Wednesday, 2 March 2011


The Amsterdam based underground label Basserk, will be releasing a new ep in the very near future, on the 9th of march to be precise. It will be the first time the 2 boys from Crunkd, aka Hernàn and Ambrogi and Gianni Marino, will show their producing skills to the world.

I am a big fan of the original "Gangster", and the Klipar remix is pretty awesome too. The original is a crazy, a bit trashy electro tune, that combines the effectiveness of a big bass with a very simple vocal, and some rave elements. Big tune, and I am allowed to share this beaty with you guys, so grab that chance!

I would love to share a preview of the Klipar remix too, because it has even bigger basses and some cool techno sounds (normally I don't like techno, but this is kinda cool indeed), but I can't find a youtube or soundcloud version anywhere... You'll just have to buy it on the 9th of march!


Basserk uploaded a version on soundcloud, it's here for you listening pleasure, enjoy!

Tracklist of the ep:

01. Crunkd - Gangster (04:15)
02. Crunkd - G Unit (04:52)
03. Crunkd - Gangster (dub rework) (04:41)
04. Crunkd - Gangster (Gianni Marino remix) (04:43)
05. Crunkd - Gangster (Klipar remix) (04:54)
06. Klipar - Up Da Bamba (Crunkd remix) (04:47)

For the second part of this post, I have a new breakdown tune for you all. It's called "zwiggy", and it's a very happy and dancefloor heating track. If you like silly synths, jump-up sounds, and in general a good party, this is definitely a song for you :).

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