Wednesday, 10 November 2010

wrap up # 7

Hostage messaged me yesterday, saying that he had a load of new tracks on his Soundcloud. Well, he sure wasn't lying! 11 new tracks uploaded last week! I had a great time listening to them, and now I'm sharing my favorites with you. The heavy dubstep tune "Sweet sweet riddim" is one of them, it has great vocals, a room shaking drop, basically everything you look for in a partytune.

"The Slave" is the name of the other track that I digged, and although it's new on Hostage's soundcloud, I've had it in my iTunes for almost a year. This doesn't change anything about the quality of course! Electro with some dub elements, and a cool vocal at the drop - determined to make you go wild.

Snob Electro sounds have just finished their second Ep, which will be released the 26th of November on Trash de disco records. 2 original tracks and 4 remixes, by Kommander Keen, Dead Cat Bounce, PANDAmic and KLOAN. I dig the 2 originals and the PANDAmic remix the most, because they are trashy without becoming to chaotic (the Dead Cat Bounce remix falls into this trap I believe). But you are free to disagree with this, check the full Ep below!

Here is a longer preview of the "Circuits" track, which is my favorite from the bunch.

The Cheerz are 2 girls (2 boys with that name would be kinda... weird) making club/hiphop music. Before you start a riot claiming that you are following this blog exactly to avoid that kind of music, the girls were so kind to give away a big fat remix Ep! 3 originals (they aren't that bad, you might wanna give them a try too!) and 10 remixes! All in 320 quality, and yes, once again, it's completely free!

The full list of the remixers is: Mendel, Jay Robinson, Douster, Dj Gant-Man, Dj Hilti, Oliver $, Big dope P, Sedat the Turkish Avenger, Tv on Mars and Yolanda be cool. That's an impressive list, although some of the remixes are totally not my cup of tea. For those who want the full package: The cheerz - Whooz da baddest remix EP

I picked out my favorites and uploaded them on Mediafire, so you can just take the heavier electro remixes from the 10.
The best remix is obviously the Mendel one (it was him who brought this to my attention), pounding basses and a wheeney little bit of distortion in the background - like I said, obviously the best!

The Jay Robinson takes it down the wobbly road, like we know from the old Jack Beats songs (UFO for example). For those who still like a nasty wobble from time to time!

The last one that I really liked is the one from Douster. If you have never heard this guy's name before, you should check out his "King of africa" track. If you haven't been living under a rock for the last 6 months you should have heard it somewhere. The remix he made this time is a bit techy, with whistles and some cool drum patterns.

It seems like ages ago when I last shared a Congorock remix (the backlog says it was the 4th of August, but the backlog is a fat ugly bastard), so this Mark Ronson feat Boy George remix comes at exaclty the right time! The vocals of the original + an epic, wide room melody from Rocco Rampino (mortals call him Congorock) = Banger!

The Gbd Crew, hailing from Liege, Belgium made a new mixtape for us. It's a dub/dnb one, with a few metal remixes from Ikki. Reminded me of sets of Steve Aoki, and those are always great.

1) Borgore - ice cream
2) Tempa T - Next hype
3) Rusko - Hold on
4) Money - wizual remix
5) Tek One - Broken string
6) She said - Killarabits remix
7) Satisfaction - J. Rabbit remix
8) Satisfaction - sample
9) Borgore - sex instruction dub
10) Figure - The Phantom
11) Belzebass - il maiale
12) Any way - Fake blood (sample).
13) Bodies - IKKI remix
14) St bethoven - superfuzz (sample).
15) RATM - Killing in the name
16) Pure hatred chimerae - IKKI remix.
17 ) Sigma - Front to back
18) Skrillex - Scatta.
19) Chrispy - predator
20) Dave luxe - casse toi la nuque (accapela)
21) Bassnectar - Wildstyle
22) Exotic on the speaker - yeah ! woho remix
23) Let's there be the light - dj funk
24) F__ck house - manaia remix
25) Swedish house mafia - one (Netsky remix, GBDCrew boolteg)
26) head will roll - L.A dub remix

And finally, the last track of this post. I especially joined the Annie Mac mailing list to get this as a downloadable treat. Don't get fooled by the rather slow intro, once the drop is there it's good old clouds stuff like we all love it! This may be one of their best remixes I've heard.

As you might have noticed, this is a fucking long post. I'm going to get back to my social life. Bye!

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