Monday, 4 January 2010


Calvertron is a guy from the UK, with an impressive amount of productions so far. He has released stuff on Pottymouth, Legacy Kids club,... and on his own label "Jack Knife records". His sound is wobbly and bobbly, perfect stuff for in a club.

Calvertron - Doo doo (this one sample's the classic "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega and Badman sound by Hostage)
The Prodigy - Thunder (Calvertron remix)
Chaka Khan - Feel for you (Calvertron remix)

We had to delete the download links, because someone didn't wanted us to share em. Sorry guys!

The Subs edited Boys Noize's "I love Techno - Anthem" "Nott", they didn't changed a lot in it, but I'm digging it enough to share it.

Boys Noize - Nott (the Subs vital edit)

Kill frenzy made this "Oizo-esque" track "54321", and it's a killer! If anyone can tell me what the name is of the original, I would be very thankfull.

Kill Frenzy - 54321

The Oddword made this track a whole wile ago, but for a stupid reason, I never was able to find it. I did now, so enjoy their best track so far (in my opinion). I recommend setting the volume at it's maximum for this one!

The Oddword - Kortelas

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