Friday, 31 December 2010

New year getting close

2010 is almost over, a good year in my opinion. To celebrate this amazing year I recommend you to download this mix of F.O.O.L.. This trashy mix includes a lot of artists we've supported through 2010, so get this one before you're vomiting at random places or on random people. Do take this advice: don't listen to it tomorrow morning, your head WILL explode.

We mostly provide music by soundcloud players , but you'll have to download this one to listen it. Trust me, it's worth it.
OMGITM Supermix 46 : F.O.O.L

1. Owl Vision - The Black Death (F.O.O.L Remix) *
2. Fresh Foolish - Awake (F.O.O.L Remix) *
3. Distrakt - Fuck You (The Oddword Remix)
4. Trashing Teenagers - Wrath Of God (F.O.O.L Remix) *
5. Dj Antention - Rapid Fire (F.O.O.L Remix)
6. aUtOdiDakT & Electro Ferris - Chainsaw (Drivepilot Remix) *
7. Blastaguyz - Rage (Original Mix) *
8. F.O.O.L - Dark Cyan Night (Redial Remix) *
9. Neus - Blast (F.O.O.L Remix)
10. Asser - Unstoppable (Original Mix)
11. Feed Me - Green Bottle (Original Mix)
12. Breakfastklub - Holy Shit (X-ettl remix)
13. Electrophants - Sledgehammer (The Oddword Remix) *
14. F.O.O.L - We're Not French (Haezer Remix)
15. Tom Deluxx - Careful (Original Mix) *
16. Trashing Teenagers - Whiplash (Original Mix) *
17. Gtronic - My Money (Original Mix)
18. Dj Antention - Jump (Original Mix)
19. Haezer Ft Circe - Here Come The Punks(The Mastertrons Remix) *
20. Hey Today! - Strange (Polymorphic Remix)
21. F.O.O.L - Reborn (Tom Deluxx Remix)

* = exclusive / unreleased

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Almost forgot about him

Lazy rich that's where this post will be about. The last time I heard about Lazy Rich is kind of a long time ago, don't know why though. He HAS been making new stuff , it just didn't seem to find it's way towards me... So here are some of his songs and remixes that I missed in this long period of time. So don't be like: dude I got that track like ages ago!

Let's start with the oldest one. A remix of Earpark's hexopolis. This one is a real busy one, epic sounds coming from everywhere! Some dubstep influences, some fidget influences and some really typical lazy rich-sounds. Banger!
Earpark - Hexapolis (Lazy Rich's WTF Remix) by Lazy Rich

The dubstep influences I mentioned earlyer seem to show up in all the remixes he's making these days. On this one there's even an actual dubstep part. A good example that the dubstep hype is a really big one.
DJ Dank - FuNK eL (Lazy Rich Remix) by Lazy Rich

The last one, his 10 days old remix of Return of the king, has something special. Combining funky basslines with all sorts of things, makes me wanna party hard while discodancing-girls with afro haircuts pop up in my head. Lovely!
J Scott G and Imprintz & Kloe - Return of the King (Lazy Rich Remix) by Lazy Rich

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ratrabbits mixtape by Moore & Lezz

Hi folks!

If you read my previous post carefully, you surely have read something about a special treat from Moore & Lezz... Curious what that might be?
Well, it's a special exclusive mixtape they made for us! The tracklist has been chosen by Moore and me, meaning that this is an absolute dream for all the followers of this blog.
Comic Strips, Cyberpunkers, The Oddword, Felix Cartal, Ado,... and of course Moore & Lezz's brand new remix for L&M bros.
Dance, scream, turn up the volume, and most of all: Enjoy!


01) Mashed Paper Klub - Deus Ex Machina (Wazabi remix)
02) Geht's Noch - Body Jack
03) Mumbai Science - Gold
04) Sharam Jey ft. Tommy Sunshine - The Things (Cyberpunkers remix)
05) Afrojack - Pacha On Acid / A.D.O.R. - One For The Trouble (Acapella)
06) Mr. Magnetik - Mario is Under Acid (Shameboy remix)
07) Green Velvet - Harmageddon (Felix Cartal remix)
08) Rawfare - Floor Luv (Keatch remix)
09) Mr. Blink - Gecko (Burn's Start-Stop remix)
10) Congorock - Babylon (Comic Strips remix)
11) Fatboy Slim Vs. Hervé - Machines Can do the Work (Ado Done Most the Work mix)
12) L&M Bros - Wario Must Die (Moore & Lezz remix)
13) Tiga - You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! remix)
14) Shaved Monkeys - Get Rough
15) Soda & Suds - Heavy (The Oddword remix)
16) Comic Strips - Shake EM' Up
17) Noize Generation - Monster
18) TAI ft. Steve Aoki - Paradise Poltergeist (L.A. Riots remix)
19) Autoerotique - Bubonic

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Wrap up # 8

It's been a decent time since the latest installment in this series, but due to all the christmas gifts I get thrown from everywhere, I have a bunch of tracks that really need some attention.

I'll start with a new bootleg from Horse, a guy from Australia, known throughout the galaxy for his insane mash-ups. Now he has taken one of my favorite tracks of all time, Divine Gosa from Radioclit, to the remix-table. The thing with my favorite tracks is that it's really hard to make something that may proudly stand next to the original...
But this one did, although it might be a little more heavy for my taste!

Figure was one of the guys that I loved in the starting days from the blog, but I somehow lost track of him somewhere... Searching through the web I found this massive bootleg for hip-hop collective NWA, which is so heavy I almost fell of my chair, got blown out of my room and landed in a big black hole!
Almost, otherwise I wouldn't sit here writing...

Mr. Magnetik was so kind to share a gift with us, it's a piece of acid that sticks in your brain and stays there until all body functions except your movement are completely eroded.
"Why not the movement?" I can almost SMELL you thinking that! The answer is quite obvious though - you have to dance!

Moore & Lezz will be dropping a very special treat for you, ratrabbits readers, real soon, but in the meantime I have their fresh remix for L&M Bros' "Wario Must Die". They weren't one of the winners of the remix competition though, the boys from L&M had so much trust in their remixing capacities that they asked them to make one.

Doc Trashz is also throwing out presents to everyone who is willing to catch them, and I bet that you will definitely want to catch this one! The buzz around the Tron movie has finally stopped rising, now that it's finally released - but you might want to keep surfing on that hype after you heard this thing!

Dj Antention is quickly becoming the new face of the Russian electro scene, now that the Proxy is working (or at least I hope he is) on his album. His "Ivan" track was already remixed by X-ettl, and now it's also been remixed by Vecho! Dj Antention particulary liked this remix, and apparently the guys from Tuff em up records in Australia liked it too, because they're releasing it! Support the 2 young belgian lads from Vecho by joining their fanpage!

Ok, I think this is finally it...
Post done...
Oh no, what's this? A new Catastrophe Mixtape by Mustard Pimp?!?

I don't think I have to doubt about posting it, especially because their new collaboration with Blatta & Inesha is in there... Love, love, love!

Monday, 27 December 2010

Holding my breath

Exams are finally over! Got to hold my breath though, cause I didn't receive my grades yet. But on the otherhand I can enjoy the holidays now until the fullest. Perfect time to grab some harder songs and get the volume to it's maximum.

Ever heard of Gorillas On Drums? The first time I read their name was about 30minutes ago, OMGITM posted their newest song Hold your breath. Well, from the moment I heard the song I was convinced. Gorillas On Drums is a collaboration Project between One Man Ben and Destroys ID. Never heard of those names either but I suppose that will change in the future.
Hold Your Breath (Original Mix) by Gorillas On Drums

F.O.O.L made a new EP and it's a fucking masterpiece! It's almost a month old now ,and I still can't get these trashy sounds out of my head. It includes remixes of Tom Deluxx, The boomzers, RETZ, Haezer and Redvil. And the remixes are the thing that make this EP so damn good. Normally, on an EP with a couple remixes, there are some I like and some I don't like. But on this one, ow damn! I must congratulate every single artist on the EP, they all did a fucking great job!
CRUX037 - F.O.O.L "Reborn EP" by cruxrecords

Trashing Teenagers?!

It's been a long time since I posted something because of my exams. But I'm back! To start I have some new power from the 2 crazy guys from Flanders called Trashing Teenagers. They have made a new EP called Wrath of God. The EP is amazingly good! Remixes by: Trumpdisco, The Oddword, F.O.O.L, Owl Vision and Wonkap!!! OMG!!

Wrath of God EP Teaser! by TrashingTeenagers?!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Goodbye socks...

Merry Christmas eve everybody, hope you all enjoy it! I have a track to scare your grandma below, make sure you only play this AFTER you got your present...
Otherwise the poor lady will be so shocked that you'll have to wait another year for your pair of socks!

Redneck Rampage is a new project from Spicy Phonic, and I had to post it because it has been such a long time since I really liked a hard trash song... I hope you like it too!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


The friendly dudes from The Oddword got some early support here, but it's been a really long time since I featured them in a post. I hope this post makes up for that!

After their smashing live-sets and cool original tracks, the boys also showed themselves to be prime quality remixers this year. The pope of dope and Jump from Dj Antention were the first remixes that got us all jumping and screaming, but recently they've made some new ones... And they might be even better than the ones I mentioned before!!! "Heavy" from Soda & Suds was a track that I liked a lot, but The Oddword remix really gave it a fresh approach. They just did what they always do: heavy basses, a ravey feeling, and last but not least: an overall approach that makes you want to jump around, scream, punch your mother because she doesn't stop complaining that you party too much.
Exactly the thing an electro track should do if you ask me!

Soda & Suds - Heavy (The Oddword Remix) by The OddWord

I basically got the same stuff to tell about the second remix I'll be giving you, "Fuck You" from Distrakt. This made me yell FUCK YOU! to everyone who wanted to hear it today, I guess I'll need some time to make new friends again...
Not that the track isn't worth it, pretty fair deal if you ask me!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Reflux, pee, what more?

If a guy like Ado asks you to give him some promotion for his new Ep, you have to be really dumb to ignore his request. The track that I liked the most from his give-aways is Reflux, which is a somewhat untypical track from him. The majority of his tunes can be described as trashy, hard-ass, ear bleeding stuff, while this one is a little bit more bleepy and bouncy. I bet this even lets your dead grandma dance in her grave... Sweet.

Support this man when his Jerk Ep gets released in january on Wax:on records!

Mr. Pee is a dj from Antwerp, Belgium, who has just made us a small hour of pure electro pleasure. Tracks from Clouds, Trumpdisco, Haezer, Dj antention, Aerotronic,... This guy surely knows how to charm me! He even threw a new track from The Oddword in, which is pure sex! Love, love, love!

Mr. Pee Sucks! by Mr. Pee


Coin Operated Boy - Trust Me (Clouds rmx)
Haezer - WTFIH (Trumpdisco rmx)
Antention - No One Escapes
Distrakt - Fuck You (The Oddword rmx)
M.I.A. - XXXO (Modek rmx)
Diplo & Don Diablo - Make you Pop
The Proxy - Vibrate (Sound of Stereo rmx)
Daft Punk - Derezzed (Breakdown rmx)
Passion Pit - Little Secrets (The Filth rmx)
Antention - Beny Blanco
Mr. Oizo - Hun (Trumpdisco rmx)
Lightyear - 5 Girls
Antention - Poison
Antention - Go (Aerotronic rmx)
Noize Generation - Monster (Your Ol' Lady rmx)
Haezer - James Bond

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The D.O.N. R.I.M.I.N.I.

I have a lot of respect for Don Rimini since the first time one of his awesome mixtapes found it's way into my iTunes collection, and that's already 2 years ago... His pumping tracks like "Rave on", "Kung Fu", "Ohow", "G.O.O.D.",... have only made my love for him greater. He released a smashing mix for the Burn Paris Burn mixtape series a few days ago, which makes me feel like it's festival time again. The Don was actually the best set I heard this summer, at the feest in het park festival in august. Enjoy this mix, it's filled with banging tunes that put whole festivals on fire!

The video for his "whatever" track is quite nice, so why wouldn't I post that too? The Don himself even has a small cameo in it, those who watch it attentively will recognise him, being his old cool self.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

This should be your sh!!!

Hi folks, I'm back with yet another promo post for Comic Strips! It seems like almost everything I'm posting is something that's been made by him... I guess I'm just a sucker for a pretty bass! This fellow will be releasing his second Ep on Rot10 musik, and I can assure you that this is a no-brainer when thinking if it will be worth your money. The 3 tracks on it should be widely supported by anyone who's willing to give new talents a shot, or basically by everyone who likes his electro pumping and energetic.

My favourite track is Ghost Troubles, It comes so close to perfect that I was a bit afraid of what the other 2 might sound like when compared to it... Luckily for me, the other 2 are prime time bangers as well, who may stand proudly next to Ghost Troubles. Ill-matic is a blend between electro and metal, perfect for those moshers on the first rows! That's my sh!!, the title track of the Ep, is good head-banging material, but I'm afraid I ran out of superlatives to describe it. Awesome Ep, prelisten all of the tracks below!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

busy , busy , busy ...

With my exams coming closer and closer I can't really find time for anything apart from studying at the moment. And yet I make time for some blogging, I hope that I won't regret this... So yeah , because I can't make time for searching all through the internet for some good new stuff , I'll give you something that I already know for a while.

I got for you a guy called Tim Nelson aka Betatraxx. Well because I can't find a bio of him anywhere , that's all I know about him. But that isn't really important, his music on the other hand is. You could describe his productions as dirty electro with a deep/dark atmosphere, so check out some of his songs...

Here is my personal favorite, called Drug Abuse. It's not the easiest song to mix into another, but I'm just really linking the atmosphere in this song. Although it has some real dirty electro sounds it's still kinda deep.
And for all the producers out there, on his soundcloud you can find all the different lines of this song seperated so you can make a remix of it.
BetatraXx - Drug Abuse ft. Alyssa Young (Original Mix) by BetatraXx

This one is a remix of 4th of July by Kelis. When I first heard the original song I was like: hmm liking that piano sound. But after a while I was already bored. So what I like about this remix is that he kept that piano-piece and made the rest of the song just so much more interesting. Enjoy.
Kelis - 4th of July (BetaTraxx Remix) by BetatraXx

While i was writing the above, a new status of X-ettl popped up on facebook. He posted a teaser for his remix on Jouissance Accablante by Dead CT Bounce. If you had never heard about X-ettl before I'll quickly introduce him to you. X-ettl (or Jens De Ketelaere) is one of the three guys of aerotronic. Aerotronic is known for their trashy electro sound and that sound you can also find in the productions of X-ettl, only a little more cleaner.

This teaser gives you a little taste of something that in my opinion sounds new and fresh. The only thing I don't really like is the climax. But it doesn't really bother me that much so ...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The 80's feeling

This is post number 202 on this page, woohoow! I forgot to add it in my post about Kraken heart and Comic Strips, but I guess you guys didn't noticed it as well.
What excites me even more is my brand new traktor s4 (for those who don't know what it is: watch this), within a few months (or longer, we wait until we are fully assured of our qualities) we will be available for bookings...

Today I have 2 sweet vids for you, both awesome in their very own way... They have one thing in common: they revive that typical 80's feeling!

The first is a promo video for the new Mr. Magnetik Ep, called "Mario is under acid". It will be released on the 24th of December on G point muzik, but I will let Mr. Magnetik do the talking for the rest of the post.

It all started off as a pleasantry, and though here the banter has gone to an offset inspiration taking us through an acidulous pilgrimage. This is how Mr Magnetik got promoted to the rank of demiurge of a track incarnating a play resurgence straight from the 80's!

For the friendly joke to be complete, he sends the track to his best buddy: The G from the G Point Muzik label.

« Mario Is Under Acid » starts as a stage of « Super Mario Bros » and ends up just like it, blowing up into fireworks. We are already all aware that the journey will be epic and that Bowser or any Koopa Troopa will find themselves unarmed facing the percussive rhythm boxes introducing one horny Super Mario. Ultimately, the final score will be grazing the hands of Jean Nipon and Shameboy who are as well joining the game, and offer dirty remixes of the track, coming right up from some parallel dimensions.

Mr Magnetik is here keeping off any pompous torments, turns on the console and delivers you a crazy game, which will make you whirl like pixilated bricks. Insert a coin and don't let the game end, don't repulse your childish pleasures!

The second one is the official clip for Derezzed (for the upcoming Tron movie), featuring Daft Punk, lightbikes, Knights,... Why aren't you watching yet?

Monday, 6 December 2010


F2U are two disturbed guys from Portugal who love to make innocent people jump and get mad with very loud and distorded bassline’s. I'm in love with all their tracks! Their just CRAZY! They have made massive remixes like a remix of Barbra Streisand, Rapid Fire Remix, Blast Remix, .... MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THEM ALL!

Another thing that I need to say is that my tests are beginning tomorrow so you will not see many posts from me the next couple of weeks.

>>>Download<<< (thanks to

Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Kraken is loose again!

It's been a long time since I promoted something from the kraken, aka kraken heart here. The reason for this is quite obvious: the guy just took a short break from this project, to have more time to keep his other one (called Dropout Marsh, this is more dreamy and hypnotic than you're used too if you have heard the kraken already) alive. He's back in business now, his new mixtape is more bangin' than ever. It's actually a new mixtape project, no more Kraken tapes, but Beast tapes. Not that you'll notice, the sound stays the same. Thank God.

Doesn't that first track from the mixtape sounds familiar? Yes it does bitches! It's my homie Comic Strips from Pittsburgh, with his track "Drip Drop". I told you that he was going to rise fast, and for those pessimists who still don't believe what I'm saying, I have some more teasers for upcoming remixes from him. Absolutely lovely, as always!

This one is real short, but it gives you a good idea how cool the full version will be.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

warming myself up

 Temperatures are getting low here in Belgium. While i'm freezing my ass off because there's something wrong with the heater , I found a way to warm myself up. Trying to find some tracks where i can dance myself warm with. Well mission accomplished! Here's what i found...

Meet Zedd , a German producer who knows what he's doing. He produces in a lot of different genres but it looks like these days electro of the harder kind is becoming more important to him. Below , a remix he did on Skrillex 's Scary monsters and nice sprites. It is allready a couple weeks old but it keeps banging so hard and i just can't have enough. It has a lot of the same sounds as in the original mix but this electro version just has that little bit more. Enjoy!

Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix) by Zedd

If you haven't heard of the new song by The Black Eyed Peas called The time , it probably wont take that long before they start trowing it to your head from all directions. But there is a good side about this , overhyped commercial songs bring remixes with them. Same with The time , so here's Zedd's remix. Kinda similar to the remix he did on Skrillex's song , but i see it more as a Awesomess part 2. Again, enjoy!

The Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Zedd Remix) by Zedd

Now a song that didn't really make me want to party hard , but gave me that lovely summer feeling. This wobbly peace of music made me all happy in these dark winterdays. It's one to lay back with , forget the low temperatures , and picture yourself the beautiful summerdays.

Dirty Headlines - The Western Wobble (unsigned) by DIRTY HEADLINES