Tuesday, 30 November 2010

first impression

Good evening ratrabbits readers, wondering where that "first impression" thing is all about? Well I should be introducing myself because i'm new on the ratrabbits writers crew.But where I should be , i'm not gonna... not really into putting a lot of time in that shit. After all it's a blog about music not about our personalities.So let's skip all the boring stuff and get right to the music!

Instead of introducing myself , i'll introduce you to Filthy Rehab. A Dj duo from the UK with some serious Dj and producing skills. As I scrolled down there soundcloud page and listened every single track without wanting to stop any of them, I was kinda realising where there name came from. Getting addicted to there music isn't the hardest thing to do. Getting there dirty basslines and energetic beats out of your system is a lot harder. So below some of there kick-ass tunes. But beware I warned you for the consequences, now it's your choice if you want to risk it...

The Damn Bell Doors - By The Power Of Ra (Filthy Rehab Remix) sample by filthy_rehab

This one really sounds like it's a Jack Beats song, but I don't know if I see that as a bad thing ...
Filthy Rehab - Wa sup (original) sample by filthy_rehab

EXTRA : A mix they recorded , well just look at the name to see what you got to expect.

Filthy Rehab - bit bouncy, bit ravey, bit dirty mix by filthy_rehab

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