Sunday, 17 January 2010

Jack Bauer mixtape

Mustard Pimp. They're just crazy. In september they made a 12-hour mixtape, the Hercules mixtape. This time they proved that they don't need sleep at all, by putting together this crazy-ass 24-hour "Jack Bauer-mixtape". Every hour they recorded tunes from another genre, ranging from electro, dubstep, drum&bass, to hip-hop and metal. Tracklist can be found here, at gethypedonthis.

Download Jack Bauer mixtape (mediafire folder)

Bobberman's awesome remix of Mitsubitchi, it's a short edit though.

The Subs - Mitsubitchi (Bobermann remix)

Nic Sarno hasn't been featured on this blog, but he has made some very, very cool tracks. His remake of Eurostarr hasn't been played by ton's of dj's, and I have to say I can't come up with a reason why nobody did (except for the Crookers, they played it in their I love techno compilation). This is a banger in the true sense of the word, capable of turning a dead dancefloor into a sick party in a few sec's.

Mumdance and Brodinski - Eurostarr (Nic Sarno remake)

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