Sunday, 19 June 2011

Falcon Hostage

Here's a post without electro-trash tracks for once, instead I give you the banging minimix by Beataucue for their EP Falcon Punch. My personal favorites are the first two, Folder and Falcon Punch itself. In some way, this minimix makes me think of summerfestivals. God, can't wait till the exams are over!

BeatauCue - Falcon Punch EP minimix by BeatauCue

Next up for my non-trash post, Hostage. Is it because of his beard or because of his two latest productions that i'm kinda obsessed with the man? With 'Take You' and 'Energise' he produces two really fresh sounding tracks. Although 'Take You' has a similar sound to the new Sound Of Stereo track 'Quartz', it's still awesome. As much as I like 'Quartz 'by Sound Of Stereo, I like 'Take You'.

Hostage - Energise by HOSTAGE

Hostage - Take You by HOSTAGE

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