Sunday, 26 September 2010

Comic Remixes

If you were as amazed as I was about the first Ep from Comic Strips that I posted a few days ago, you're definitely going to love this. The man has pumped out some pretty solid remixes, and I had a wonderful time listening to them.
Favorites you ask? They're all amazing, but the Babylon remix is a bomb heavier than the one dropped on Hiroshima. It's even better than the Pink is Punk remix, and that one was already better than the awesome original. Download the remixes in better quality here.

My second favorite is the one he did for Amanda Blank's "might like you better". I have 5 remixes for that track on my computer, but this one is actually the only one that I dig.

It's been a really long time since I shared an OMGITM mixtape, but the last installment in the series was crafted by Haezer, the South-African electro anarchist. If you are familiar with his work, you know what to expect - some of the hardest electro to be found on this planet. Enjoy!


01. HAEZER - James Bond
02. The Mastertrons - Attack the Train(Drivepilot rmx)
03. Belzebass - Craked
04. Dj Antention - Go(Bigger Bolder rmx)
05. Boomzers - WTF(HAEZER RMX)
06. Squeeeze - Doop(Uppermost rmx)
07. The Mastertrons - Fat Man(HAEZER RMX)
08. HAEZER - Here Come the Punks! feat Circe(Trashing Teenagers rmx) and HAEZER - Warfare(acapella)
09. Autodidakt - Fake Fred Perry(HAEZER rmx)
10. Noize Generation - Get the fuck Up feat. Circe(HAEZER rmx)
11. HAEZER - Monkey
12. HAEZER - Dominator(Ikki rmx)
13. Gtronic - Ironman(Hostage rmx)
14. The Toxic Avenger - Nimporte Comment(HAEZER rmx)
15. HAEZER - It's Not Our Fault
16. F.O.O.L - We're Not French(HAEZER rmx)
17. Hateboss - Get Out(HAEZER rmx)
18. ShavedMonkeys - Get Rough(Aerotronic rmx)
19. Refused - New Noise(Bloody Beetroots rmx)
20. HAEZER - Anarchy!(HAEZER's ACDC mashup version)
21. Noisia - Machine Gun
22. Skrillex - Fucking Die
23. L'Amere Conspiration - Clash(HAEZER rmx)

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