Sunday, 14 February 2010

Pink is back!

This Gtronic remix seemed to be up for a small month already, I can't come up with a reason why nobody posted it...
So anyway, here it is: the Gtronic remix for Pink a Pad's "Pink is Back". Dark, heavy, not for pussys,... good old G at his usual level.

Pink a Pad's - Pink is Back (Gtronic remix) (removed on request, the whole Ep can be bought at beatport)

If you have wondered why you can't find any mixtapes from him, the reason for this is kinda simple. He doesn't has that much time to work in his studio, and when he has, he rather makes tracks and remixes. Again a mystery solved by the Ratrabbit detectives!

Topaloca is a young producer from Belgium, and he recently made a few new acks. "Break the sound barrier" is the best of those. Not so hard as I like my electro normally, but I see he has some talent.

Topaloca - Break the sound barrier

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