Friday, 8 April 2011


After a small week where everyone in the electro scene, ranging from dyslectic youngsters originating from country's I didn't even knew they existed to very big guns like The Proxy, was worried about what Gtronic would do, he yesterday revealed his teaser clip that shows his new image.
It's a dark, creepy, and kinda horror like videoclip, and I hope that the soundtrack isn't representative for his new sound... I think it's totally not danceable, but I have in fact good reasons to believe that his first new tunes will be pretty awesome - because I heard them already at the party when I did my interview with him. So the "music" in the clip is just a way to create a creepy atmosphere, and I must say that it does the job right.

Quote from G in our interview, when asked what his new sound would be like.

No, actually, I tried to make it sound more crunchy, more special, more mysterious. I'm trying to explore my boundaries to achieve that perfect sound. With the new sound comes a new image, which you will all be able to see in the new video clip. It's more raw, more heavy, maybe even a bit shocking. I guess you will be able to see it for yourself when the clip comes out!

The clip is out now, and all the things he said about his image are true, now we only have to wait until he brings out his dance machines...

Blaster released his newest EP a few days ago, it's called "Cybertron" EP, and it contains 2 originals and 7 remixes. I have permission to share the original Chainsaw track, a trashy banger made to play at heavy electro parties, down in sweaty cellars or abandoned factory buildings...

Dark electro at it's best!

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