Monday, 7 March 2011

Russian Power and free stuff!

X-Sundays, a radioshow hosted by the “F2U” Dj’s on Housebox radio, had another livestream going on last week.
Their monthly livestream already held guest Dj’s like Cyberpunkers, Noize Generation and only play’s alternative electronic music!
This time, they had DJ Antention as one of their guests and boy oh boy, he delivered one smashing and banging live set.
Be prepared, it’s a hard one!

01 - Redial - The Boss (DJ Antention Remix)
02 - Dj Antention - Poison
03 - Dj Antention - Gun Ready
04 - Dj Antention - Gett
05 - Dj Antention - AK 47
06 - Dj Antention - Rapid Fire
07 - Dj Antention - ???

Haezer is giving away a free remix of “L'Amere Conspiration – Clash“!!
The intro is amazing and the rest of the track speaks for itself.
It’s a soft master, so just add some gain and bounce to those beats.


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