Saturday, 23 January 2010

Trash and no trash

Trumpdisco had a difficult time earlier this month, because someone stole their cd's (read the original article about that event here). Luckily the guy who stole them was so kind (or afraid?) to give them back, so they can continue to smash ears in the future.
They also have a new remix for Rammstein, which is typical, hard, trashy shit.
How could it be otherwise? Rammstein + Trumpdisco ( Metal + trash) = eargrinding!

Rammstein - Sonne (Trumpdisco remix)

A guy from Djibouti (small country in East-Africa, between Ethiopia and Jemen) talked to me about the fact that we don't seem to give away any other stuff than trash.
Which is true btw. And I said : yeah, but that's what the people want!?
But he had a point there, ladies and gentlemen. He linked me to his project, Paco Blanco, where he had some real nice tech-house/tribal productions. Normally I don't like tech-house, but this track is in fact very original, and it keeps sticking in my head. He also has a side project, Tipsy, but that myspace seems to be deleted.
He uses chopped up vocals, drums and even a mooing cow, to create a pure gem. Get it!

Paco Blanco - Babel

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