Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Silent Box

Silent H!, not really a big name on the scene, brought out an EP called Monstrumental. The EP contains 6 original tracks. I'm going to give you guys 2 of them, both really worth listening to. First one is called Megatron, nice electro banger with some lovely synths.

Megatron by Silent H!

Second one is called The Computer. It has this epic intro and some badass synths going on. Not an easy song to mix into another (neither is Megatron), but it sure bangs...

The Computer (Original mix) by Silent H!

This is a remix of the epic Black by Haezer done by Bl∆ck Box and M3LT!. That raw and nice fucked up bassline of the original has been kept, changed the rhythm and made it a little harder. Real great remix!


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