Wednesday, 8 June 2011

More free tracks

What's up with all the free tracks these days, it sure is becoming a hype between the producers nowadays. Also Modek is following the hype. He gives us '3 2 1 Go', not a real banger but it has a lovely bassline (like all Modek songs actually). Listen to it, download it, blabla you know what to do...

3 2 1 Go - Original Mix by Modek

Yes, also The Chaotic Good is giving his latest song he did with Orville Kline away for free. Life is good, I know. Game Over isn't a banger either, but it has some hard synths and a great beat. For those who know The Chaotic Good, you'll hear that it's a TCG song because of the atmosphere he puts in all his songs.

The Chaotic Good & Orville Kline - Game Over by Middle Finger Music

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