Monday, 22 November 2010

Bangers + Laziness = Belated posts full of bangers!

It's been a long time again, my dearest readers. Reason? Just a bit of laziness, mixed with the typical winter blues feeling + school stuff that got at an alarming rate.

Ill Saint M, previously known as Illstm (I guess you can figure out why he changed his name a bit) made another hard remix for us! Kids who are craving for sweaty dance floors full of people giving everything they got (like me), have another track to party on. Go ask your local dj's to bang this out loud, very loud... If you ask me, this has a lot more potential than the original to fire up your party! Become a fan on his new facebook page, this guy definitely needs more support!

Oh yeah, before I forget: rumors about his new Ep are getting wilder and wilder... Getting released on Citizen records (Vitalic, Teenage Bad Girl,...) ? No way!?

Second is a nice bootleg from Hoi!, a duo from the UK that already got loads of support during their short existence. Names like Dem Slackers, The Bloody Beetroots, Foamo, Kissy Sell out,... should ring a bell somewhere, no? I'm giving you one of their newest tracks, which has a free download option enabled as well. Woblles, nasty basslines and all that spiced up with fidget nonsense - determined to be bangin' if you ask me!

Peeps who are following Comic Strips on facebook (like everyone should be) or something else, have heard about this tune before. Shake em' up is the name of the new born kid, and it will definitely give you a hard time. I'll leave it up to your party genes to make sense of that last sentence - shouldn't be too hard, just click that orange "play" button below.

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