Monday, 31 May 2010

First Blood!

If you have followed our posts on Gtronic like a real noise-addict, you might remember us quoting the man himself "I don't like making mixtapes, I'd rather get famous with tracks and remixes."(or at least something like that). One of the thoughts that popped up in my mind when I heard this was: what if they asked him for something like BBC's essential mix? He wouldn't let that chance slip trough his fingers would he?
And I was right - we didn't had to wait for an essential mix (let's pray that one's still in the pipeline!)-, Gtronic made a mixtape cd for trashbags, and that mixtape was aired on Studio Brussel (Belgian radio station) last friday.

The tracklist is definitely bangin', filled with some stuff that you will probably hear for the very first time!

Gtronic - Mixtape for Trashbags and Studio Brussel (direct link, 96 kbps)

1. Kolt 13 ft. WEB - Love at the speed of light (Gtronic remix)
2. Gooseflesh - Blow up
3. WAT - Ground Zero (Dilemn remix)
4. The Mould - Soldier take a rifle
5. Audiodidakt - Shit your rack (Proxy remix)
6. Polymorphic - Move faster
7. MMMatthias - LIES (La tourette remix)
8. Haezer - Who the fuck is haezer? (cyberpunkers remix)
9. Barretso - We won't stop (Saint pauli Remix)
10. Rotze - Lowlife (Dyebox Remix)
11. Trumpdisco - Not for me
12. The oddword - Kortelas (vnnr remix)
13. DJ Antention - Go
14. Gtronic - Sucker punch

The mix cd where the mix is featured on (First Blood) in full quality, will be released only in Australia, with another set from Nadisko on side B. Definitely worth your well earned bucks if you live down under!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Do you remember?

Do you remember our post about the awesome Rynecologist remix for Boys Noize's "Kontact me"?
If not, do you remember the original "Kontact me"? You loved that tune didn't you?
Well, this remix is a lot better!

Boys Noize - Kontact me (Rynecologist turbine remix)

Friday, 28 May 2010


Mustard Pimp has finally released their Schinichi Osawa remix, to give a little bit of extra promotion for their "Rock Paper Scissors" Ep, which is coming out the 15th of june on Beatport. The 29th it's available everywhere, in the meantime, ejnoy this one!

Shinichi Osawa - EEAA (Mustard Pimp Remix) by mustard pimp

Sawgood made a brand new mixtape, called "the bacteria mix part 1". It starts real dark and heavy, and gradually gets a bit lighter, with some dubstep and drum & bass parts. A perfect mixtape to lower the pressure caused by fuckin' exams!

Sawgood - The Bacteria Mixt (Part 1) by Sawgood

With every mixtape that features "Pet Massage" from Blatta & Inesha, I want that track a bit more... One of their best tracks ever!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Donkey Rape Horse

sounds pretty weird isn't it? Well, the weirdo's who made this track must have thought: a dope track needs a dope name! This track comes out a free promo Ep from the duo Pickle & Banger, consisting out of Paco de Moor and Simon de Vos. Preview the whole Ep here, I am giving you my favourite, a 100 000 beats per minute track!

Pickle & Banger - Donkey Rape Fish

Promo EP by Pickle & Banger

I posted a mash-up from Horse some time ago, and I think that bangduck mash-up wasn't a lucky shot! The one that I'm sharing with you today samples parts of Hey from Laidback Luke & Diplo, Some chords from Deadmau5, A little part of Pon de Floor,... the list seems endless. I really liked the outcome, just like the bangduck mash-up this doesn't exactly sound as a mash-up, but more like a whole new track. Loving it!

Deadmau5 ft Laidback Luke,Oliver Twizt & Kevin Rudolf - Hey Let It Rock The Chase (Horse's Bootleg) by HorseDJ

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Living in Australia has many perks but not being able to purchase Rusko's new album on beatport is not one of them. I have only heard snippets of most tracks but of those i have had a chance to listen a few times over i am really impressed. In a genre where is is very hard to stand out and sound different Rusko has hit the nail on the head. Staying true to his unique style, he has produced out some more melodic and friendly work than the usual movie sample to filthy drop combo that i love so much.
This track is my favorite by far of the album, its chilled out and very fun.

Rusko - Ravers Special (320k)

A remix off the album, sounds a little bit like Doctor P - Sweet Shop.

Rusko - Hold On ft. Amber Coffman (Sub Focus Remix) (320k)


Monday, 24 May 2010

Pop and Jerk, in this cloud

Scotland, home of bagpipes, kilts, great scotch, and, last but not least: Clouds & Ado!. These 2 dj projects play together once a month (at Ctrl alt defeat, a party hosted by Ado!), and apparently they loved each other so much, that they remixed their tracks. Ado! mixed "Bebas", which results in a prime-quality trash banger, and Clouds remixed "Pop and jerk". The vocals of that last one are stuck in my head since the first time I heard the original, and this one certainly does honor to the already great original!

Clouds - Bebas (Ado's Compliance mix)
Ado! - Pop and jerk (Clouds resistance remix)

I informed you earlier about the fact that Illstm made an awesome track, named "Moctezuma". He is not only giving that away for free, he's also doing a remix contest! So this is you chance for endless fame and honour, grab it!
Drop your remixes on Illstm's soundcloud before the 1st of july!


The ones who have this page added to their daily routine, probably know that we aren't really fans of tech-house and the kind of music that I call "Brodinski-style". But, if someone sends us over a remix where he describes it as "I made it heavy", we are willing to give it a listen.
The man who gave the track a new face is Australian Kent Ohori, aka K. Oh! It actually reminded me a bit of the Dem Slackers remix for Mom & Dad, which is always a good thing!

Yolanda be cool & DCUP - We no speak americano (K. Oh! fucked it remix)

Get Rough

Distrakt is fast becoming one of the best Australia has to offer for dancefloors around the world. Currently on tour destroying Europe (tour dates above), he has sent a new remix through and was the perfect monday morning wakeup call. The track builds up nicely into an off beat drop which is accompanied with one of his signature distorted synth lines.

Shaved Monkeys - Get Rough (Distrakt Remix) removed by request

The Shaved Monkeys EP will be out soon on Crux Records with Distrakt, Underhall, Soda 'N' Suds & Aerotronic on remixing duties.

Distrakt Twitter
Distrakt Myspace

Rave on,

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wrap up # 2

I was planning to do a small, normal post today, but when I checked our inbox, I realised that I had to do another wrap-up. There was just to many good stuff!

It's been quite a long time since we shared some good mixtapes with you, but I think that a new Burn Paris Burn-tape will fill this need. It comes from the drunk Sicilians better known as Blatta & Inesha, who made a very typical intro for this tape. Paul from Mustard Pimp, the guys themselves and another dude who are singing "Con te partiro" from Bocelli.
The tape itself is filled with trashy, filthy and fidget-ty songs, the way mixtapes have to be!

Burn Paris Burn # 3 - Blatta & Inesha by burnparisburn

VNDL, who got featured on this page in March(check that post here), made a new original. It's dark, heavy, trashy, distorted and ravey electro, but he actually got a bit of his inspiration from a hardcore track. Iszoloscope, a hardcore producer who's also living in Montreal, made a track, the "in the face of descent". And he sampled the orchestral from it in his latest production, called "Scope Iszolo". Preview it on his souncloud here, or download with the mediafire link.

VNDL - Scope Iszolo

Deafman keeps on making stuff that amaze me from the very first time I hear them, "Motocompo" is no different. With their blend of electro and techno, these guys are sure to pop off!

I also found this remix from Shax, it really gives this gypsy song the punch it needs!
Starts real weird, gypsy style, but it gets hard, I promise you!

CRUX034 - Brian V. "Moussaka" (SHAX Remix) by SHAX

When Will He Stop?

I think Afrojack might have an unhealthy love for birds (ducks especially) and even though his songs always have the same structure and sound i never get bored with them. There is alot of people copying his style ( e.g Funk the Street > Pon De Floor) and instead of trying to be different and ruin a good thing he stays true to his style which is always above the rest of the clones.

Afrojack - Quacky (320k)



Monday, 17 May 2010

Wrap Up # 1

Ok, from now on, you can expect these kind of posts after a few days without new stuff on our page, or just when I feel like doing one. I will throw in lots of info and songs, who don't have any relation to each other, except that they're all banging!

We'll start with Designer Drugs "Riot/Drop down" Ep. The original Ep was released in October last year, and now they are going to release a remix Ep. Stereoheroes and Mustard Pimp were called to remix-duty, and the results can be previewed below. I am really liking the Stereoheroes remix, the drop at 1.13 minutes is just insane!

Designer Drugs - Riot (StereoHeroes Remix) by stereoheroes

Designer Drugs - riot (Mustard Pimp remix) (preview)

We informed you earlier about Dj Mehdi and Riton's new project, called Carte Blanche. Their debut Ep will be released on Ed Bangers, and we were able to get our hands on a copy of "Gare Du Nord". Which is truly a prime-time banger, but judge for yourself!

Carte Blanche - Gare Du Nord

Beat & Bang are following the right path in their productions, this vid is even a bit "Russian-style". Proxy himself would surely like it!

Beat & Bang - Hunger! from Beat & Bang on Vimeo.

Now some love for Blatta & Inesha, they never seem to amaze me. This one is actually quite old, but because it's so good, I can't resist posting it.

Mightyfools - Hoo Haa (Blatta & Inesha remix) (128 kbps)

And to end this post, one interesting fact: did you know that the "woop woop" vocals in warp 1.9, weren't sung by Steve Aoki? That's right, you believed that for almost a year, and if it wasn't for me, you would still be living in this misbelief. They are actually sung by A girl and a gun, if you listen carefully you can recognise her voice.

Kasual Cocktail has a brand new site, check it here!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Vakkuum in the Russian ghetto

Vakkuum is a Vermont based producer, but his sound can better be described as "Russian", referring to the recent BOOM of producers from there. I am talking about guys like The Mould, Marseille, Noise Invaders and Polymorphic (his star has been rising for a longer time though). All these artists are united under the MAKO flag, proudly hosted by labelboss Proxy.
Vakkuum has remixed South Ghetto, from The Mould, and has given it an even more harder make over. It's an unofficial remix, but if they hear this in Moscow at the MAKO headquarters, I'm sure they will get over excited! This will punch you right in the face for sure!

The Mould - South Ghetto (Vakkuum remix)


Ikki has made a new original, the description I read about it was that it sounded just like an old Bloody Beetroots song, and that description fits perfectly!

Ikki - Mutandine

Thursday, 13 May 2010

F2u on the loose

F2u dj's, a duo from Lisbon in Portugal, have sent us a big fat mail with a shitload of music from them. After a few listens, I have to say that some of their tunes are really good. The best track is their remix for Noize Generation (a dude from Germany), this is some real trashy pounding electro stuff! (will be released on Live-in music)

Noize Generation - Ghetto Rave (F2U Remix) PREVIEW by F2Udjs

The other track that I was digging was a rmx they made for "La la land". They call it "F2u in the hardcore land remix, but I don't see much Hardcore in it. Let us be grateful for that!

Finle - La La Land (F2U In The Hardcore Land Remix) preview by F2Udjs

If you like, check other tracks on their soundcloud!

The Loose Cannons, a London based duo that's starting to receive some well deserved attention, sent us a mail with their take on "Wolfen" from Boy 8-bit. It starts rather weird, but the beat is nasty and a bit distorted, just the way we love it! The last minute a vocal comes in, adding a mysterious atmosphere to the track.

Boy 8_Bit - Wolfen (Loose Cannons Howl at the Moon Mix) (direct link, right click, save as)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Guys and Analyzers

I have never heard of Guys N Dolls before but when i saw Analyzer had done a remix i had to give it a listen and it blew me away. This remix is the shit! It sounds like if you took Sebastian - motor and mashed it with D.I.M & Tai - Lyposuct and i know it is going to be on my daily music rotation for weeks to come. The single is out 17.5.10. get it on Juno

Decalicious - Nightlife (Analyzer Remix) by Guys N Dolls


Monday, 10 May 2010

Sun and moon, come with me...

Keatch, Belgian gladiator who's signed on Boys Noize records, has teamed up with Felix Cartal (Dim Mak). I bet that only those 2 names in one sentence make your electro hormones go wild, and let me tell you something: you have the right to become horny!

This track is "Solar", from their upcoming Ep. Played by Geht's Noch at Mano Mundo in Boom, Belgium. They have found a label (still unknown which one) for this release, and they have 2 other tracks in their sleeve where they are still looking for someone to release it. The other track on the first Ep is called "Lunar". Check it below.

Other hot news: Boys Noize will release a remix Ep for "Kontact Me", with rmx's from Rynecologist, Housemeister, Jan Driver, Depressed Buttons and Beataucue. The one that I'm looking forward to the most is the "Rynecologist turbine mix", and the best thing of it?
This rmx will be given away for free on the Boys Noize Blog! We'll keep you posted!


Mustard Pimp's giving away their "Scapegoat" remix for Kylesa for free. Stay tuned with us for their "EEAA" rmx, they will also give it away in exchange for 0,00 €, to promote their upcoming "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Ep on Dim Mak. And there might even be an album in the pipeline???

Kylesa - Scapegoat (Mustard Pimp Remix)bymustard pimp


I said in my previous post that i liked harder music and this has to be one of the heaviest dubstep tracks doing the rounds at the moment. Signed to Circus alongside the likes of Doctor P & Flux Pavilion, Funt Case has been making extremly solid tracks as of late and only seems to be getting dirtier with his latest track titled So Vexed. This is the Crissy Criss remix that i believe is ripped from a set at full quality.

Funtcase - So Vexed (Crissy Criss remix) 320k

An older track but still deserves to burst your eardrums:

Funtcase & Southbound Hangers - Wizards Sleeve 128k

Buy Funtcase on Beatport
Funtcase Myspace
Funtcase Facebook Fanpage


Sunday, 9 May 2010

DJ Mehdi+Riton =

Although i prefer a much harder style of music I can't resist posting the above preview for the track "Gare Du Nord" from Carte Blanche (Dj Mehdi + Riton). It's a perfect dance track with a killer synth line that is sure to be rocking dancefloors everywhere when the debut EP "Black Billionaires" drops on Ed Banger on the 31st of May.

They are also doing a world tour, check it out here

Bonus chilled track: Gare Du Nord - Pablo's Blues


Friday, 7 May 2010

Oh my god! I'm so nerdy!

I came across this tune, and I thought: should I download things only because someone mentions star wars in his description of it? Of course I have to!
So I downloaded it, and I was pleasantly surprised by this dubstep refix of 2 of the most famous star wars tunes (Theme song & Imperial march). If you hate star wars, you're probably won't see why it's so cool (or nerdy...), but if you happen to be someone ranging from a casual enthusiast to a hardcore fan, you don't want to miss this!

Doctor P - Sweet shop (Bosh' uses the force remix)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

running into clouds

TOM DELUXX - RUN (Official video) from Selim Bentounes on Vimeo.

Tom Deluxx, aka one half of Just a Band, has released his "run" Ep on Boxon records a few weeks ago. The official video for the original track is worth a look, a real creepy atmosphere which sucked me to my screen when I first looked at it.
Support him by buying it on beatport!

Tom is a generous guy, he's handing out killer tracks for free! His remix for Cyberpunkers is downloadable below, and Cyberpunkers made the remix for his Ep in exchange.

Cyberpunkers - OMG (Tom Deluxx rmx)

Clouds, a name that has been popping up on a decent lot of blogs lately. Not without reason, since their tracks are dope, with a big room attitude. Fake Blood is already supporting them, as well as The Subs, Stereoheroes, Thomas Von Party,... and many more are to follow!
Fake Blood will be releasing 2 tracks from the dudes, Liquid and Mauful sir, on his forthcoming label (so far it hasn't got a name). They think about themselves as "pretty boring" (check their interview on squeegie), but I'm sure their music will get a lot of dancefloors burning.

Clouds - Eyes
Clouds - Splatter Pie

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Blowin up Ep review

Sawgood sent me his complete "Blowin UP" Ep, if I promised that I'd do a review.
Fair deal if you ask me! This Ep should normally have been out on beatport yesterday, but due to some technical problems it wasn't untill somewhere this afternoon. Allright, let's get busy!

Sawgood feat Gigi Barocco, Loc e & Agag - Blowin up (original mix)
Sawgood feat Gigi Barocco, Loc e & Agag - Blowin up (Shekel remix)
Sawgood feat Gigi Barocco, Loc e & Agag - Blowin up (Calvertron remix)
Sawgood feat Gigi Barocco, Loc e & Agag - Blowin up (The Boomzer remix)
Sawgood feat Gigi Barocco, Loc e & Agag - Blowin up (Ikki remix)

The original mix is in my opinion the best track on the Ep, decent electro stuff mixed with raps from Loc E and A girl and A gun. Gigi's trademark, silly fidget (which is great, silly doesn't mean stupid here), blends perfectly with Sawgood's harder, bloody attitude.

Gigi Barocco & Sawgood - Blowin Up ft. Loc E & AGAG by gigibarocco

Ikki, the Spainard who got famous with his heavy metal remixes, signs up for the best remix on the EP. He makes the original harder, and more fidget-like.

Preview GIGI Barocco feat Sawgood Blowin Up IKKI remix by ikki

Shekel, an Isralian dubstep producer, gives the dubstep lovers exactly what they are looking for. Nasty wobbles and trashed vocals!

Gigi Barocco And Sawgood ft Loc E and AGAG - Shekel CUT by KickOH

I was pretty disappointed to hear the Calvertron remix, he has done much better things than this.
The Boomzers remix gives the original a trashy make-over, love it or hate it! Unfortunately I couldn't find a preview somewhere, so you will just have to believe me on my word. I was digging this remix, but I can imagine a lot of people not liking it because it's too trashy and simple. There's no accounting for tastes, right?

Buy the whole thing on beatport!

Monday, 3 May 2010

How to blow up a helicopter

Sawgood & Gigi Barocco will be releasing their new ep "Blowin up" (out today)! To promote this event, Sawgood is giving away his "what that fake". This track is a funny commentary on the media buzz around the skins parties, he uses vocals from a female French newscaster, and mixes those with high pitching synths and trashy electro. Now you know what a skins party is!

Sawgood - what that fake

This is a teaser for the Ep, with a preview of all the remixes. Calvertron, Ikki, The Boomzers and Shekel! This is gonna be huge, all of the remixes got me banging my head!

Sawgood & Gigi Barocco feat A girl and a gun and Loc E - Blowin up teaser

Deafman, the guys from the amazing tune "Diskett", actually have a lot more good stuff than this one track. The video below is a recording of their take on Vitalic's "Poney Part 1", remixed live for the camera. I found another remix from them which was amazing, their remix for Aerotronic's helicopter! I wasn't quite digging the original to be honest, but if you listen to this, you just can't stay calm. The rave feeling of the original stays intact, and in my opinion, it gets even more ravey!

Aerotronic - Helicopter (Deafman's gyronef remix)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

BAAD disko

Nadisko, our Australian noisebringers (together with Trumpdisco of course), have a brand new mixtape. This mixtape will stay forever in your minds, hearts and souls because of that first track...

It's Sucker Punch from Gtronic, a tune where I've told you something about a few posts ago. This is a killer tune, even Gtronic hasn't made anything so good and heavy. The other tracks in the mix keep up the vibe that starts those first minutes, and you won't stop banging your head for 20 minutes.

The third track is one from the guys themselves, named Ringer. Keep an eye open for the release of this one, it will be remixed by some serious big guns!

Nadisko May 2010 Mix by Nadisko

Sucker Punch - GTRONIC

Kortelaas (VNNR Remix) - The Oddword

Ringer - Nadisko

Pop and Jerk (Clouds Remix) - ADO!

Driver - Gooseflesh

Rox Sox - Uppermost

Mad - Elite Force

Kazane (Disco Of Doom Remix) - Hiroki Esashika

Fuck Us We're Famous (Now) - C'est Exact Jack

Fan Out - Surkin

Manege 88 is a french co-project between Romain Mika & Dorian Trawka, and besides the fact that they have one of the weirdest band names ever, they make some pretty funny tunes. Their remix for Oizo's "positif" had even more absurd vocals and a fatter beat than the original, and now they remixed Baadman's "Mort Subite" Ep (which actually came out in january).

Baadman is a solo project of Arthur Dutil, a young French gun. He's currently living in Caen, a town in northern France, he will soon take over his whole country if he continues like this! His production skills are surprisingly well, and this lad is only 15 years old... He has played with guys like Don Rimini, The Bloody Beetroots,... And more will follow!

Definitely 2 projects to keep an eye on!

Baadman - Mort subite original

Baadman - Mort subite (Manège 88 remix)

Damaged Case - Requiem (Baadman remix)

Mr. Oizo - Positif (Manège 88 remix) (real old one, but if you haven't heard it yet, this is your chance!)