Friday, 4 March 2011

Venom - but harder!

Vecho team: Jarno (producer) on the left, Frederik (dj and design) on the right.

The boys from Vecho made some very tasty remixes once more, very heavy and trashy, as it should be. Amazing that those tracks are all made by a dude who only just turned 18, Jarno van der veken. I basically like everything they pump out, but these 2 are just that bit extra awesome... It's hard to explain why, so why don't you just listen?

The original is a big fat bomb already, this remix just skips the easy going part, and makes the hard part even harder. Sweet.

The Black remix for Haezer has the same recipe as the previous one - making a heavy original even harder and trashier.

And I have another remix for Redial's venom, which has some awesome parts as well! It's been remixed by Snapcrack, who filtered, stretched and scratched the original, creating this second awesome remix.

It's a free download by the way :)!

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