Saturday, 21 May 2011

Recall the Bass(o)

I hope you guys don't forgot that Blatta & Inesha still exists because it has been such an awfully long time since my last post... They're alive and kicking, and they never stopped being awesome. Their new track is not fidget anymore (but the genre is completely dead, so that's kinda obvious), but a hard bleepy noise blender, with a basso grasso (or fat bass, for the poor bastards that don't speak italian - like me) underneath. Dirty techno electro sir!


I think that the next song is a bit older already, but it surely won't do any bad to promote it a little more! Ado has been working on his way to the top of the electro scene since a few years now, but it's only recently that he found his way to a bigger public. His latest remix of his own track "Multiply me" is an extra justification for this recent success, since it is a lot less trashier, while it still keeps that heavy rave feeling that I love so much in all his tracks. He totally recalled it, without selling his soul to the masses.

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