Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wrap up # 5

I hope this is the last time I have to apologise for the lack of freshness on this page, but normally there won't be any more holidays, exams, irritating parents, green monkeys and more anti-blogging stuff in the near future. So that means I can start posting on a regular basis again! I threw my other bloggers off, they weren't motivated anymore and I searched through my database of electro friends to find somebody who will replace them. Hopefully this means you people will get a lot more from us, I certainly hope that ratrabbits faces a bright future again! Enough emo peptalk, let's get to the tunes!

After a waiting period of several months (I have been hyping this from the very beginning, the 30th of march when it was played at WMC for the first time), Barbra Streisand is finally out! Some say it's underwhelming, others say it's overhyped, I say it's a summer-hit released in Autumn. Enjoy this tune my friends, because there aren't much tunes that give you that precious "Oh yeah, it's fucking summertime baby!"-feeling.

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand
(original mix, 320 kbps) thanks to the Chemical Jump!

The P2t was one of the projects that we saw getting big thanks to our support (of course, without the right tunes and support from other blogs they wouldn't have got themselves anywhere), and now I am proud to say that their latest production is absolutely mindblowing. It uses some old rave samples, giving it some more punch for the dancefloor.


The P2t track is not available for download anymore, because there might be a chance that it gets released.

The Trash Mob is still alive and kicking, and because a lot of people probably already forgot who they are, I'll repeat it once more. It's a promo-project from a few young french guns like Krusty Proders, Valy Mo, Arcade Nights,... and it's incredibly hard! This time it's not just a file with songs from them, but an Ep from Valy Mo. The remixers are Krusty Proders, EightynineR and Arcade nights. My favourite tracks from the pack are the EightynineR rmx and the original Olivia, but it was a real tough choice to make. If you want to listen to all of them, download here.

Valy Mo-Miss Meteo
Valy Mo-Miss Meteo (Arcade Nights 'Thunder' remix)
Valy Mo-Miss Meteo (EightynineR 'Acid Rain' remix)
Valy Mo-Miss Meteo (Krusty Proders 'Earthquake' remix)
Valy Mo-Olivia
Valy Mo-WrSC

That brings us to my latest song to spread to you guys, a fresh remix from Paco De Moor. At this time, it is likely that even your grandmother thinks that the Pope would better retire to smoke some more dope. Everything is better than helping pedophiles getting away with their crimes right? So I think it is time to pull this overplayed song a bit more into obscureness, with the Paco De Moor remix as secret weapon. As expected, it's harder, better, faster, stronger.

Partyharders vs. The Subs - The Pope Of Dope (Paco De Moor Remix) by Paco De Moor


  1. I really dig the pope of dope mix!! It has the niceness of the original + some extra hardness.

  2. That P2T track is password protected. How can I unlock it?

  3. Hmm, that's weird. I have asked P2t why they did it, as soon as I know the answer I'll edit my post!