old, and the guy is only dj'ing for one year, but he has already supported acts like Van She, Bag Raiders and in the next month, he has to support Acid Jacks and Jamie Fanatic.
The outcome is surprisingly good, normally I don't like to listen to mash-ups at home, it's only cool to hear it played out live in a club. This time, the mashed up parts gave me a feeling like I was meeting old friends again, and I suddenly realised that they were a lot cooler as a group. So I won't ever listen again to Bangkok, Bangduck and all the other songs aforementioned, I will just enjoy this unbelievable mash-up.

Afrojack - Bangduck (Horse's bootlegging duck mash)

Brooklyn Fire records (Tommie Sunshine is the label-boss) has officially started. I thought that it was in existence for some months already, but apparently Figure was just making a little promotion for the new label by putting "brooklyn fire" in his track ID's. Anyways, to get some attention, Mr. Sunshine asked some artists to make a remix for a track that they consider a classic. In his own words:
“When I thought about launching my new imprint, Brooklyn Fire and the impending WMC I thought the best way to cause a stink was to get the artists whom I dig and have them tear apart something they consider a “classic”. Enjoy these 20 works and I look forward to your support of Brooklyn Fire.”

The result? 20 quality remixes for some real oldies, with remixes by my favorite Figure, Mightyfools, Tommie Sunshine himself, Hostage, SonicC, Boris Dlugosh and loads of others. Definitely worth the 260 Mb of harddisk space that it will take! And oh yeah: It's for free and in 320 quality!

Brooklyn Fire Bootlegs - WMC 2010 edition (Ysi)
Brooklyn Fire Bootlegs - WMC 2010 edition (sendspace)

All the tracks:

Dajae – Brighter Days [Rob Threezy Edit]
Cajmere – Perculator [Jon Kennedy & J. Ibarra Remix]
DBX – Phreak [3z Edit]
Diana Ross – Upside Down [Punk Rolla Remix]
Donna Summer – I Feel Love [Patrick Wayne Remix]
Maurice/D.H.S. – This Is Acid [Tommie Sunshine Edit]
Michael Jackson – Beat It [Boris Dlugosch Edit]
N Joi – Anthem [TADT Remix]
Paperclip People – Throw [DJ Kue Edit]
Paul Johnson – She Got Me On [Neoteric Edit]
Public Enemy – Night Of The Living Bassheads [Figure Remix]
Queen – Radio Gaga [Mark Verbos Edit]
R. Kelly – Bump & Grind [Turbo P Edit]
Ramierez – Hablando [Hostage Remix]
Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend [The Deficient Remix]
Rod Stewart – Do ‘Ya Think I’m Sexy? [Mightyfools Remix]
Roman Flugal – Geht’s Noch [Rishi Bass Remix]
Spiller – Groovejet [Ghosts Of Venice Edit]
Stakker – Humanoid [Dan Aux Remix]
Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino [Sonic C Remix]

Monday, 22 March 2010

chewy lemonade cookies

Chewy Chocolate Cookies has been ignored severely on this page. Reason being? When my co-bloggers saw him playing a set at fight klub in september, they were convinced that it was prerecorded. And if that's true, the guy is such a sucker in my eyes and ears, that he doesn't deserves any more promotion.
But I've changed my mind because of one of his latest videos, a promotional one for his new Doom-Ep. His productions like "apocalypse", "boom boom", his remix for major lazer and lots of others had caught my attention already, but I still was reserved for everything he pumped out because of the prerecording thing. I think that now is the time to break the silence, but if I ever see you again ccc, and you're not dj-ing live...

This video uses some parts of the chinese movie "House of the flying daggers" to create a cool effect, I was watching it with a lot more attention than normal promo vids. Heavy basses and high pitching sounds for the win! The name of the track is "Spontaneous music behaviour".

I'm sure that you have heard from the latest collaboration between wonderkids Boys Noize & Erol Alkan, the "avalanche/lemonade" EP. I have to say that my opinion on those tracks differed from the majority of other bloggers. While they were all psyched about the 2 tracks, I believed that they didn't deserve that much attention.
Lemonade was ok, Avalanche was even a bit boring. The Waves/Death Suite ep was a lot better. But the remix that Deaf Tunes made for Lemonade did got me jumping. This is how the original should have sounded!

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Lemonade (Deaf tunes rework)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

My brain's on fire, so I think I have to go

Cyberpunkers have been featured some time ago on this blog, but their popularity has boomed like dynamite recently. A lot of the fuzz around them originates from the fact that they have released a new Ep last friday, on Freakz me out records. This Ep contains the bombs "I needed to go" and "OMG". It has received a new face from hot artists like Tom Deluxx, Autodidakt, Gooseflesh, Max Cherry and Zero Cash. Buy it on beatport!
The videoclip for the original "I needed to go" has started quite a buzz, but because the leading role in it was played by a very ugly, skinny, emo girl, I'm not going to shock you with it. If you are really dying to see it, check their myspace or facebook fanpage. For the ones who think they can trust me blindly, I have a download link. Woopwoop!

Cyberpunkers - I needed to go

The other lucky dude who will get a little attention from me this time, is La Tourette. With remixes on his Cv for Steve Aoki, Royksopp, Major Lazer and loads of others, he earned some stripes already. His new Ep will be released on Joystick records, including three originals : Get Busy, Bastard and Avc. All three of these songs are worth a bit of your precious time, but I only have "Bastard" for you as a download link. For the other ones you will have to wait untill the 1st of april, when it's released. But you'll bang your head for sure with this track, and you know why that is?
Because your brain's on fire!

La Tourette - Bastard

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Paris burning in a hellfire

Ado!'s star is rising real fast. Ever since Fake Blood started playing his "plugged" track, people all around the world have discovered his noisy, distorted, high pitching tracks. One could say that they all sound a bit alike, but a real noise lover doesn’t give a fuck about that. His latest earcrusher, “hellfire”has been uploaded on youtube yesterday. I wonder where the dude who uploads them keeps on having his hands on them so fast. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else, so I’ll just share the youtube link.

Burn Paris Burn is a new mixtape project, started by Mustard Pimp (to celebrate their second anniversary) and their booking agency WKA. In the future, other artists will make mixtapes for it, even artists who aren’t on the WKA agency. This first installment surely gets his goal done, it burned my room already. I’m pretty sure Paris will go down real soon! The next mixtape will be available for you next month already.

Burn Paris Burn # 1 - Mustard Pimp by burnparisburn


1)The Willowz - I Know (Mustard Pimp Remix)
2)Mustard Pimp - Paper
3)Harvard Bass - 81 (Peacetreaty Goes To Holland Remix)
4)Fischerspooner - Infidels Of The World Unite (Mustard Pimp Remix)
5)Dooze Jackers - Got Line (Peacetreaty Bangers Remix)
6)Aniki feat. Whiskey Pete - Put On My Raving Kicks (Cold Blank Remix)
7)TV Off - Car Is On Fire (Taku Takahashi Remix)
8)Shinichi Osawa - EEAA (Mustard Pimp Remix)
9)Don Diablo - Teen Scream Machine (NT89 Remix)
10)Breakdown - Half Step
11)Nobody Beats The Drum - Dirty Monkey (Max Morell Remix)
12)Wiley - Your Woman (Jaymo & Andy George Remix)
13)Blatta & Inesha - Pet Massage
14)Aerotronic - Sex & Cigarettes (Hostage Remix)
15)The Only - The Only Fucking Rave Party (Gigi Barocco Remix)
16)EL Puerco - Rudeboy (Doc Trashz Remix)
17)Dada Life - Just Bleep Me (Satisfaction)
18)DJ Antention - Go (Bigger & Bolder Remix)
19)Aoo & ooA - Bydlo Tany Bydlo
20)Noisia - Alpha Centauri
21)Autoerotique - Pow Wow (Mustard Pimp Remix)
22)Noisia - Machine Gun
23)Mustard Pimp - Scissors
24)Hot Pink Delorean - Legends (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
25)Mustard Pimp & Hot Pink Delorean - Rock
26)Pony Pony Run Run - Walking On A Line (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
27)Boemklatsch - Reflex (Jaimie Fanatic's Legacy Kids Club Remix)
28)Designer Drugs- Riot (Mustard Pimp Remix)
29)Suelo - Get Mad
30)Tom Deluxx - Run (Cyberpunkers Remix)
31)Dada Life - Love Vibrations (Phatzoo Remix)
32)Ludacris - How Low (The Filth Remix)
33)Bunny Lake - 1994 (Ilsa Gold Remix)

If you are looking for more Mustard Pimp stuff, be sure to check their “Cherry/Kiwi” remixes Ep, which came out on the 16th of February. With remixes from Gtronic, Blatta & Inesha, Gigi Barocco, Chewy Chocolate Cookies and lots of others, this Ep comes close to an electro nirvana.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Aaaaah, spring time!

So this fucking long winter is finally over, and the darkest month ever in Belgium (February had the fewest hours sunlight ever) had to make place for march, and we finally get a little sun and warmth. Now who's gonna give you that summer feeling? Disco Villains maybe?
Disco Villains are back with a laidback "rerub" for a track named chiquetere. Or is it just an original? The rerub-thing might leave you behind in despair, wondering what it is. I would say it doesn't matter, but for the true purists: it is a redo for an old song, but Disco Villains made it totally different. A summer-hit? Let's hope that we hear it a few times at the festivals! They made this song for WMC (Winter Music Conference, a HUGE festival in Miami), so it will definitely get played some times over there.

Disco Villains - chiquetere 2010 rerub

The next songs I have in store for you are a little less summerstyle, they sound more like you're trapped in a snowy, stormy, windy, cold(y) and noisy wall of sound. Real harsh, just like the previous tracks from this young dude from Flanders. I said it was harder than Proxy last time, and I still think that this description fits. Download at own risk!

Shaved monkeys - Get rough (Vecho remix)
Dada Life - Let's get bleeped tonight (Vecho remix)

Sonsu's remix for "you got the love", keeps the vocals that made the original a radio-hit, and ads a fidget-house break. Summer feelings everywhere!

Florence + the machine ft. the XX- you got the love (Sonsu remix)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Are you in the kraken?

I'll start this post with some love for another blog, a blog where the posts are always well documented, where the songs are always a surprise, the writing done so sparkling and well formulated (but they are native English speakers, and we aren't),... To become as good as them is sort of a milestone we have to achieve. I am talking about Electrotoronto, a Canadian blog from, you've guessed it: Toronto.
I don't like all the songs they post, but sometimes they really show a blindspot in my collection. The last beauty I got from their site, is a song from Simian Mobile Disco "Are you in the picture?". Normally I don't download stuff from them, but now I did. And this might not be typical ratrabbits stuff, but somewhere deep within... We should all love this track. Be warned, it's minimal-tech music, but not as we know it. Love! Let me know what you think of it, I'm kinda curious if a lot of people like it.

Simian Mobile Disco - Are you in the picture?

The second part of my post will be a little more '"ratrabbit"-like. I recently discovered Kraken Heart, a french fidget producer. His tracks sound like someone put a fidget track in the sea, and then he recorded it under water. Maybe we should invent a new genre for this guy? Water-fidget? Check his myspace for his tracks, I was amazed.
So anyway, he has a mixtape series, the Kraken tapes. The third installment of that project dropped in our inbox this night, exactly 40 minutes long, and full of fidget, dubstep, and lots of other tracks we love here at Ratrabbits.

Kraken Tape #03 by Kraken Heart

- Blade Runner (Kraken Intro)
- Stompin - Kick-Oh! (Rebecca Vasmant Remix)
- Bludgeoned to Death - Suicide Silence (Belzebass Remix)
- Big Dipper - Andy George (Hijack Remix)
- Centavo - Foamo
- Ain't no man (Hostage)
- Guest List - Sporty-O (Gigi Barocco's Party Mix)
- Noisy - Boemklatsch (Baskerville Remix)
- Chainsaw Calligraphy - 16 Bits
- Human Traffic (Kraken Interlude)
- Juliette n'est pas morte - The Sterehoes (Owl Vision Remix)
- Numbra One - Zombies for Money (Foamo Remix)
- Fields of Corpses - Owl Vision
- Beggars - No Holds Barred feat Noisia (Excision Remix)
- Blow Up - Sawgood feat Gigi Barocco (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
- Bruk Out - Major Lazer (Foamo Remix)
- Supafly - Fugative (A1 Bassline Remix)
- Energy Blast - Sickboy (Tom Deluxx Remix)
- What's the Time - Blatta & Inesha feat Whiskey Pete
- DS 29-3 - Ottis (Exclusive Unreleased )
- Blade Runner (Kraken Outro)

Oh yeah, a tip for people who want us to check out their musical project by sending us a fan invite on facebook: normally we don't check all of them, so it's better to send us a mail or facebook message with some tracks. I do download or at least listen to everything we get through those channels. That's a lot quicker, and it's better for both of us.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

acid, electro, drunk fidget and a little yellow bird being banged

Figure has again expanded his musical horizons. This time he made an acid remix for Paul Anthony's "Cocaine" track. This man's production skills are truly amazing, he never failed to amaze me. His switching of genres only increases my love for him, he's not afraid to try new stuff.
I think that's enough praise for now, just download, play, love and tell your friends about it.

Paul Anthony - Cocaine (Figure's future acid remix)

Snapcrack, a brand new French electro duo started their career with 2 banging electro/rave tracks, a remix for overthrill, and an original. Decent electro shit, it's violent and melodic at the same time.

Snapcrack - Nachos Machos
Overthrill - Your life (Snapcrack remix)

When I need a little music to get in the mood for a drunk party, Blatta & Inesha never fail to feed my needs. The latest track they shared on soundcloud is "what's the time", a collaboration with Whiskey Pete. I think that I have all the tracks from their Omgitm mixtape now, which means that I finally will stop listening to it. That's how it goes with great mixtapes full of unknown tracks: when ever track is released, I'm tired of the tape and I never listen to it again. Anyways, this is the track, and it's great!


And, I almost forgot...
BANGDUCK finally dropped.
The long awaited answer from Afrojack to bangkok is a remix with a blink, he wanted to show that his sound was stolen by Boris Dlugosch. But don't worry, they won't start dissing each other like rappers do. To the ones who can't make sense of the vocals: afrojack is from the netherlands, so the vocals are in dutch.

Afrojack - Bangduck

Monday, 15 March 2010

Remix contest "trackz"

Trackz is a french minimal producer, who is looking for remixers for his latest track. The best remixes that are made, will be on his first Ep. That Ep will be released on Sounds Knights records, as soon as the remixes are picked. In a co-operation with Kasual Cocktail, we have the honor to give you a chance of endless fame by making a pounding electro/trash remix for his track Cornemuse & Pipeau. The final date for the contest is 10 april, so if you want to make a remix, send what you've made before that deadline to (subject: "remix contest"). We have gained some support from findremix, our contest is now in their database. I really hope we get loads of quality rmx's!

Trackz - Cornemuse & Pipeau (Parts)
Trackz - Cornemuse & Pipeau

Good luck!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Lots of booms on Bmkltsch!

Bmkltsch records is definitely my favorite dutch label. With releases from Gtronic, Mightyfools, Mike Mago and the Boemklatsch-crew, they have gathered a bunch of extremely talented young guns.
In a time period of 2 days, there were 3 amazing releases on the label.

The first one we have in store for you, is the new EP from Nobody beats the drum, the "Dirty Monkey" Ep. The whole release counts 5 tracks, 2 originals "Dirty Monkey" and "Over & Over". My favorites of that release are the original Dirty Monkey and the Slagsmalsklubben remix of Over & over. But if you are diggin' it, give em some support by buying the whole EP on Itunes or beatport.

Nobody beats the drum - Dirty Monkey
Nobody beats the drum - Over & Over (Slagsmalsklubben remix)

Next Ep on the label is the labelbosses (boemklatsch) own Ep, "Noisy". I have to admit that I fancied the remixes more then the originals, especially the one from Jamie Fanatic and Baskerville. These artists are all native dutchmen, loads of talent there! So anyway, have fun with the tracks!

Boemklatsch - Reflex (Jamie Fanatic's Legacy Kids Club remix)
Boemklatsch - Noisy (Baskerville remix)

The last release on the label (it will definitely have an amazing year, if I look at the future releases) is the "Turn of the tides" Ep from C-mon & Kypski. The original tracks on that Ep are a bit too "poppy" (and at some points it switches to a hardrock song) to share on this blog, but I would be very happy if the radiostations played more pop like that. The remixes on the Ep have the power to rock dancefloors near you. The Edu K remix puts tribal drums, tropical sounds and a southern feeling in the track, this results in a totally different track then the original. The Boemklatsch remix is typical electro, a good track for a lot of dancefloors.

C-mon & Kypski - Turn of the tides (Edu K remix)

C-mon & Kypski - Burning Hot (Boemklatsch remix)

And we have some more, not a remix which came out on Bmkltsch records, but it is a remix from Boemklatsch. It's their latest remix for Stars and Sons, and if you liked the other tracks in this post, there's just no way that you won't like this one.

Stars and Sons - Good for me (Boemklatsch remix)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Hoe Ha Ha Ha Hà Hà

The Belgian electro formation "Shaved Monkeys" (Dieter Haeck, Gregory Messine and Pieter Machtelinckx) are about to release their first EP on Crux Records (USA).

The "Get Rough Ep" will include the original, accompanied with remixes from Distrakt, VNNR, Shax, Aerotronic and Soda N' Suds.

Support for the original comes out from every corner: Zombies for money, Stereoheroes, Mustard Pimp, NT89, The Deficient, The Oddword, Serialchillers, Who Are We and ...

I am sharing the original because the track hasn't really been posted since the guys finished it.

An other reason why I am posting this one is the fact that some time ago some person accused the guys from being copycats in different ways (Music, artwork,...) by spreading an e-mail all over the "world".

Because I am led to believe that these guys are sincere and honest, they deserve some extra promotion.

Shaved Monkeys - Get Rough

Act like an animal!

Is your track dirty? Wash it then!

Trackwasher is a French trash/breakbeat duo, who are working really hard on their way to the top with their productions. Their tracks have a funny touch, the doorbell in "back" made me smile, it's so silly, yet so funny. The tracks both have a lot of dancefloor power, I'm sure that they set fire to a lot of rooms there in France.

Trackwasher feat Spiky the machinist - Back (la croisette)

Trackwasher - pixeltoys

Two talented young guns from Wallonie, Natsuko have sent us some of their newest remixes and originals. I am completely digging their sound, my favorite this time is their "metalic disco chainsaw" rmx. The chilled (in the meaning of having caught a cold) vocals in this track, accompanied by some of the best trash-electro Belgium has to offer... Great!
And don't miss "burn head" and their "cut" remix!

Lady Citizen - Metalic Disco Chainsaw (Natsuko remix)
Natsuko - Burn Head
Soldout - The Cut (Natsuko remix)

On The 7th Day God Created Flatland

In a week from now Jochen Sablon and Vincent De Boeck from "Sound Of Stereo" are travelling to the north of America to throw some decent parties out there.

To celebrate there glorious plans, the guys made a mixtape to tease the crowd already.

And yes, teasing is pleasing, due to the fact that they put some new tracks in this mixtape: "Flatland", "Metric" and "Oley Oley".

These three tracks will get their release on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label, all together on the "Flatland EP". (On March 31th)

Teasing and pleasing, also for you fellow Ratrabbits:

Sound Of Stereo - Metric


Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Above is a preview for Soda 'n' Suds newest track, named "heavy".
Well, that's a perfect name for that track if you ask me! If it's not for the music that you look at this clip, do it for the tribal drums, the rappers, breakdancers, capoeira dancers and bouncing titties that are represented in the video part.

Jfk from Mstrkrft has teamed up with St mandrew to create 2 new tracks, "Beehive" and "Towel Singer". They are released on Teenage Riot records (Jfk's new label). "Beehive" isn't exactly what you might expect from Jfk, it sounds more like the new Afrojack.
But there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Jfk & St andrew - Beehive

P2t has made another filthy electro track, a song that uses samples from cartoon series. Rather funny how it turns out to be a bomb, after the intro. It's not a remix to be correct, it just so happens that Slayertrash was the first to make the track, and P2t just made another one.
Check it out!

Slayertrash - Cartoon Netcrunk (P2t happiness remix)

Monday, 8 March 2010

Trashy, it's been a while!

It's been a while since I posted some good old trashy stuff, and because we recently got some mails from electro-trash producers, I figured this was the perfect time to do it!

First up: Sekskilers, a young duo from Liège, Belgium. Lucas Beguin and Christian Dechevez are their names, and they made a new mixtape which shows some serious skills, check it out!

Sekskilers Mixtape - You Are Welcome by sekskilers

1. Etienne De Crecy - You Are Welcome (The Bloody Beetroots remix)
2. Designer Drugs - Drop Down
3. Mustard Pimp Ft. Blatta&Inesha - Pigeon Flu
4. Boltan - Creepy (Mightyfools remix)
5. Reactivate - Tom Deluxx
6. Mustard Pimp - Cherry (Botox Bad Beats remix)
7. Wolfgang Gartner - Fire Power
8. Pink A Pad's - Pink Is Back (Underhall remix)
9. Toy Quantize - Weather Change (Doc Trashz remix)
10. Gooseflesh - Dodgmes (Cyberpunkers remix)
11. aUtOdiDakT Ft. RQM - 15 Secondes (Gtronic remix)
12. Aerotronic - Helicopter
13. Proxy - Raven (Aerotronic remix)
14. Jhon B - End Of The World (Mashed Paper Klub remix)
15. Underhall - Prayer

Geometry, a French duo from Bordeaux, surprised me with their track "NERD!". It's really well produced, with a high pitching synth accompanying the climax, and a lot of noisy things after that. Good one!

Geometry - Nerd!

The last one I have for you today, is not a trashy track, rather the opposite. 3 is a crowd, world famous for their "what is a dj" song, have a new ep. We have got the Mike Genius remix, which is a tech-house/electro thumper. Not a dance floor killer, but I liked it.

3 is a crowd - Solomon (Mike Genius rmx)


To see if a song gets my attention, I have some techniques, and they are different for each genre. For heavy electro stuff (from artists that I have never heard of), I just play it when I'm doing something else, and if I stop doing these things to look at the name of the track because I think: "Holy s#*t, what the f*ck is this?!?", then I'm hooked.

That's the way I listened to VNDL, and his tracks definitely gave me that spark, and also an urge to start headbanging (which I did). This dude (Philippe Vandal) is only 19 years old, and lives in Montréal, Canada. He describes his sound as "distorted, trashy (Proxy-like...but not Proxy :p)". He has a monthly venue at the Saphir, an underground club in his hometown. He does his mixing and dj-ing stuff pure for the pleasure, and he started mixing about one year and a half ago.
Nexuspetrol (Felix Montmorency) is a friend of his, and it was him who got him into producing. He learned Philippe how to work with ableton, and they made some tracks together.
I think this is enough talk for now, but I definitely think that we'll hear more from him in the near future! This are his 2 fucking amazing remixes:

Huoratron - Corporate occult (Nexuspetrol vs VNDL edit)

Noisia - B.R.U.L. (Nexuspetrol vs VNDL edit)

VNDL messaged me a few minutes ago, to say that I could host those two other tracks for download! Woohoow!

VNDL - Blender
VNDL - Toaster

For dreamy dub, I have other conditions. Those songs are more or less unnoticed when I download them, I just think: "well, if this blog has posted it, it will be good!". but most of the time I don't like them after some listens. But sometimes... Sometimes I do find something that grows on me...
RSD - naked mario kart

Thanx to wizards are better for this find (they posted it some time ago). This track made me hum "papapara,papapara pararara" for days. I highly recommend this one!

Friday, 5 March 2010

What are you doing grandma???

Wish my grandma was that cool... Imagine you throw a party, and your grandma says: "well that dj'ing stuff doesn't look so hard, I can do that too!"
And before you know it, she is asked to go spin everywhere!
Loads of respect for misses Ruth Flowers, who is 69 years old. Here's an interview with her.

Apparently not only granny's can spin, 4 year old girls have skills too! Check this vid (I posted it a little while ago on our facebook profile) from the daughter of dj Lenny. I definitely think that she'll be getting more famous than her dad.

What do you know about Otis?

Hostage (Aka Alan Parley) didn't got lots of attention from us, something that we should be ashamed of. His productions are all top, and since he is so busy all the time, he has made loads of bangers. "Otis", his latest production, has some funny vocals and pitching synths, you better give it a try!

Hostage - Otis

He also has a new mixtape, with some nice wobbly tunes, fidget stuff and even some tech-house.
Hostage - March 2010 mix

Check this vid of him and Lee Mortimer playing in a club in Hungary:


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Harvard Bass march chart

Harvard Bass got his ass kicked and was robbed in LA, but he was kind enough to post his best songs of the month at the Sound Pellegrino blog. The most of these tracks aren't available for us, mortal people, like the new dj edjotronic song (not djedjotronic anymore, he changed his name a bit) and his own new remixes. But we have that last song from the chart for you, and like Viktor shows: thumbs up!

Maxx Bett - Soccer girl

I'm really becoming a sucker for everything Figure pumps out, his style seems to change everytime (he has made dubstep, wobbly bass, techno, and some things in between). And everytime, he nailed it. His latest release on one for all records is pointing straight to the dancefloors, with some cool club vocals in "War Fair". "The Doses" is one for all you drug addicts out there, but if you aint enslaved, you'll probably enjoy this one too.

Figure - The Doses
Figure - War Fair

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Stealing samples...

Stealing beats is something that is done regularly, and most of the times stealing isn't the appropriate word for it.
Laidback Luke for example, has done an excellent job with one of his latest productions: Blogger (with a title like that you are sure to get some extra points on the blogs). It samples Anasthasia from T99, a techno classic from the early nineties, a song that everyone knows from somewhere. In this case I don't mind, because this song has gotten his credits a long time ago, so Laidback Luke can't claim that he invented the synths.

Laidback Luke - Blogger

But sometimes, stealing the beats someone invented and sampling them is something that's not so innocent. You might remember that we posted some tracks by upcoming Russian producer The Mould(check that post here), who has now found a home under the safe wings of The Proxy. Dj Antention however, seems to have taken the exact same beats as him, and he putted it in his track "Go!".
I don't know who was first, and since they are both very unknown producers, I give Dj antention the benefit of the doubt.

Dj antention - Go!

To finish this post, I have something more optimistic. Dj Stern will be releasing his first album on Leonizer records, and the teaser for his track "Manouche" really got my attention right away. Have a look at it, you won't regret!

DJ STERN* from Guillaume Blanchet on Vimeo.