Friday, 12 February 2010

Shark... off!

Some brand new Sharkslayer remixes, they all have their specific sound: something between fidget and tech-house.
The vocals in the remix for Sekta give me a tropical, a bit scary feeling. Not a pure dancefloor monster, rather something to listen on your Ipod or mp3, wondering how Sharkslayer can be so genius.

Sekta - Peterpan (Sharkslayer Nassau VIP)

Femme en Fourrure are compatriots of the Sharkslayer duo, maybe this is why he remixed one of their tracks? Some high pitching, several layers, horns,... big tune!

Femme en Fourrure - Plump bisquit (Sharkslayer remix)

The last one is also appropriate for the dancefloor, sick drop at 1:30. This gets you jumping for sure! It's slightly older than the other 2, but since it's so good...

The Willowz - repetition (Sharkslayer rmx)

EDIT:Oh my god! This remix blows away the other 3, with sexy/creepy vocals, a crazy bassline and some melodies who are getting distorted by that crazy bassline... It was played by Illstm in his omgitm mix, made me hum the tune for days.

Jinder - Youth Blood (Sharkslayer remix)

And now we have some cool tracks from Dirty Disco Youth's Ep. His track Minds... off got remixed by Stereoheroes and Dirty Disco Youth. That's right, he remixed his own track! Both are good tracks, but I'm giving you his remix, it's slightly better.

Dirty Disco Youth - Minds... Off (DDY rmx)

The Fukkk Offf is strong enough to stand next to the original, and not being put to shame by it. A slightly different touch, somewhat more techno-like, resulting in a killer tune.

Dirty Disco Youth - Brains... Off (Fukkk Offf remix)

Heads... off, one of the three originals of the Ep, deserves some attention from you aswell. Perfect for heating up clubs, It might sound a bit weird when you listen to it the first time, but the barking dog at the drop does it for me. Close to perfection, that's what it is.

Dirty Disco Youth - Heads... Off


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