Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mad Paper Haezer

Mustard Pimp made this psychedelic video for their "Paper" track in collaboration with Arno Coenen, a dutch multimedia artist from the Netherlands. Looks like a pretty funny bad trip to me! If you want to start guessing which collabo's will be featured on their album, go and have a look at their facebook fanpage. I'm already all excited about it!

Haezer made a pretty sweet track to honour the king of all secret agents (James Bond of course). It already gained support from Pance Party, Trashing Teenagers, Tom Deluxx and other ratrabbit favourites. You'd be mad if you let this freebee slip through your finger! James Bond Motherfucker!

Haezer - James Bond (320 kbps)

F2u just keeps on progressing, just like the other guys with a 2 in their name, P2t. The track can best be described as some decent electro pumps anal infected with a banana, and the video... Well, I think the video is pretty funny, and the images fits nice with the music. Using a couple of video's that fall under the "so bad that it's funny" category worked perfectly this time!

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