Monday, 29 November 2010

Here goes the hurry again

The hype about Daft Punk's comeback is getting extremely infectious, even Breakdown has fallen to the madness... Should we get worried (maybe I have to get worried, after being such a naive fool to believe that Daft Punk would play at I love Techno)?
NO! Of course not! Everything that results in good electro songs should be embraced!

Smart peeps have already figured out that this track will be one from Daft Punk and Breakdown, and the true masterminds might have linked it to the first track of the Tron Soundtrack, called Derezzed. If you are stupid and were absolutely clueless about what to expect, don't worry. The reward stays the same.
A banging electro candy, not to be missed by all the kids who ever want to be smart!

Valy Mo has received some attention from me a little while back, but this dude has more tricks in his sleeve than there are grains of sand in the desert. I can't find the words needed to describe the sound of this track (the fact that I'm in a hurry limits my creativity), the only thing I can say is that he did a great job. Ok go is a rock band from Chicago, who got famous because of their awesome videoclips. The one for this track is actually one of the best clips ever!

Lack of time = lack of creative descriptions for this one. It's awesome, just believe me.
Or, even better, don't believe me! Be critical and check the link below to get your mind blown! KrustyProders - BadGuy (ValyMo rmx) by ValyMo

This may be the first post ever where I promote something that a friend of mine made... I just don't want you to think that I post stuff just because friends made it, but this one is actually a very nice tune! Disko Kids, hailing from Leuven in Belgium (this track was made at 100 meters from my door) are proudly presenting their very first production.

It's a remix for Dem Slackers - Swagger, and they made it harder, more bleepy, more chaotic, more everything!

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