Tuesday, 23 February 2010

From every mountain side: let Belgian electronic music ring.

With this post I would like to introduce some Belgian producers which, in my opinion, haven't got yet the attention they deserve. Let's hope my little literary masterpiece will spread their word a bit!

First up is the 19 years old DJ/producer Jens De Kettelaere. Being one third of the Belgian electro/trash trio "Aerotronic", he also has a solo side project "X-Ettl".

After winning an internet competition X-Ettl had the honor to perform at Belgium's biggest electro festival "I Love Techno". Things haven't stopped growing and soon he will release his first solo EP on the german label "Dusted Decks". (Next to Fukkk Offf, Aniki, Saint Pauli,...)

The Ep, called "Jetgum" will include 4 tracks:

X-ettl - Jetgum
X-ettl - Ngin
X-ettl - Stride
X-ettl - Deadc4t

Because he wants to protect these tracks until their release, he is not sending them into the blog world, but you can hear some previews in this minimix.

X-ettl 30 min mixtape by X-ettl

X-Ettl has sent us another track he made in cooporation with the Belgian MC "Tizzi" (formerly known as Toastaz) . Mjammmie.

X-Ettl Feat. Tizzi - Sticks 'N Stones

The fourth of April he will be sharing decks with Busy P and Mr. Oizo at Liquid Sunday in Germany.

Bonus: Aerotronic - Helicopter

The next artist "Modek", Willem Claesen, has already made several huge originals and remixes. (formerly known as Mellow)

As "Mellow" he released his first EP, called, ... yes, Mellow. (Monkey See Monkey Do) Later on he released his Kamikaze EP (Buy) on Keatchen Records and in the future he will release his Hiroshima EP (Monkey see Monkey Do) and his Mumps EP (Kiez Beats)

I love his sound, because it is that extraordinary hard and trashy. His tracks should really hit more dancefloors.

Difficult to choose which tracks I would share with my fellow Ratrabbits, but here they are.

Modek - Kamikaze (Kamikaze EP)

Modek - Copperhead (Kamikaze EP)

Modek - Hoax (Kamikaze EP (Set Rip))

Modek - Hiroshima (Hiroshima EP)

Modek - Omnivore
(Hiroshima EP)

(5 tracks, still too hard to choose, but please buy the tracks if you like them.)

The last artist I am presenting, Vincent Pauwels, better known as VNNR and 26 years old, is also making his way to the top.

His remixes are dropped by artists such as Mr. Oizo, Busy P, Felix Da Housecat,and Don Rimini. (So I asked myself: who isn't supporting him?)

At the moment VNNR is working on a remix for Aerotronic, while an Aerotronic remix will feature on Modek's Mumps EP. The Belgian "harder" electro scene, seems to be one happy family.

I am posting two of his best remixes, not hard to find on the web, not fresh, but in my opinion they haven't got a really decent post somewhere.

Depuis 91 - Erotiq (VNNR Shake The Room Remix)

Somebody's Going Down Tonight - Duckkk (VNNR Remix)

Coming up is, as I said, his remix for Aerotronic, but also a remix for The Oddword's "Kortelas".

You can hear the preview in this video:

So, until here my little word of Belgian chauvinism. Of course I can continue my story and tease your ears once more with other Belgian artists, but my fingers tell me to keep that for an other episode.

I hope it got your attention.

Enjoy the tracks and support the artists!


I already said something about Proxy founding his own label, well, he finished his plan: http://makorecords.com/. Check it out guys.


  1. kamikaze is soooo good! i just bought it then!

  2. Links don't work for Umek...

  3. Umek? Do you mean Modek?

    I have just been testing them and they work for me.

    Send us an e-mail if they still don't work and I will try to share them otherwise.