Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Wrap up # 4

It's again more then a week ago since I've posted something here - I guess time flies when you have to learn for your exams. Anyway, I found some real nice stuff on the blogosphere and in our inbox, and by nice I mean: music that you can party at even when you're doing the dishes (God knows how many times I've did it).

I'll start with a fresh remix from Harvard Bass, the dude who left Harvard to get his dj career started (too bad Leuven Bass sounds so shitty, or I could follow the same path). I think he made the right choice, there's enough time to study when you're tired of the dj'ing. And it's some damn nice pocket money too! But let's get back to the point, the remix we're talking about here is one for Felix Cartal's "World Class Driver". It's sticky, heavy and with a few scary vocals, what else do you need?

Felix Cartal - World Class Driver (Harvard Bass remix) 192 Kbps

Up next is a new Ep from Figure, which is always something that makes me walk around with a big smile on my face for the rest of the day. The atmoshpere is rather grim in this batch of tunes, the title makes it clear already: it's about torture muthafucka! Lot of cool vocals in this one, and the whole Ep contains remixes from Hostage, Udachi and Noise Floor Crew and a b-side called "Bitches". My favourite picks are the original and the Udachi remix, the first one is available for your listening pleasure for free below, for the second track you will have to pay a visit to Beatport.

Figure - Torture

A mixtape from my favourite whore bosses Mustard Pimp is always worth to share, especially since it's been such a long time since I've posted one. This is the first installment in a new series, the Catastrophe mixtapes. They promise to bring more of them during the coming year, let's hope they keep that promise! Their album is about to drop at the beginning of 2011, I'm already psyched!

Mustard Pimp - Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 1 by mustard pimp

And before've even had time to notice, you have ended up at the last part of this post already! "Oooooh no", I hear you scream, "I want more!". OK THEN, (spoilt bastards) here's another banging tune, from the master of sticky, silly, happy songs: Sticky K! He remixed Maru from Pance Party, and he definitely gave it his trademark. Enjoy!

Pance Party - Maru (Sticky K remix)
(thanks to gottadancedirty, not only for this one, but for being such an awesome blog in general!)

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