Saturday, 18 September 2010

Who's da' best!?

Just a quickie for today, I'm to tired from yesterdays party to write a lot. But I have got some nice free Ep's in my box, let's hope they are worth a share so I can throw them online in my next post.

Trumpdisco remixed a song from Shunda K (a florida based hip-hop producer), and it has not become a vintage Trumpdisco song... Much of the hip-hop parts are kept intact, and the track doesn't even have that lovely grinding sound that we know from their other tracks.
Well, what does it sound like then huh?
Can you even call it real Trumpdisco?
Is it as good as their other tracks?
All those questions must 've popped your mind if you are familiar with the number 1 Australian trash masters. There's no need to worry though, the track is a nasty dubstep-hip-hop blend, and it's a bit more mainstream than their usual trash. I am glad to see that they are also capable of producing other genres, and I'll be sure to keep you posted about their Ep which will drop next week!

Shunda K - I'm Da' Best (Trumpdisco Remix) by GenerationElectro

Who's da best?
It's Trumpdisco!

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  1. love Shunda K's work..killed it in Yo Majesty and loved her first single - this one is awesome!!