Friday, 1 April 2011

Think Chaotic Piano

EP time! Think Big by Boemklatsch this time. A rather small EP, only 1 original and 2 remixes, but I like them all. None of them are real bangers, but they all sound really nice. I like the Noisia remix the most, because their remix is just not something you hear every day.

Boemklatsch - Think Big (previews) by lektroluvrecords

This one by The Chaotic good was featured by Oh My Gods It's Techno Music last wednesday. It's not a banger, but the atmosphere and the beat just make it so fucking delicious! By the way, it's super free: just click here!

The Chaotic Good - Go Machine ( Free DL in The Description ) by Middle Finger Music

Because the 4 songs above aren't real bangers, I'm like obligated to give a tune that will make you go nuts and makes you jump around like a chimpansee on redbull. That Piano Track by Kraymer is for this mission my weapon of choice. Know your body, know what will happen when you hear a fucking banging tune!

PLAYED BY KISSY SELL OUT: Kraymer - That Piano Track (Original Mix) [Monkey Beats] by Monkey Beats

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