Thursday, 29 April 2010

West Corner: 51'6'N - 2'39'E

It has been quite a long time that I wanted to post about "Beat & Bang". A lack of time made me delay my intentions.

Now that I have finally found some time: behold my eternal word-spreading masterpiece!

In the past two years the Belgian DJ trio
Beat & Bang was formed by three rather young DJ's: DJ Ramzez (Ramses Vandelanotte), Sir^Conflex (Ben Peperstraete) and Wall-E (Bram Wallyn).

Recently they have been experimenting and producing a lot of original tracks which they are sending into the idealistic world of music.

It seems to be worth the effort, as they are gaining more and more recognition in the Belgian electro scene.

They had for example the chance to share decks with the lacks of Soda 'N Suds, Shaved Monkeys, Kill Frenzy,... Which proves again that the younger part of the Belgian electro scene has been forming one little family.

Even more important: pretty soon Beat & Bang will have their first official release.

Personally, I think this Beat & Bang formation has shown us a lot of potential.

I have some tracks for my fellow Ratrabbits in order to sort out your opinion:

Beat & Bang - Beat Conductor
Beat & Bang - Bassey
Audio Bully's - We Don't Care (Beat & Bang Neither Remix)

(I really like the hard parts after the drop.)

Other Beat & Bang tracks:

Beat & Bang - Ouch
Beat & Bang - Bling Bling

Beat & Bang - WTF
Beat & Bang - Ambient Monster

You can hear them all at:
Beat & Bang Soundcloud

Hope you guys like it!


My favourite Australian DJ duo "Trumpdisco" has finally shared another original track with the blog world in which they have sampled some vocals from the movie (comedy) "Step Brothers".

Watch the scene:

Trumpdisco - No Way Kimosabe

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Kraken Tape 4

Ok, so 1 day after I said we wouldn't be sharing so much mixtapes anymore...
Kraken tape 4 comes out!
So yeah, this was a little dilemma, but Kraken Tapes just happen to be so good. So of course I am sharing it! This one has some real nasty dubstep parts in it (like the 16 bit rmx of machine gun, maybe it was dubstep and not drum & bass after all), but the electro lovers get their shots too. In short, another very good mixtape from this guy, who is clearly a bit of a romanticus when it comes to the old pirate lifestyle (who isn't?).

Kraken Tape #4 by Kraken Heart

Mixtapes for the win

Oh my god! It has been an awful long time since we shared a new mixtape with you...
Maybe it's not such a bad thing, after all, you need time to listen to it! We were sometimes sharing to much of them for you guys to listen to them all...
But why do I like mixtapes so much than? A whole bunch of reasons, such as:
-You can hear what a dj will most likely play when you see him in a club or festival
-It's a manner of staying in the spotlights when you don't have new tracks (or just don't have tracks yet) as a producer
-It's fun to listen to, and you might get some dj'ing hints from them
-Producers can include their upcoming hits, so that people get a sneak preview of them, without having to worry that the piece gets ripped out of its context (and in the rare occasion that it is done, well... let those peeps who did it enjoy it! They are not hurting you by doing this)
-Experiments, like minimixes (where you can showcase your fast mixing skills) or megamixes (Jack Bauer mixtape from Mustard Pimp as an extreme example) are always welcome!

Regardless of those advantages, to much is to much... listening to mixtapes as a blogger takes a big bite out of your "music checking" time, so that's the reason why tracks are a much better way to start a career (Gtronic anyone?).
But today, I have 2 tapes for you that you will definitely dig!
The first one is from my mates the Beatbouncers, a name that's new to this blog, but certainly not to the Belgian scene. They haven't pumped out anything that we could post until now, so this banging mixtape is a good start for those who have never heard of them.
Blocking the sun for sure!

Sunblock Mixtape by Beatbouncers

The second one is a new from the pimps, for their friends Blatta & Inesha. Mustard Pimp has included a lot of unknown (and unreleased) songs from producers that we here at Ratrabbits dig very much, along with some of their own upcoming bangers. The ones that we knew already, were some of the best tunes from the past month. Towards the end, it gets a little special, with a hardcore track and a french singer/songwriter tune. Great mix, and it's only 30 minutes long!

Mustard Pimp - Mini-Mixtape Exclusive For by mustard pimp

download link

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Dope is free!

When I see a videoclip for a hiphop artist popping up on 3 out of 15 of the electro blogs I check daily, it has to be something good...
It doesn't happen much that I'm completely overwhelmed by a videoclip, but I bet you will be too when you watch this. Gingers are the new Jews, and this vid shows the exctinction of some of them.
Hard emotional stuff, that's for sure... Cheers to M.I.A. and Romain Gavras (director of the clip for Justice's stress and their "A cross the universe" tour dvd)!

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

After all the scandals from priests and other clergyman, the last thing the catholic church needed was another major problem... But apparently another Pope popped up!
The Pope of Dope by the Subs feat Partyharders was released yesterday on a bunch of online music stores like Beatport and Itunes. I suggest you buy the whole package, or at least the original and the Oddword remix.
I am personally digging the Oddword remix more than the original, but you are of course free to make your own pick!

The Oddword will also release one of their best tracks ever "No Machine" on Crux Records the 11th of may. Might even be better than their the Pope of Dope rmx...
Anyway, you better keep an eye out for these dudes, we haven't seen the last of them! This is a promovid for a party on the 6th of may, Ears off in Antwerp. The track used is No Machine, enjoy!

Monday, 26 April 2010


Apologies for another weekend without a single post, but I hope to make it up with this post. long periods of waiting for posts might become something usual, as the finals are coming closer. And Ratrabbits need study to, otherwise their parents get real mad. But stay with us, we won't let you down in your search for the most banging tunes from the net!

The first dude who will get his bit of attention today is Illstm. He teamed up another time with A Girl and a Gun (their first collabo resulted in the beast of a track named "Uppercut"), and created Moctezuma. This is Illstm at his best, and it eases the pain that I had when hearing that Blanka Kidz wouldn't ever see the light of birth... Due to some technical issues, he can't complete the track. So the only bit of it we will ever get to hear is the 1 minute piece in his OMGITM mix. Anyway, he's real busy at the moment, rumors about a release on Ed Banger together with Sawgood are circulating... (Or not, apparently it was just an april fool... Stupid me!)

IllStM - Moctezuma (feat AG&AG and natesH) by IllStM

I was also really digging this remix he made for Playdoe's "Ice cream". Released on Leonizer records together with 8 other remixes and another original.

Playdoe - Ice Cream (IllStM & Zôl rmx) by IllStM

BAM! That's how hard Gtronic's new track, Sucker Punch wil hit you! Released on Dim Mak or Lektroluv recs, it's going fast for this guy! After one or two Ep's on Dim Mak he's signed exclusive to Lektroluv for 3 years. And we all know what happened with Sound of Stereo when they got signed to Lektroluv... After the Zipper Ep on lektroluv came Flatland (wasn't really digging that one to be honest) on Dim Mak, and now they have just finished touring North America. Belgium for the win! No new track or remix from tha G at the moment, just keeping you posted.

Depuis 91 is a Belgian trio or Quattro (having a big dick is apparently a very important thing for these dudes, that's why they have the fourth member). I am liking the way they present themselves, not taking the whole thing to serious, but they have some dope tracks up in their sleeve. Melodic and hard at the same time, the real Ratrabbit way...

Athlantiq - D91 by dewaele

Download link

Depuis91 & Paco De Moor - Our Way by Paco De Moor

This last one is an experiment, a blend between pop/rock and electro. A bit old skool feeling

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Revenge of the robots

The Pimps sent us their latest remix, it's a remix for reggae/electro/hiphop group South Rakkas Crew. It has that typical Mustard Pimp feeling, violence mixed with a silly touch. This kind of songs has been pushing their career for a solid 2 years already, and this song is no different. It's already in their sets and mixtapes for quite a while, the first time I heard it was in their awesome Jack Bauer mixtape (which was a solid 24 hours long).

South Rakkas Crew - Robots revenge (Mustard Pimp remix)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Are you deaf man??? it's Babylon!

Deafman, a co-project between Lektron and Dj Glenn. They have a Live-set where they create the sounds live on stage, and this sounds kinda genius, if I take this live-vid as a proof.
This track has anthem-power I think...

I couldn't stop banging my head when listening to this, such a killer tune. Loving the baretts, and the fact that they don't use software like ableton, everything is played live on stage with old synthesizers from Korg and Sequential circuits! If they play a dj-set, they throw a blend of electro, italo-disco and fidget into the room.
Diskett is available for download below, make sure you tell all your friends before they come to you talking about that awesome Deafman track they found...

Deafman - Diskett

One of the biggest hypes from 2010 in the blogosphere so far, was Babylon by Congorock. Not much remixes came close to the dub version (vocal version was kinda sucky I think), but Pink is Punk did. I think this has the same ravey feeling as the original dub version, perfect for the people who grew a bit tired of it. I might even say that this is harder than the original, and they added some real nice effects like a horn from a boat at 2:15 and a looped voice which continues throughout the whole track.

Congorock - Babylon (Pink is Punk remix)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Disko Attitude

Moore & Lezz teamed up with the lead singer from The New Industry, Kane Breugelmans, to create a track which blends electro and rock. Kane likes to sing, Moore & Lezz like electro, so this is the result. Not your normal banging electro, but I was so much digging this little piece of creativity that I just had to share it.
Book them bookin-dj, give them love on soundcloud, add them as a friend on facebook, give them lots of money when you see them walking by in the street,... in short: support them!

Moore & Lezz ft. Kane - Disko Attitude by Moore and Lezz

Owls, Krakens and Beers

Toxic is dead, one of the killer tracks by the Toxic Avenger, has been remixed an awful lot of times. Some of them were bangers, some didn't... So far nothing special, because that's how things always go. Now Owl Vision, a Swedish producer of "death electro" has sent us his re-interpretation of this track, and it got me jumping and screaming, even more than the original did.
One of the best remixes you'll find of this beast of a track, enjoy!

The Toxic Avenger - Toxic is Dead (Owl Vision Remix) by Owl Vision

Download link, soundcloud has reached the download limit.

Now it's time for one of my favorite new projects, Kraken Heart. The third Kraken Tape has quickly become one of my favorite all-time mixtapes (rumors about a fourth one are growing!!!) , and I've been begging the dude for tracks, but so far he hasn't fallen yet for my irresistible charms. Anyway, he has made a teaser to promote himself (he has used parts from the blockbuster Clash of the titans), and it has such a mysterious vibe over it, I'm curious to see what else he has in store for us!

envoyé par krakenheart. - Clip, interview et concert.

This is the track he uses in the vid.
Drakkars by Kraken Heart

The last track I'm sharing with you is one from Lektrobeerz, a duo that's not aiming for eternal fame and loads of money. What are they doing it for then? Beer, lots of beer.
If they weren't making some dope tracks, this mission statement probably wouldn't bring them far. But their previous track "Frost" had that special thing that would work well in a club, and their new banger "Echo", definitely would get a crowd jumping. Sounds a bit like the first Sound of Stereo tracks, old-skool banging!

Lektrobeerz - Echo by Lektrobeerz

Friday, 16 April 2010

Fuck titles! Who cares about them anyway?

The hype around Barbra Streisand, the upcoming summerhit from Duck Sauce, is starting to become real huge. The original is still unreleased, and as far as I know there hasn't been pinned down an official release date, but the first remix has popped up already.

I definitely think that the original will be 10 times as big as this, but for those who can't wait for the original this is a good track to soften the waiting time. I wouldn't really call it a remix, it's more like a re-edit. But seriously: can anyone make something better out of this track without stripping it from it's summer feeling? I doubt it. Anyway, thanx to mr O-god for this piece of sugar, it got me jumping.

Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand (O-God Remix)

Edit: Because that looped sample keeps me playing the song over and over again, lets share the original Boney M track.

Boney M - Gotta Go Home

Our last topic on Mechanical Resistance dates from november already, but in that long absence, they prepared a banging remix for us (and for everyone else who likes a banging tune)! I can see this putting dancefloors on fire, banging basses just the way I like em. They have become more mature in their productions, always a good thing. I'm digging this more than the other tracks we've posted, this is less trashy, but with a real pounding bass underneath.

Bam bam!

Mika Chew! - SuperPowers (Mechanical Resistance Remix) (removed on request)

Proxy is in the USA for the first time, all the american kids are preparing for a party. Evgeny has other plans though! In his own words:

“New York. Atlanta. Boston. Coachella. These are the places and alternative music festivals I was taught to hate as a child. It is difficult to see them as anything other than targets, and I will treat them as such. New York. Rubble. Atlanta. Ruins. Boston. Ash. Coachella... Extinction.

I eat a cigarette. I prepare to wrestle your winds of freedom to the ground. I cannot allow you to live inside your skulls for much longer.”

Aah, that typical Russian hospitality towards americans, loving it!

To stress the fact that the man is in the US and A, Turbo is releasing a remix Ep for his monster track "8000". The Sticky K rmx has definitely gotten his stamp, making the sounds a bit more "silly" (and I mean that in a good way). Banger! A little fidget touch, why not?

The Clouds remix is fucking hard, seems like the Proxy himself remixed it. I thought that a hard approach could only destroy what makes the original so good, but apparently I was wrong.

The Proxy - 8000 (Sticky K rmx)
The Proxy - 8000 (Clouds rmx)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Moore Lasers!

After a winterbreak full of tours, Stereoheroes found some time to produce a track with their friend from Portugal, Da Chick. Some cheesy vocals, in the fine company of some trademark Stereoheroes basses, ready to get the party started! Normally this would be released, but because they lost their work files, it won't. Real sucky for them, but for us, this feels like we're a kid in a candyshop, and the shop-owner isn't there.
Free candy time!

StereoHeroes feat. Da Chick - Action Pack (Laser Trip) by stereoheroes

Moore & Lezz, a new duo you say? Think again, this antwerp based duo has gained fame already from their solo projects (Mr Moore and Komputerist). They have recently released a track on Basserk (Click Clack!), alongside acts like Aerotronic, Nobody Beats the Drum and many others. Buy the whole shizzle on iTunes!
Now let's get back to Moore & Lezz, because they are worth more than one check. Their latest track, Pole Position, is the hardest thing they've made so far, somewhere around 1:30 it gets real nasty.
Moore & Lezz - Pole Position (demo) by Moore and Lezz

King of Swing is something that even the ladies will like, swinging their asses like we're back in the sixties. This time-travel takes only until you have reached the 2:20 mark. Boom, back in 2010, with a blend of fidget and trash!
Moore & Lezz - King of Swing by Moore and Lezz

I had never heard of these guys, but they really blew my mind. Check more stuff on their soundcloud!


The 18 year old Dutchman Kevin Van Heelen, AKA Dem Slackers has recently (April 1th) seen the remix released he did for Sandro Silva and Anjiro Rijo on Secure Recordings.

The track I am talking about: Sandro Silva and Anjiro Rijo - Fifthy What (Dem Slackers Remix)

Dem Slackers has given the original quite a special, even weird touch after the build-up.

Personally I am really digging the special sound he has created but I have been reading some opposite opinions around the internet.

I assume you either love or hate it.

Lets test your opinion!

Sandro Silva and Anjiro Rijo - Fifthy What (Dem Slackers Remix)

(Please support the artist and buy it here if you like it.)



Tuesday, 13 April 2010

In summer, the song sings itself. (William Carlos Williams)

Summer hasn't started yet on the Northern Hemisphere of our little planet but recently, and even more than recently, lots of producers are hitting the dancefloors with their new productions introducing the summer.

I must admit that I am pleased by these cosy summerbeats which really make me imagine about this laid-back, hot and sweaty festival happiness.

Enough of glorifying this cliché image.

Lets make you experience this feeling by sharing one magnificent example.

On the 26th of April Foamo, AKA Kye Jules Gibbon, will release his new "Jookie EP" on Fat!Records (London, United Kingdom), which is back after two years of rest.

The EP will include two orginals, "Jookie" and "Centavo". On the B-side you will find "Centavo (Warrior One Remix)".

With you, my dear Ratrabbits, I will share the orginal "Centavo".

Please treat it with love, as I do, and cross your fingers while hoping the track will be dropped at many summer festivals.

Foamo - Centavo (128 kbps)



I heard about "Fussy Boy" for the first time after hearing the remix he did for "Dylan Rhymes" which featured in a mixtape from "Blende".

As so far my complex introduction.

Finding information about the guy is one difficult job. I could only find his myspace, which contains not much information. So no real name, no age, no ... but he should be British.

So, I can only tell you that he made this awesome remix, which, I have to admit, has a really long build-up but after 3.34 minutes, it is really time to get mad.

Dylan Rhymes - Godzilla (Fussy Boy Remix)



Monday, 12 April 2010

New Cake, Tourette!

You'd better have an extra pair of speakers, cuz here's another destroying track from Jean Balaise.
It really gets me moving. I just can't stay calm... Enjoy your ride, crazy bastards!

Tourette by jean balaise

This one'll be released - as the post-title says - on New Cake label.
It all started at 8 august 2008 in Zurich. Although Jean Balaise sounds like a one-man-dj, its a French based DJ duo existing of Dominique Tutundjian and Mathieu Granjon.

Full blast! I'm sure my neighbours like it!

Going out to a club you've never been before, and once you're arrived you think: What a fkn crappy club! Then the only thing that can make your night is some hard, rawing, trashing, destroying electro music.
Turn the volume up to its maxium, full blast, and raavveee! And at the end of the night, it was one of the best parties you've ever been to. Underground at its best! LOVE IT!

Ok, now I'm sure you're in the right mood for some banging raving tracks.

Starting with KRFTKDS, coming from the USA (California, LA). I couldn't find many information about them. But based on their myspace they started in 2008 and they haven't got a label yet. Have a listen, and let the music control your body.

KRFTKDS - Yo Yo (direct link: right click, save as..)

They also made a remix for Belgiums upcoming talent Shaved Monkeys!

And talking about Belgium: for me Gtronic is the one of the best DJs who can turn a crappy club into a crashing party like I described at the top of my post.

Staying in Belgium we have Trashing Teenagers?!, labeled under Basserk.
Its a project of three friends who share the passion for crazy sounds and heavy basses, established in 2009.
"We love freakin distortion" is what they want to tell the world, and so their music does:

And to finish this post, I first want to apologize for postings this one so lately. The most of you probably already know this track, but for those who don't:

I think We Need Cracks!

We Need Cracks (W.N.C.) is a French duo headed by Antoine Rigail and Fabian Garcia. Trashy electronic music is what they produce, releasing under a label known from NiKiT and Papillon: Suzuka Records. They even call their style "Christian Rap". Aren't you curious now? Here are some track I really regard.

They realized their first track in february 2008, and nowadays they've a lot of tracks/remixes on their palmares. If you like this, check out their myspace and show them some respect!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Talk to me Jamie!

Jamie Hatkins, one half of the duo that made the Jazzy Wonkey track (be sure to check it! I don't think that fidget, dubstep and jazz will get mixed like that anytime soon!) from my previous post, is throwing a party the 10th. The line-up features some of our favorites (The Oddword and Modek), and Jamie made a mixtape for the occasion. So if you're anywhere near Liège this weekend, be sure to have a check! The mixtape is composed out of tracks that were made by the dj's of the night, so this is a good taste of what it will sound like Saturday!

Jamie Hatkins - Demain J'arrête 10 April 2010 All Star ! by MisterCrash

Dave Luxe - Hustlin (Club Mix)
Dave Luxe - Fuck That Shit (Club Mix)
Dave Luxe - Turning Headz
The Oddword feat GTronic - Chop Chop
Egonoise - Kick Da Music
Egonoise - All My Niggas !
Egonoise - Positron Final
Jamie Hatkins & Egonoise - Jazzy Wonkey
Dopefish - Police In Helicopter (Egonoise Remix)
The Expozers - Pingu World (Egonoise Remix)
The Oddword - Oouch
Dj Attention - Jump (The Oddword jump&fly Remix)
The Oddword - No Machine
Waxdolls - 15 Minutes (Modek Remix)
Ultimate Kaos - Casanova (Modek Redo)
Modek - Mumps
Modek - Boomcrack 09
Röyksopp - Tricky Tricky (Modek Remix)
Egonoise - Myyyyy

One of the biggest hypes on the blogosphere the last few days has been the release of German duo Hey Today's "Talk to me" Ep (came out on Turbo 2 days ago, buy it here). For once, this track is completely worth the whole buzz. Old Boys Noize stuff comes into your mind when listening to this, although it needed a few listens to digg it completely. But once you've had those it's stuck in your head for a long time, let me tell you that.

Hey Today! - Talk to me (removed on request)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Jazzy summer

Seems like everyone is making a summer-track these days! Not that I mind, I get so down from winter all the time, a little summer-electro makes me happy!
Soda 'n' Suds' remix for Lake & Lys makes the track even more summer-style, the tribal drums build up to a real funky part, this is determined to get your booty shaking!

Lake & Lys - La Tromba (Soda 'n' Suds Remix) by Soda 'n' Suds

Jamie Hatkins and Egonoise made a track called "Jazzy Wonkey". If you only look at the title, you might think that it's a weird mix between jazz and dubstep. Well, it's exactly like this!
Jazz-dubstep, another genre in the fragmented thing that is electronic music. The jazzy parts make the song something that stands out, while the dubstep makes sure the floor keeps on moving. A little experimental shit, what else do you need?

Jamie Hatkins & Egonoise - Jazzy Wonkey by MisterCrash

Monday, 5 April 2010

Mr. Haezer, tear down this wall! (Ronald Regan)

Lately, I have been really digging the "Haezer" sound which springs from Cape Town, the capital of Western Cape, which at his turn is a province in South-Africa.

Ebenhaezer small should be his real name, so tells facebook. To be honest, I have never heard about such a name but I hope facebook speaks the truth here, because I think it is one awesome name.

So, now we know where to find him and who to ask for, lets talk about his music.

Cape Town has a population of around 3 million of people and Haezer found his own way to distinguish himself from this mass: hard, noisy and trashy music supplemented by some exhilarating vocals.

After listening to some of his new tracks, I asked him if he wanted to share some new stuff with my fellow Ratrabbits.

This is his friendly reply:

F.O.O.L - We're not French (HAEZER Remix)

(Which has a great build-up)

HAEZER - Gangsta Part 2

HAEZER has also recently (december) organised a remix contest for his original track "Crack In The Wall". In february this year, he announced his top 5.

Out of this top 5, I have chosen my favourite:

HAEZER - Crack In The Wall (The W4rriors Remix)

(Haezer's winner: HAEZER - Crack In The Wall (Chains Remix))

To end with one of his latest original tracks:

Haezer - Anarchy

If you like his music: check out his myspace, visit his facebook page, his soundcloud page, undress yourself dancing and yelling on his music,...
To end with some African words:

Geniet van hierdie fantastiese skywe!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

I am the pope of dope!

My excuses for the 3 days without a single post, but I had a very busy, very nice weekend full of parties and family stuff. But now I'm back with a shitload of electro bangers, I'm sure you will enjoy them!

Almost a full year after the release of the original "Cherry/Kiwi"-EP, Mustard Pimp comes out with a new Ep, full of remixes. The dopeness comes from some ratrabbit-favorites, Blatta & Inesha, Gtronic, Ikki, Chewy Chocolate Cookies,... None of these tracks will leave you behind disappointed, but my favorites are the Gtronic, Blatta & Inesha and Gigi Barocco remix. Naughtiness everywhere! Buy the whole damn thing on Beatport!

1. Cherry ft. Kali (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
2. Cherry ft. Kali (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
3. Cherry ft. Kali (Taku Takahashi Remix)
4. Cherry ft. Kali (Rayflash Remix)
5. Cherry ft. Kali (Ikki Remix)
6. Cherry ft. Kali (Ajapai Remix)
7. Kiwi (Gtronic 'Big Bass' Remix) Gtronic's "Just another Bass mix" (not the official rmx, but it doesn't sounds very different)
8. Kiwi (Gigi Barocco Remix)
9. Kiwi (Booty Bronx Remix)

"I am the pope of dope, I am from Wallifornia. Dirty sound from Belgium, WOA, WOA!"
The Subs teamed up with the Partyharders squad to make the track "Pope of Dope". Let me tell you that the outcome is even better than the title of the track. Some silly vocals usually do the trick, and if they are boosted by a phat bass, nothing can go wrong anymore! BOOM!

Party Harders vs The Subs - The Pope Of Dope (LL27 preview) by lektroluvrecords

The Australian duo The Aston Shuffle released their new Ep "I wanna see you" last friday, and it contains 3 banging remixes, from which I will share to you the most banging ones: Harvard Bass and Malente. Dancefloor burning shit, what else could you expect from our hero Victor Ramos (Aka Harvard Bass)? The one from Malente might even be better, nice build-ups, breakdowns and everything in between. Mjammjam!

The Aston Shuffle - I wanna see you
The Aston Shuffle - I wanna see you (Harvard Bass rmx) (removed on request)
The Aston Shuffle - I wanna see you (Malente remix) (removed on request)
The Aston Shuffle - I wanna see you (DCUP rmx)

And there's even a bonus track, highly recommended!
Good old Blatta & Inesha never disappoint me, 2 remixes from them in the same post: dopeness like only the pope can do!

Urchins & Spoek - tickets (Blatta & Inesha rmx)