Friday, 22 April 2011

No good

Once again, we have disappointed you, readers of this blog. More than 2 weeks without a post, it seems that a week with a post is more exception than rule nowadays... I apologize for the 1000th time, but I fear that things won't start to get better soon. We're just all too lazy, because we have some good stuff in our inbox, but lack of inspiration, lack of will to write, lack of time, and plain old laziness fuck it up every time...

No good.

But hey, fuck it, let's get to the music!

I'll start with a release from Audionite, Rancid, which came out on Basserk records 2 days ago. The trash/acid sound of the tracks is very chaotic when you first listen to it, but after a second turn you're probably already hooked on it... I have permission to share the title track, which is also my favorite track of the 4. Enjoy!

Audionite - Dem Massive
Audionite - Cryptomania
Audionite - Tell Me

Second part is completely dedicated to the super duper awesome Bmkltsch record label, who released their next ep by No Body. It is, as expected, a beauty. 2 cool originals and 3 even cooler remixes, just the way we all like it... In this sentence, "all" means: AC slater, Djedjotronic, Stereoheroes, Malente,... Some very big guns, all the more reason for you to give it a chance!

My personal favorite is the Nt89 remix, check it below.

Buy the whole thing on beatport, and enjoy a free download of the Mike Mago remix here.

The last thing I'm gonna tell you, is hopefully not entirely new to you... Or it must be the case that you have been living under a rock for the last 2 months.
Gtronic is relaunching his career, and he threw some new songs on the net a few days ago. They do sound different from his earlier work, a bit more raw, but the Gtronic feeling is still very hearable.

Enjoy Dance Machine, the track that I was so excited about 2 months ago, when I went to the Fuse club to interview him.

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