Thursday, 14 January 2010

Big city Banger

I guess you all remember Mattafix's "Big city life", a single released in the summer of 2005. It got a lot of plays at radiostations al over Europe, and now P2t made a remix for it. The core of the song stays the same, but of course it's no soul/blues track anymore! Electro, that's what they call it! P2t has a fanpage on facebook since yesterday, I suggest you join it!

Mattafix - Big city life (P2t remix)

I talked a lot about how cool Jack Beats is, but I never posted a song or remix by him. I guess that his time has finally come, because his new remix for Kidda has been released on the blogs. It's not so wobbly as we're used to, it's a more straight-forward electro banger, but still awfully cool!

Kidda - Feel to good (Jack Beats remix)

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