Friday, 24 September 2010

The phantoms of Melbourne

My favourite Aussies Trumpdisco have found a label to release their first Ep on. The label's brand new, TGM posted something about it in his "melbounicano" post. I'm not sure which tracks the Ep will contain, but I'm guessing that "Bullshit", the song formerly known as "Dark" and "Not drowning, raving" will be on it (those songs are my favorites). We'll see after the weekend if I was right, because it's going to be launched this weekend. Check the Common Trolls page to check that, and download the Ep minimix below to ease the pain. Aussie fans had a chance to download this mix if they went to a Trumpdisco Ep launch party, for all the fans in the rest of the world this is the first chance they get to download this 30 minute piece of electro heaven.

In a few weeks it's halloween, which is apparently the favorite holiday for Figure. As long as he keeps on making such sick tunes, I really don't give a fuck what holiday it is. The Phantom is a vintage Figure track, meaning that it has big pianos, grinding basslines and some cool vocals ripped from a movie. The movie in this track is "The Phantom of the Opera", a classic horror film based on a book (actually there have been made several films and plays for it). This track will be the first in a series, and they will all be based on a horror movie. Enjoy!

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