Sunday, 19 June 2011

Falcon Hostage

Here's a post without electro-trash tracks for once, instead I give you the banging minimix by Beataucue for their EP Falcon Punch. My personal favorites are the first two, Folder and Falcon Punch itself. In some way, this minimix makes me think of summerfestivals. God, can't wait till the exams are over!

BeatauCue - Falcon Punch EP minimix by BeatauCue

Next up for my non-trash post, Hostage. Is it because of his beard or because of his two latest productions that i'm kinda obsessed with the man? With 'Take You' and 'Energise' he produces two really fresh sounding tracks. Although 'Take You' has a similar sound to the new Sound Of Stereo track 'Quartz', it's still awesome. As much as I like 'Quartz 'by Sound Of Stereo, I like 'Take You'.

Hostage - Energise by HOSTAGE

Hostage - Take You by HOSTAGE

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Stereoheroes have a new ep since a week, and it is a quite awesome one! Remixes from Blatta & Inesha, Le Castle Vania, NEUS and John Lord Fonda stand proudly nest to the 3 originals "Longshot", "Night Hawk" and "Wild Child". I am a big fan almost all the tracks on the EP, only the John Lord Fonda remix is not exactly my cup of tea.

I have permission to give the NEUS remix of "Longshot" away for free, so please enjoy it! Prelisten the whole EP on soundcloud, and buy it here on beatport!

Stereoheroes - Longshot (NEUS remix)

StereoHeroes - Exiles EP by StereoHeroes

I posted a few tracks from Temabes a few months back, and my description of his sound still fits like a glove. Dark, frightening, heavy, distorted electro music, coming straight from the coldest bunkers and cellars from the old Sovjet Union...

Temabes ft Bazuka - Phantom (vocal mix)

or if you prefer the dub version:

Temabes - Phantom (original mix)

Temabes feat. Bazuka - Phantom (Vocal Mix) [1th July @ Beatport] by TEMABES

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Freak EP + Best Of SHAX TRAX

If I would make a top 5 of trash-artists, F.O.O.L would definitely be in it. Recently they released the Invasion EP, and know they're already back with a preview for their next EP. It's called The Freak EP and it has 4 originals on it. With this EP they again prove that trash doesn't has to be monotone, but can be very melodical.

The Freak EP Teaser by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

SHAX TRAX, a electro and dubstep label, uploads about every week a new soundcloud-set. Mostly these sets contain about 12 tracks, but 14 days ago they uploaded Best Of SHAX TRAX. This epic set has 30 tracks in it, and most of them really hard sounding. Take a listen!

SHAXB01 - Various Artists "Best of SHAX TRAX 01" by SHAX TRAX

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

More free tracks

What's up with all the free tracks these days, it sure is becoming a hype between the producers nowadays. Also Modek is following the hype. He gives us '3 2 1 Go', not a real banger but it has a lovely bassline (like all Modek songs actually). Listen to it, download it, blabla you know what to do...

3 2 1 Go - Original Mix by Modek

Yes, also The Chaotic Good is giving his latest song he did with Orville Kline away for free. Life is good, I know. Game Over isn't a banger either, but it has some hard synths and a great beat. For those who know The Chaotic Good, you'll hear that it's a TCG song because of the atmosphere he puts in all his songs.

The Chaotic Good & Orville Kline - Game Over by Middle Finger Music

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Odd Underdog

The true Belgian heroes from The Oddword made a remix for Noize Generation. Another beauty with the lovely Oddword-sound. Although their latest original, Fire, disappointed me a little, their Ghetto Rave remix makes all up for it.

CRUX044 - Noize Generation "Ghetto Rave" (The Oddword Remix) by CRUX Records

The Australian dj/producer Redial, known for his kick-ass downtempo trash, uploaded another preview. As usual actually, cause when you check out his soundcloud-page you'll see mostly just previews. This preview is a preview of a remix he's doing on Underdog from The S. Enjoy

The S - Underdog (Redial Remix) Preview. by Redial

Friday, 3 June 2011

Nation and Figure

We all love free tracks, don't we? Well the guy(s) from Nation seem the know that and decided to give their track Kepler away for free. Beautiful thing about this is that it's a fucking good song! Trust me you don't have to listen to it first, just download it...

NΛTION - Kepler ( FREE DL ) by Middle Finger Music

I guess some of you already know Figure, an American producer most known for his drumstep-productions. Well yesterday he uploaded a piece of electro and I guess you could call it pretty hard... Some typical Figure sound with a four-on-the-floor beat. Get dancy!
O before I forget, the people who thought they were only going to get one free track are wrong. Figure apparently also likes to play santa claus.

Figure - The Monsters Revenge (Original Mix) by Figure

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I don't really remember how I found LeathRface's soundcloud, but that doesn't really matter. The important thing is that I found a hell of a trash-banger. Although I think the rest of his songs weren't really worth posting, Carnage really is.

here's a link to the soundcloud player (the embed code seems to be missing)
LeathRface - Carnage

I've been following ROAR! for a while, but until two weeks ago he didn't really upload anything I liked. But then he uploaded this song. It's called Accolades and it has this nice vibe. Combining a lovely bassline with some nice high synths he created a rather dark atmosphere.

ROAR! - Accolades by ROAR!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

You killing and boyling dead silent C∆T's

Silent H! is a name that frequently pops up on this blog. Why? Well because I simply think Silent H! is one fine fucking producer! About two weeks ago he uploaded a remix he did on the heroes of Rage Against The Machine, a beautiful piece of electro-rock. The young producer focused more on the rock part and produced 5 minutes of head-banging material.

Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire (Silent H! Remix) Free Download by Silent H!

You Killing Me and Dead C∆T Bounce, two names who are quickly climbing up in the electro/trash scene, made an EP together. It's called Abyss, containing two tracks: Abyss and Justice. I'm giving you Abyss: beautiful intro, hard drop, ... What do we need more?

You Killing Me & Dead C∆T Bounce - Abyss (Big preview) // OUT NOW!! by Dead C∆T Bounce

 At last I'm going to shoot this track by Boylerz, it's a little more experimental song. I'm very much into the song, but I guess not everybody is going to be. So listen it, maybe you like it.

Boylerz - Asteroids by BOYLERZ

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Recall the Bass(o)

I hope you guys don't forgot that Blatta & Inesha still exists because it has been such an awfully long time since my last post... They're alive and kicking, and they never stopped being awesome. Their new track is not fidget anymore (but the genre is completely dead, so that's kinda obvious), but a hard bleepy noise blender, with a basso grasso (or fat bass, for the poor bastards that don't speak italian - like me) underneath. Dirty techno electro sir!


I think that the next song is a bit older already, but it surely won't do any bad to promote it a little more! Ado has been working on his way to the top of the electro scene since a few years now, but it's only recently that he found his way to a bigger public. His latest remix of his own track "Multiply me" is an extra justification for this recent success, since it is a lot less trashier, while it still keeps that heavy rave feeling that I love so much in all his tracks. He totally recalled it, without selling his soul to the masses.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rhinestone jackers

Gorillaz's newest single, rhinestone eyes, has been remixed by the crazy dutchies from Boemklatsch! They tripled the tempo, adde some nice beats and breaks, injected a little rave, which results in a song that definitely will make you dance.

You can buy it here, but in case you just want to have it, without paying for it...

Boemklatsch just seems to know exactly what you all want don't they?

You can just download it here!

For all of you who haven't heard of the Bassjackers, the artists of the song below, don't feel ashamed... I didn't knew them also, untill this track popped up on my radar. It has such heavy trashy basses, that you can almost feel your bones tremble when a DJ would play this at a festival...

Bassjackers - Mush, Mush

I'll try to post more regularly - but as you might have noticed, it's extremely difficult to find enough time.

Monday, 9 May 2011


We all know Dj Antention. Like Gtronic and Trumpdisco, Dj Antention is know for his typical sound. What I really like about him, is that he seems to accomplish to maintain that typical sound and still produce banger after banger. Here's a remix from the kick-ass song by Cyberpunkers, Cabala. Get ready for some hard stuff

Cyberpunkers - CABALA ( Dj Antention Remix ) by djantention

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Belgium's got talent

(Why this image? Just the first one you find
when you google "Belgium")

Belgium has a lot of talent. We know it, and we also hope that you know it. If not, read this blog more often! To prove this even more, Beatbouncers made a new mixtape with only tracks and remixes by Belgian producers. If this doesn't converts you to the B-side, nothing will...

Beatbouncers - Belgium's got talent mix

1. Goose - Synrise (Paul Chambers Remix)

2. Highbloo - Time To Change Pt. 2

3. Mumbai Science - Gold

4. Jaimie Fanatic - Losing Control (Shameboy Remix)

5. Sound Of Stereo - Hurricane

6. The Subs - Lemonade

7. Haezer - It's Not Our Fault (Aerotronic Remix)

8. Electrophants - Sledgehammer (The Oddword Remix)

9. Blatta & Inesha - My Lady Don't Mind (Modek Remix)

10. Shaved Monkeys - Four Twenty

11. Rawfare - Floor Luv (Keatch Remix)

12. Decalicious - Bounce (Beatbouncers Remix)

13. Beat Bang - Ichi

14. Tom Deluxx - Run (Aerotronic Remix)

15. Gsus! - Crucifix (Monophonique Remix)

16. S-File - Bright Lights (Beatbouncers Remix)

17. Gtronic - Dance Machine

18. Soda & Suds - Heavy (The Oddword Remix)

19. L&M Bros - Wario Must Die (Moore & Lezz Remix)

20. Beatbouncers Ft. Moore&Lezz - Arcadia

21. The Subs - Face Of The Planet

22. The Subs - Face Of The Planet (Gtronic Remix)

23. Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One

Sunday, 1 May 2011


F.O.O.L or Fuck Our Ordinary Lives is one of the big names in the trash-scene in my opinion. That's why I always expect their songs to be professional-sounding and fucking banging. Every time they release a new song I have high expectations, the good thing is that they always fulfill these expectations. I give you their latest song: Invasion.

F.O.O.L - Invasion (Original Mix) by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

My favorite remix is the one by Trumpdisco. It reminds me of Spade (and yes that's a fucking good thing!). When is Trumpdisco finally going to come to Europe for christ sake?

F.O.O.L - Invasion (Trumpdisco Remix) [Preview] by Trumpdisco

Monday, 25 April 2011


May I present to you: Vegamoore. A project containing two guys, drum machines and synths. I really love artist performing electronic music live (certainly when we're talking about hard and trashy electro), so that is in some way a reason why I really like their music. I'm going to give you guys their two latest remixes. First one is a remix of Wistful Idiot by Life Express. Second one is a remix of Renaissance! by You Killing Me. Enjoy.

Life Express - Wistful Idiot (Vegamoore Remix) ***OUT NOW*** by Bonerizing Records


Friday, 22 April 2011

No good

Once again, we have disappointed you, readers of this blog. More than 2 weeks without a post, it seems that a week with a post is more exception than rule nowadays... I apologize for the 1000th time, but I fear that things won't start to get better soon. We're just all too lazy, because we have some good stuff in our inbox, but lack of inspiration, lack of will to write, lack of time, and plain old laziness fuck it up every time...

No good.

But hey, fuck it, let's get to the music!

I'll start with a release from Audionite, Rancid, which came out on Basserk records 2 days ago. The trash/acid sound of the tracks is very chaotic when you first listen to it, but after a second turn you're probably already hooked on it... I have permission to share the title track, which is also my favorite track of the 4. Enjoy!

Audionite - Dem Massive
Audionite - Cryptomania
Audionite - Tell Me

Second part is completely dedicated to the super duper awesome Bmkltsch record label, who released their next ep by No Body. It is, as expected, a beauty. 2 cool originals and 3 even cooler remixes, just the way we all like it... In this sentence, "all" means: AC slater, Djedjotronic, Stereoheroes, Malente,... Some very big guns, all the more reason for you to give it a chance!

My personal favorite is the Nt89 remix, check it below.

Buy the whole thing on beatport, and enjoy a free download of the Mike Mago remix here.

The last thing I'm gonna tell you, is hopefully not entirely new to you... Or it must be the case that you have been living under a rock for the last 2 months.
Gtronic is relaunching his career, and he threw some new songs on the net a few days ago. They do sound different from his earlier work, a bit more raw, but the Gtronic feeling is still very hearable.

Enjoy Dance Machine, the track that I was so excited about 2 months ago, when I went to the Fuse club to interview him.

Friday, 8 April 2011


After a small week where everyone in the electro scene, ranging from dyslectic youngsters originating from country's I didn't even knew they existed to very big guns like The Proxy, was worried about what Gtronic would do, he yesterday revealed his teaser clip that shows his new image.
It's a dark, creepy, and kinda horror like videoclip, and I hope that the soundtrack isn't representative for his new sound... I think it's totally not danceable, but I have in fact good reasons to believe that his first new tunes will be pretty awesome - because I heard them already at the party when I did my interview with him. So the "music" in the clip is just a way to create a creepy atmosphere, and I must say that it does the job right.

Quote from G in our interview, when asked what his new sound would be like.

No, actually, I tried to make it sound more crunchy, more special, more mysterious. I'm trying to explore my boundaries to achieve that perfect sound. With the new sound comes a new image, which you will all be able to see in the new video clip. It's more raw, more heavy, maybe even a bit shocking. I guess you will be able to see it for yourself when the clip comes out!

The clip is out now, and all the things he said about his image are true, now we only have to wait until he brings out his dance machines...

Blaster released his newest EP a few days ago, it's called "Cybertron" EP, and it contains 2 originals and 7 remixes. I have permission to share the original Chainsaw track, a trashy banger made to play at heavy electro parties, down in sweaty cellars or abandoned factory buildings...

Dark electro at it's best!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Back... or not?

Laptops that are broke down suck, that's for sure... After more than a week of being cut off from the electro scene, I needed some time to recover and to get back up to date in the fast moving electro world. I'm not sure that I have completed that job, but I will just give you a few songs that I liked from my internet search from the last few days.

The first one is Cabala from Cyberpunkers (I'm pretty sure a lot of you will have this already), a song that's perfect for the festivals and big open air shows. It has that signature Cyberpunkers feeling, ravey sounds all over... I'm getting kinda bored of it in a lot of their songs, but this one is just that little bit more diverse, which is why I like it so much!

The second one is a hard and dark Clouds remix, this would a perfect track for the smaller, more underground electro party's - like rock me on electro. Grinding, brutal,... it has everything you need! It's released on Fake Blood's Blood music.

Nick Campbell - Brick Scrap (Clouds remix) (thanks to the chemical jump!)

And for all those who went completely nuts when they saw Gtronic's facebook post that he would stop - he had announced it already in our interview, but it was unpredictable that he would do it so drastically. Don't worry though, his new tracks all sounded super duper extra awesome, so I don't think you'll be regretting this little switch :).

Friday, 1 April 2011

Think Chaotic Piano

EP time! Think Big by Boemklatsch this time. A rather small EP, only 1 original and 2 remixes, but I like them all. None of them are real bangers, but they all sound really nice. I like the Noisia remix the most, because their remix is just not something you hear every day.

Boemklatsch - Think Big (previews) by lektroluvrecords

This one by The Chaotic good was featured by Oh My Gods It's Techno Music last wednesday. It's not a banger, but the atmosphere and the beat just make it so fucking delicious! By the way, it's super free: just click here!

The Chaotic Good - Go Machine ( Free DL in The Description ) by Middle Finger Music

Because the 4 songs above aren't real bangers, I'm like obligated to give a tune that will make you go nuts and makes you jump around like a chimpansee on redbull. That Piano Track by Kraymer is for this mission my weapon of choice. Know your body, know what will happen when you hear a fucking banging tune!

PLAYED BY KISSY SELL OUT: Kraymer - That Piano Track (Original Mix) [Monkey Beats] by Monkey Beats

Thursday, 31 March 2011

OH MY .....

G-tronic, thats right, he did it again!
Our Belgian trash producing genius remixed one hell of a track!
This time he went all out on “Dead Meat” by “Designer Drugs”, you’ll hear this one in a lot of remixes to come, mark my words!

Designer Drugs - Dead Meat (GTRONIC rmx) by GTRONIC

FuckOurOrdinaryLives, F.O.O.L, will be releasing a new EP on OMGITM! Records soon.
With Remixes of Dumme Jungs and Trumpdisco (amongst others) they made sure that this one will be one of THE best EP’s to be released this spring!
My favourite one is the Dumme Jungs remix, go ahead and decide for yourselves!

Invasion EP Teaser - OMGITM 010 by FuckOurOrdinaryLives


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Rolling in the nebula

This guys, was what I needed to make this beautiful day complete. An amazing EP by Nadisko filled up with trashy shit. We gave you the preview of it in january and now it's 100% ready! Not convinced yet? Well it contains remixes by X-ettl, Tom Deluxx and The S. If even this didn't make you directly want to hear the whole EP... well fuck off then and get your life sorted out. Crazy fuck!

NEBULA EP - Nadisko by Girl_A

Really good remixes of non-electronic songs don't come around that often, but the British Dj/producer Gold Top really pulled it off. The amazing vocals of Adele mixed with some crazy synth and beats.

Adele - Rolling in the deep (Gold Top Remix) by G0ldt0p

Monday, 21 March 2011


After a long period of what appeared to be lazyness, but in fact was a week of holidays and a week of working to make sure that the holiday week didn't had catastrophical consequences for his grades, your beloved Turtle Tosser is back in business. Unfortunately, his laptop is kinda fucked up (writing this post is a hell for him), and it has to go the shop for repairs...

Because even The Almighty Turtle Tosser can't know when the repair dudes will be ready with the fixing of his laptop, posts in the near future from his hand are very uncertain... But He (The Almighty) feels that the time for him to stop talking in third person, and come down to earth to talk music, is almost there... Almost...

For all the people who thought: what a fucking long intro is that? You're absolutely right, I (notice the switch to first person perspective) just felt like talking some nonsense (although the laptop story is true) after such a long time of absence :).

Now let's get to the music, I have 1 super awesome Ep for you guys, by a project called Kaze. I can't find much info about it, only that it is a solo project by one of the guys behind VOID CAMP and that he is a resident dj in a lot of clubs in Madrid. It's heavy, ravey, dark, aggressive, wild electro music, which would fit perfectly next to some of Haezer's stuff - although this sounds a bit more mechanic than the anarchy sounds from the South African.

The Ep I'm talking about is the superloser EP, from which the second track is my favorite. I heard it for the first time in the mix cd for Tuff Em Up records by Nadisko and Gtronic. I have been looking for it for a few months, than completely forgot about it, and 2 days ago it popped up in my head again. It appeared that the 2 tracks are a free give away! So go and grab em!

Kaze - Superloser feat. Klark the What?

Kaze - Pipelines Orchestra (extra awesome!)

To end this post, I want to give a big fat thank you to dislabled, who basically kept this whole blog running while I was doing other stuff!

Saturday, 19 March 2011


Because of a lack of time, today was the first time I heard The Subs' new album Decontrol. Too bad I didn't make time for it earlier, my mood would have been a lot better past days. Decontrol has a lot partybangers, what I didn't really expect actually (don't know why though). There's only one song I don't like, and that's Itch. All other rock! My favorite: Dry Lemon.

The Subs - Decontrol (previews) by lektroluvrecords

Friday, 18 March 2011

Blaster & Silent H!

Another preview by Blaster. This one gives us a little taste of his remix of Hungry Teen Attack by The Slutgarden and LOOOL. Typical Blaster sounds aka awesomeness.

The SLutGarden & LOOOL - Hungry Teen Attack (Blaster Remix) PREVIEW by 0blaster0

We did a post about Silent H! a couple days ago and now he made a 60min mix. Make some time for this one, because it just really bangs! The mix has a lot of his own songs next to other bangers. Songs by VNNR, Skrillex, ... Check it out!

1. Silent H! - The Computer
2. VNNR - Sueme (Silent H! Edit)
3. K12 - Stupid Jam
4. Depuis91 - Erothiq (VNNR Shake the Room Remix)
5. D.I.M - It's You (Silent H! Edit)
6. Dilemn - Pitless
7. The Boomzers - Rowentah (Far Too Loud Remix)
7. K12 - Step Back
8. Ikki - Bakala Banger
9. Matt Herdman - Hold On (VNNR Let Goo Remix) (Slent H! Edit)
10. Busy P - To Protect And Entertain (Crookers Remix)
11. SebastiAn - Walkman Re-Edit (Silent H! Re-Edit)
12. Daft Punk / BreakWater - Robot Rock (Silent H! Edit)
13. ZZT - Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix)
14. The Destroy Squad - Call Me MR. God (Silent H! Remix) (*NEW*)
15. Skrillex - Weekend
16. Bang Chatter - Galactic Cats (Silent H! Gas Mark 9 Remix)
17. Troublegum - Blue Steel
18. Skrillex - Rock 'N' Roll
19. Silent H! - Megatron
20. Silent H! - Bellatrix (NEW*)

Press Release M!X [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Silent H!