Monday, 13 June 2011

The Freak EP + Best Of SHAX TRAX

If I would make a top 5 of trash-artists, F.O.O.L would definitely be in it. Recently they released the Invasion EP, and know they're already back with a preview for their next EP. It's called The Freak EP and it has 4 originals on it. With this EP they again prove that trash doesn't has to be monotone, but can be very melodical.

The Freak EP Teaser by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

SHAX TRAX, a electro and dubstep label, uploads about every week a new soundcloud-set. Mostly these sets contain about 12 tracks, but 14 days ago they uploaded Best Of SHAX TRAX. This epic set has 30 tracks in it, and most of them really hard sounding. Take a listen!

SHAXB01 - Various Artists "Best of SHAX TRAX 01" by SHAX TRAX

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