Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Time's a bitch

Time's a bitch, especially when you're already running low on it...
Due to the combination of my holiday job and my re-exams, it took me way to long to find a moment where I could check all our mails. So sorry for the long waiting, I hope that my choice of songs will compensate your lack of trash-music...

I'll start with Trashing Teenagers, those 2 bastards seem to get better and better every minute! I have a downloadable original, which must be one of the most distorted tracks ever made. Don't let your parents hear this, or you'll get sent straight to the psychatric hospital for "thinking noise is music". So, only listen when you're able to put the volume at its fullest!

Trashing Teenagers Ft. A Girl And A Gun - Unleash Hell (Original Mix)CHECK DISCRIPTION FOR MEDIAFIRE by TrashingTeenagers?!

mediafire link

I could basically throw all their remixes in, but after a few listens the one they made for Haezer turned out to be my favorite. Check their other remixes on their Soundcloud!

Haezer Ft Circe - Here Come The Punks (Trashing Teenagers Remix)PREVIEW by TrashingTeenagers?!

After Trashing Teenagers, even guys like Krftkds and Trashthis sound like some sort of classical componist when compared at heavyness. But that's probably just my ears who are happy to get some rest. This track will be able to please a greater amount of people, but the real trash lovers have found one of their new Gods in the teenagers.
Don't get fooled - this still is way too heavy for your mom!



Every summer, there are overplayed songs that I sort of liked in the beginning, but that irritate me after I hear it played by dj's. Other tracks, like "we no speak americano", have been a pain in the ass for me from the very first that I heard them. "One", from the Swedish house mafia is a song that fits in category 2 - I never saw what was so special about it. But if a guy named Rocco Rampino, aka Congorock, remixes it... You can never know what to expect! The overall feeling of the track can be compared to his own masterpiece "Babylon".

Swedish House Mafia - One (Congorock remix) (low quality) (removed on request)

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