Saturday, 6 February 2010

15 seconds left... Party!

"Imagine your life would only be 15 seconds long. What would it be like?"

Get this track, it's one of Gtronic best remixes. And Gtronic hasn't made anything sucky, so I guarantee you that it will get you jumping!

Autodidakt - 15 seconds (Gtronic Remix) (link fixed)

Aerotronic will be releasing their first EP "First blood" on Monkey see, Monkey do on the 18th of february. We have the teaser for you, which contains the tracks "Helicopter", "Bezerk" and "Ravers nightmare". Give em some love on the 18th!

Aerotronic - First Blood EP Teaser by aerotronic


  1. Thanks a lot for the remix ! It's awesome. Another Gtronic remix available on
    Aerotronic EP will be great ! Sure.

  2. thnx! I didn't have that one yet!