Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Drop that Drip

The normal procedure for promoting an EP for me is picking one Track that I dig the most, and then give that one away with a link to the others. Comic Strips first EP though, is just too good to pick one favorite and hurt the other ones. 800m, Drip Drop, Villain and Bounce all deserve to become instant classics. This guy only started 2 years ago by making some mash-ups, and after some projects as a dj with a friend, he got into the real shit when he decided to make his first EP. Give this guy from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania some love, he's definitely worth it!

Link to download the Full EP (streaming is also possible)

Did you know that Nintendo mascottes Mario and Luigi made music?
Me neither, so don't worry. As you might have expected already, I'm not going to blog something about the super mario theme song here, but some heavy trash! The first track is a declaration of war to Wario, the all-time bad man of the super mario series.

The second track is a mix of heavy metal vocals with grinding and crushing chainsaw sounds, just the way I like it. The vocals make it perfectly for a wild moshpit, they really gave me energy boosts from time to time.

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