Monday, 21 March 2011


After a long period of what appeared to be lazyness, but in fact was a week of holidays and a week of working to make sure that the holiday week didn't had catastrophical consequences for his grades, your beloved Turtle Tosser is back in business. Unfortunately, his laptop is kinda fucked up (writing this post is a hell for him), and it has to go the shop for repairs...

Because even The Almighty Turtle Tosser can't know when the repair dudes will be ready with the fixing of his laptop, posts in the near future from his hand are very uncertain... But He (The Almighty) feels that the time for him to stop talking in third person, and come down to earth to talk music, is almost there... Almost...

For all the people who thought: what a fucking long intro is that? You're absolutely right, I (notice the switch to first person perspective) just felt like talking some nonsense (although the laptop story is true) after such a long time of absence :).

Now let's get to the music, I have 1 super awesome Ep for you guys, by a project called Kaze. I can't find much info about it, only that it is a solo project by one of the guys behind VOID CAMP and that he is a resident dj in a lot of clubs in Madrid. It's heavy, ravey, dark, aggressive, wild electro music, which would fit perfectly next to some of Haezer's stuff - although this sounds a bit more mechanic than the anarchy sounds from the South African.

The Ep I'm talking about is the superloser EP, from which the second track is my favorite. I heard it for the first time in the mix cd for Tuff Em Up records by Nadisko and Gtronic. I have been looking for it for a few months, than completely forgot about it, and 2 days ago it popped up in my head again. It appeared that the 2 tracks are a free give away! So go and grab em!

Kaze - Superloser feat. Klark the What?

Kaze - Pipelines Orchestra (extra awesome!)

To end this post, I want to give a big fat thank you to dislabled, who basically kept this whole blog running while I was doing other stuff!

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