Tuesday, 30 November 2010

first impression

Good evening ratrabbits readers, wondering where that "first impression" thing is all about? Well I should be introducing myself because i'm new on the ratrabbits writers crew.But where I should be , i'm not gonna... not really into putting a lot of time in that shit. After all it's a blog about music not about our personalities.So let's skip all the boring stuff and get right to the music!

Instead of introducing myself , i'll introduce you to Filthy Rehab. A Dj duo from the UK with some serious Dj and producing skills. As I scrolled down there soundcloud page and listened every single track without wanting to stop any of them, I was kinda realising where there name came from. Getting addicted to there music isn't the hardest thing to do. Getting there dirty basslines and energetic beats out of your system is a lot harder. So below some of there kick-ass tunes. But beware I warned you for the consequences, now it's your choice if you want to risk it...

The Damn Bell Doors - By The Power Of Ra (Filthy Rehab Remix) sample by filthy_rehab

This one really sounds like it's a Jack Beats song, but I don't know if I see that as a bad thing ...
Filthy Rehab - Wa sup (original) sample by filthy_rehab

EXTRA : A mix they recorded , well just look at the name to see what you got to expect.

Filthy Rehab - bit bouncy, bit ravey, bit dirty mix by filthy_rehab

Monday, 29 November 2010

Here goes the hurry again

The hype about Daft Punk's comeback is getting extremely infectious, even Breakdown has fallen to the madness... Should we get worried (maybe I have to get worried, after being such a naive fool to believe that Daft Punk would play at I love Techno)?
NO! Of course not! Everything that results in good electro songs should be embraced!

Smart peeps have already figured out that this track will be one from Daft Punk and Breakdown, and the true masterminds might have linked it to the first track of the Tron Soundtrack, called Derezzed. If you are stupid and were absolutely clueless about what to expect, don't worry. The reward stays the same.
A banging electro candy, not to be missed by all the kids who ever want to be smart!

Valy Mo has received some attention from me a little while back, but this dude has more tricks in his sleeve than there are grains of sand in the desert. I can't find the words needed to describe the sound of this track (the fact that I'm in a hurry limits my creativity), the only thing I can say is that he did a great job. Ok go is a rock band from Chicago, who got famous because of their awesome videoclips. The one for this track is actually one of the best clips ever!

Lack of time = lack of creative descriptions for this one. It's awesome, just believe me.
Or, even better, don't believe me! Be critical and check the link below to get your mind blown! KrustyProders - BadGuy (ValyMo rmx) by ValyMo

This may be the first post ever where I promote something that a friend of mine made... I just don't want you to think that I post stuff just because friends made it, but this one is actually a very nice tune! Disko Kids, hailing from Leuven in Belgium (this track was made at 100 meters from my door) are proudly presenting their very first production.

It's a remix for Dem Slackers - Swagger, and they made it harder, more bleepy, more chaotic, more everything!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dumme Jungs

These 2 Dj's/Producers living in Berlin have made some serious good shit!
They have made an OMGITM Supermix a while ago and if it depends on me, the best Supermix there was EVER on OMGITM!

OMGITM Supermix 34 - Dumme Jungs

1. Dumme Jungs - Ruff Raiders Break
2. GRTONIC - Sucker Punch (Dumme Jungs Remix)
3. Disco Trash Music - Bumper Cars (Just a Band Remix)
4. Dj Antention - Poison
5. Modek - Hiroshima
6. Autoerotic - Bubonic
7. Kool Savas - Technopilot (Dumme Jungs Remix)
8. Aerotronic - Sex and Cigarettes (Hostage Remix)
9. Pendulum - The Island Part II
10. Swedish House Mafia - One (Congorock Remix)
11. Dumme Jungs - Daylight
12. Stereo Funk - Italomatique (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
13. Freddy Stalker - Hey Bitch! (Chuckie Remix)
14. Skrillex - My name is Skrillex (Skrillex Remix)
15. Party Harders and the Subs - Pope of Dope
16. Dumme Jungs - Stunner
17. B-Rich - Make me dance (Autoerotique Remix)
18. Dolby Anol - Weapons of mass distraction
19. Asino vs Mickey T - Bokito
20. Avicii and Sebastien Drums - My feelings for you
21. Dan Sena - Ayemgee
22. Dumme Jungs - I like it raw
23. LMFAO feat Lil Jon - Shots (Dumme Jungs Remix)
24. Neus - Blast!
25. Haezer - Anarchy (F.O.O.L. Remix)
26. Depuis91 - FUCK OFF (Vecho Remix)
27. Le Castle Vania - Nobody gets out alive (Noiza remix)
28. Dumme Jungs - Saber Rider
29. Bart B More - Brap
30. Designer Drugs - Riot
31. Sound of Stereo - Flatland
32. From Monument To Masses - Beyond God to Elvis (Felix Cartal Remix)
33. Jan Delay - Abschussball (Dumme Jungs Remix)
34. VHS or Beta - Fell it when you know (Lucky Date Remix)
35. Die Atzen - Atzin (Dumme Jungs Remix)
36. Empire of the sun - Walking on a dream (DJDT Remix)
37. Laidback Luke - My G.O.D.
38. Modek - Pink
39. Dumme Jungs Epic
40. Dumme Jungs - Whitney Housten Outro

They have also made a remix from Sucker Punch and it's an AMAZING remix.

And last but not least, their new remix called Racecar:


Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I'm pretty sure you all have heard the new track from Steve Aoki & Armand Van Helden, called "Brrrat!". I'm not such a big fan of the original (although it's pretty cool when played live), but this SonicC remix will blow your mind for sure! The harder approach he gives the track made me bang my head, jump around my room, and yell the vocals to everybody who wanted to hear it (or not hear it). In short, a truly excellent remix!

Normally I'm not a big fan of house music (probably because it doesn't jack my body as much as electro does), but The Phantom's Revenge latest track "Charlie" from their new Ep had a few elements that made it an absolute killer. Duck Sauce, watch your backs!
Is it the vocals? Yes!
Is it the feel good vibe (and vocals)? Yes!
Is it the perfect mixing? Yes!
Is it the fun touch they gave it? Yes!
God damn it charlie!

Go buy the whole Ep on Beatport!

1. Charlie
2. Last man Standing
3. Machine Gun Girl
4. Mr. Fahrenheit
5. Bastards can do '90

Monday, 22 November 2010

Bangers + Laziness = Belated posts full of bangers!

It's been a long time again, my dearest readers. Reason? Just a bit of laziness, mixed with the typical winter blues feeling + school stuff that got at an alarming rate.

Ill Saint M, previously known as Illstm (I guess you can figure out why he changed his name a bit) made another hard remix for us! Kids who are craving for sweaty dance floors full of people giving everything they got (like me), have another track to party on. Go ask your local dj's to bang this out loud, very loud... If you ask me, this has a lot more potential than the original to fire up your party! Become a fan on his new facebook page, this guy definitely needs more support!

Oh yeah, before I forget: rumors about his new Ep are getting wilder and wilder... Getting released on Citizen records (Vitalic, Teenage Bad Girl,...) ? No way!?

Second is a nice bootleg from Hoi!, a duo from the UK that already got loads of support during their short existence. Names like Dem Slackers, The Bloody Beetroots, Foamo, Kissy Sell out,... should ring a bell somewhere, no? I'm giving you one of their newest tracks, which has a free download option enabled as well. Woblles, nasty basslines and all that spiced up with fidget nonsense - determined to be bangin' if you ask me!

Peeps who are following Comic Strips on facebook (like everyone should be) or something else, have heard about this tune before. Shake em' up is the name of the new born kid, and it will definitely give you a hard time. I'll leave it up to your party genes to make sense of that last sentence - shouldn't be too hard, just click that orange "play" button below.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Ivan Is Shipping up to Boston!

Blaster has made a new remix called I'm Shipping up to Boston and i had to share it with you like most of the Blaster tracks! It's RAW

Up next is a remix of the Killer track Ivan from Dj Antention. It is remixed by X-ettl(part of Aerotronic) and if you know X-ettl from it's last Jetgum EP you know that this remix is SICK!

Last but not least we have a nice remix made by Clockwork. The sound is pretty different from other tracks and is probably produced in space. Sounds a bit Modek'ish i think.

I love techno 2010: the report, the live-sets

As you might have guessed from my previous post, I have been to I love techno. It was my third time already, and maybe that played a role in my appreciation of the event. I didn't thought it to be worth the 50 euro's, because so many acts disappointed my high expectations. The public wasn't as eclectic as the previous 2 years, I wondered why so many people pay so much for a ticket, when they're standing still all the time.
But let's cut the negativity, it wasn't all bad! Some dj's played a massive set, and there were some things that I didn't see that seemed to be cool as well.
I uploaded all the sets on mediafire, so that you don't have to "wait 60 seconds
All the sets are radio rips, so they're only small bits of the candy. If you have found longer sets, drop a comment!

Starting chronologically, the first dj that got me partying was Jack Beats. Those nasty wobbles jacked everybody's body, and I experienced the first moshpit of the event. We didn't stayed the whole set, when they started playing dubstep (stick to your style!) we left.

Playing at the yellow room at that moment were Les Petits Pilous, throwing a bunch of hard and bleepy electro songs into the crowd. The place were I was standing sucked, but if you listen to the set you will definitely have a good time.

After Les Petits Pilous, it was time for Boys Noize! I always have very high expectations for his sets, but actually he falls short of them for most of the time. Only once I experienced a smashing set from him, at Rock Werchter 2009. The set at ILT was way too techno for my tastes, but if you want to see for yourself, I linked a part of the live set for your pleasure.

2 setbacks, 1 partially good set... Time for something that I loved last year! A-trak played one of the best sets then, this year he was a bit less entertaining, but still good stuff compared to the previous acts. He dropped Barbra Streisand of course, but now I'm officially tired of it. No live set I'm afraid...
I do have a preview of the new Duck Sauce track though, to ease the pain. It doesn't stuns me like Barbra Streisand did when I first listened to it, but maybe I have to give it time to grow on me.

Next up in the schedule: making sure we are in the orange room before it's too crowded because everyone wants to see the beetroots! Only, we were an hour to early, Crookers had just started their set when we entered. With Crookers, I have a bit of a hate/love relationship. I really love their early work, but I'm a total hater of their new turn, which they showed at their album Tons of Friends.
So with every set, I have to see if it's one filled with oldies and hard new things, or one with the more hip-hop sounding new stuff. This time, I was lucky, it seemed like I was back in 2008, the period were the boys were at their absolute best. Second best thing of the whole night!

After the Crookers came, as I said before, the Bloody Beetroots with their Deathcrew 77. This was the second time I saw it, and although it sounded exactly the same as the previous time, I found it absolutely boring this time (while the other set was mental). Maybe it sounded a bit too familiar compared to their set @ werchter. I don't know for sure if this whole set was prerecorded, but there are a lot of signs pointing in that direction. The boys don't even have to touch their guitar to get sound out of it - how "live" is that huh?
Apart from that, I didn't really liked the sound either, it was really too much the same. Build up, and then a lot of noise after the drop - that's basically it. I think I'll only go check them again if they're playing a dj-set.

When the deathcrew was gathering all their stuff, a familiar looking asian american got behind the booth. It was Dim Mak label boss Steve Aoki, who would play the best set of the whole evening. An almost perfect set, although I'm still not in love with his heavy metal intermezzo's. They are a bit his trademark, but I would still be happy if he just played plain old hard electro all the time. Nevertheless, an absolutely smashing set!

After Steve Aoki, we took a short break, and came back to the orange room to check out Sound of Stereo. They were a bit boring too, or at least not interesting enough to keep me partying. We didn't had a choice but too leave - all the other rooms were basically closed, only a few techno dj's were still playing.
I have a few more Live-sets from acts that I didn't see, but that might interest you. The Goose one sounds really awesome!


Les Petits Pilous:
it's not much, but this it what I found:

xx. Mixhell - Boom Da (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
xx. The Subs vs. Les Petits Pilous - My Body
xx. Les Petits Pilous - Wake Up
xx. Anglo Satellite - Big Black Spider (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
xx. Les Petits Pilous - Russian Forest
xx. Les Petits Pilous - Bielle

Boys Noize:

01. D.I.M - Kleine Traume
02. MMM - Nous Sommes MMM
03. Boys Noize - Nott (Paul Chambers Adventure Remix)
04. ID
05. Boys Noize - Sweet Light (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
06. Mumbai Science - Hoot
07. ID
08. Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Death Suite (DJ Mehdi Simple Acid Edit)
09. Bart B More & Harvard Bass - Listen To This
10. Human Resource - Dominator
11. Bart B More - Brap
12. Boys Noize - 1010


01. Crookers feat. Soulwax & Mixhell - We Love Animals (Acapella)
02. Faithless - Tweak Your Nipple (Crookers Remix)
03. Mumbai Science - Gold
04. ID
05. Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Afrojack Ducky Mix) w/ Crookers - Crookers (Acapella)
06. Crookers - Sveglia
07. ID
08. Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)
09. Tony Senghore - Burnin' (Keith & Supabeatz Remix)
10. ID
11. Afrojack - Polkadots (Oliver Twizt Remix)
12. ID
13. Tiga - You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! Remix) w/ Bumblebeez - Rio (Crookers Remix)
14. His Majesty Andre & Lazy Ants - Carcola (Original Mix)
16. Crookers - Big Money Comin'
17. Mark Ronson & The Buissness Intl. feat. Boy George - Somebody To Love Me (Congorock Remix)
18. Kaoma - Lambada
19. Proxy - Raven (Crookers Remix)
20. ID
21. Dirty Super Car - Get A Grip (Maximilian Remix)
22. Crookers - Knobbers
23. Adam Sky vs. Mark Stewart – We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers Remix)

Steve Aoki:

01. Autoerotique - Bubonic
02. Junior Sanchez - Wee Da Rave (Original Mix)
03. ID
04. Tai feat. Steve Aoki - Paradise Poltergeist (LA Riots Remix)
05. ID
06. Steve Aoki & Afrojack - Show Me Your Hands
07. Steve Aoki & Afrojack - No Beef

Dr. lektroluv:

01. Les Petits Pilous vs. The Subs - Rototom (Original Mix)
02. ID
03. Paul Chambers - Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax Remix) (ID Edit)
04. ID
05. ID
06. Mumbai Science - Ancova (Original Mix)


Only tracks from the boys themselves (I think), shouldn't be too hard if to figure out if you have the albums.


01. TWR72 - Tunnel
02. Gonzales - I Am Europe (Djedjotronic Remix)
03. Digitalism - Blitz (Harvard Bass Remix)
04. Mumbai Science - Gold
05. ID
06. ID
07. Joey Beltram - Game Form
08. ID
09. Altern8 - Frequency (Djedjotronic Edit)
10. Cajmere - Percolator (Riva Starr Remix)
11. Das Glow - Weiss Gaz
12. Djedjotronic - Pepper
13. Phuture Traxx - ???
14. ID
15. ID
16. Popof - Elektric Circus
17. Noob - Warehouse
Comment if you know more, I'll change it in the post!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Could it be???

Hi folks! As a lot of you may now, tomorrow is I love techno, one of the biggest electronic festivals from Western - Europe (probably the world too). I wasn't too blown away by the line-up of this year, until a friend showed me this picture above. Doesn't that font type looks familiar?

Could it be....


Before you start telling me that Daft Punk is dead - they recently made the soundtrack for the new Tron movie, and they did a surprise act at a show from Phoenix a few weeks ago. Check the vid below.

So... I really hope I'm not getting all hyped for nothing, I'll cry if it turns out to be something else! For those who want to get a ticket because they read this - it's sold out bitches!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

wrap up # 7

Hostage messaged me yesterday, saying that he had a load of new tracks on his Soundcloud. Well, he sure wasn't lying! 11 new tracks uploaded last week! I had a great time listening to them, and now I'm sharing my favorites with you. The heavy dubstep tune "Sweet sweet riddim" is one of them, it has great vocals, a room shaking drop, basically everything you look for in a partytune.

"The Slave" is the name of the other track that I digged, and although it's new on Hostage's soundcloud, I've had it in my iTunes for almost a year. This doesn't change anything about the quality of course! Electro with some dub elements, and a cool vocal at the drop - determined to make you go wild.

Snob Electro sounds have just finished their second Ep, which will be released the 26th of November on Trash de disco records. 2 original tracks and 4 remixes, by Kommander Keen, Dead Cat Bounce, PANDAmic and KLOAN. I dig the 2 originals and the PANDAmic remix the most, because they are trashy without becoming to chaotic (the Dead Cat Bounce remix falls into this trap I believe). But you are free to disagree with this, check the full Ep below!

Here is a longer preview of the "Circuits" track, which is my favorite from the bunch.

The Cheerz are 2 girls (2 boys with that name would be kinda... weird) making club/hiphop music. Before you start a riot claiming that you are following this blog exactly to avoid that kind of music, the girls were so kind to give away a big fat remix Ep! 3 originals (they aren't that bad, you might wanna give them a try too!) and 10 remixes! All in 320 quality, and yes, once again, it's completely free!

The full list of the remixers is: Mendel, Jay Robinson, Douster, Dj Gant-Man, Dj Hilti, Oliver $, Big dope P, Sedat the Turkish Avenger, Tv on Mars and Yolanda be cool. That's an impressive list, although some of the remixes are totally not my cup of tea. For those who want the full package: The cheerz - Whooz da baddest remix EP

I picked out my favorites and uploaded them on Mediafire, so you can just take the heavier electro remixes from the 10.
The best remix is obviously the Mendel one (it was him who brought this to my attention), pounding basses and a wheeney little bit of distortion in the background - like I said, obviously the best!

The Jay Robinson takes it down the wobbly road, like we know from the old Jack Beats songs (UFO for example). For those who still like a nasty wobble from time to time!

The last one that I really liked is the one from Douster. If you have never heard this guy's name before, you should check out his "King of africa" track. If you haven't been living under a rock for the last 6 months you should have heard it somewhere. The remix he made this time is a bit techy, with whistles and some cool drum patterns.

It seems like ages ago when I last shared a Congorock remix (the backlog says it was the 4th of August, but the backlog is a fat ugly bastard), so this Mark Ronson feat Boy George remix comes at exaclty the right time! The vocals of the original + an epic, wide room melody from Rocco Rampino (mortals call him Congorock) = Banger!

The Gbd Crew, hailing from Liege, Belgium made a new mixtape for us. It's a dub/dnb one, with a few metal remixes from Ikki. Reminded me of sets of Steve Aoki, and those are always great.

1) Borgore - ice cream
2) Tempa T - Next hype
3) Rusko - Hold on
4) Money - wizual remix
5) Tek One - Broken string
6) She said - Killarabits remix
7) Satisfaction - J. Rabbit remix
8) Satisfaction - sample
9) Borgore - sex instruction dub
10) Figure - The Phantom
11) Belzebass - il maiale
12) Any way - Fake blood (sample).
13) Bodies - IKKI remix
14) St bethoven - superfuzz (sample).
15) RATM - Killing in the name
16) Pure hatred chimerae - IKKI remix.
17 ) Sigma - Front to back
18) Skrillex - Scatta.
19) Chrispy - predator
20) Dave luxe - casse toi la nuque (accapela)
21) Bassnectar - Wildstyle
22) Exotic on the speaker - yeah ! woho remix
23) Let's there be the light - dj funk
24) F__ck house - manaia remix
25) Swedish house mafia - one (Netsky remix, GBDCrew boolteg)
26) head will roll - L.A dub remix

And finally, the last track of this post. I especially joined the Annie Mac mailing list to get this as a downloadable treat. Don't get fooled by the rather slow intro, once the drop is there it's good old clouds stuff like we all love it! This may be one of their best remixes I've heard.

As you might have noticed, this is a fucking long post. I'm going to get back to my social life. Bye!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Ghost troubles

Mashed Paper Klub, the organizers of the famous Fight Klub parties, have made another Ep, set for release in January. It's called "Humans" and you should definitely check out the video they made for it. I have to say this is one of the best (or maybe even the best?) videoclips for an electro track I've ever seen. "Epic cinematic vibes" as people like Datsik said, it has the creepy atmosphere of a Japanese horror movie, which I like a lot more than the straight forward American way.

Full tracklist:

A1 - Humans (original version)
A2 - Humans (Fractional remix)
A3 - Humans (Thot remix)
B1 - Troy (original version)
B2 - Troy (Mondkopf remix)

Comic Strips will be dropping a second Ep real soon, he just released a teaser of the beast on soundcloud! If you have been following this blog the last 2 months, then you know I'm a big fan of this dude's work. Literally everything he made made me bounce, jump and scream, so it's more likely that the Belgian politics get solved than that I don't like this new Ep. Thats my Sh!!, Ghost Troubles and ill-Matic are the titles of my new to become favorite tracks, check them out below!

Sunday, 7 November 2010


This remix by Joe & Will ask? for Goose, a Belgian electro-rock band, landed in our mailbox a few weeks ago. After the first listen, I judged it to be too slow and easy going to get feature don the blog. But the melody is so catchy that I have been whistling it for the whole week already – enough reasons to share it I guess.

Check Goose’s new album Synrise on all major webstores (or in your local cd store), and see them play live at I love Techno this saturday.

Goose – Words (Joe & Will ask? remix)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

OMGITM Supermix 41

I'm back with an OMGITM Supermix and saw it was one from Gtronic so i had to post it!
For people who don't know him(Shame on You): Guy from Antwerp named Greg, his trademark: throbbing baselines and crackling sounds. He is just AMAZINGG. His OMGITM Supermix features only songs from him!

1. Heads We Dance - When The Sirens Sound (GTRONIC remix)
2. GTRONIC - Suck My Lollipop
3. Foamo - Everything Cool (GTRONIC RMX EDITED)
4. Devnik - Concrete (GTRONIC RMX)
5. Pink a Pad - Pink is back (GTRONIC RMX)
6. NT89 ft Distrakt - Pumpin’ (GTRONIC RMX)
7. GTRONIC - Cameltoe
8. GTRONIC - Iron Man
9. GTRONIC - My Money
10. Bloody Beetroots fr Steve Aoki - Warp (GTRONIC RMX)
11. Tom Deluxx - Careful (GTRONIC RMX)
12. GTRONIC ft Oddword - Chop Chop
13. Autodidakt ft RQM - 15 Seconds (GTRONIC RMX)
14. GTRONIC - Slasher
15. TAI ft Steve Aoki - Paradise Poltergeist (GTRONIC RMX)
16. GTRONIC - Sucker Punch

Friday, 5 November 2010

Wasted Basterds

I'm back with Wasted Basterds ! He has made a lovely EP for us called Vagas Baby and it is freaking awesome! I also have some other tracks for you from him.

And Next we have a track called Jetgum! not from X-ettl but also from Wasted Basterds and it's a GREAT track!

And last but not least we have Wasted Basterds ft. Circe - Dr. Frankenstein

You can buy it on Beatport!