Tuesday, 24 May 2011

You killing and boyling dead silent C∆T's

Silent H! is a name that frequently pops up on this blog. Why? Well because I simply think Silent H! is one fine fucking producer! About two weeks ago he uploaded a remix he did on the heroes of Rage Against The Machine, a beautiful piece of electro-rock. The young producer focused more on the rock part and produced 5 minutes of head-banging material.

Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire (Silent H! Remix) Free Download by Silent H!

You Killing Me and Dead C∆T Bounce, two names who are quickly climbing up in the electro/trash scene, made an EP together. It's called Abyss, containing two tracks: Abyss and Justice. I'm giving you Abyss: beautiful intro, hard drop, ... What do we need more?

You Killing Me & Dead C∆T Bounce - Abyss (Big preview) // OUT NOW!! by Dead C∆T Bounce

 At last I'm going to shoot this track by Boylerz, it's a little more experimental song. I'm very much into the song, but I guess not everybody is going to be. So listen it, maybe you like it.

Boylerz - Asteroids by BOYLERZ

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