Monday, 3 May 2010

How to blow up a helicopter

Sawgood & Gigi Barocco will be releasing their new ep "Blowin up" (out today)! To promote this event, Sawgood is giving away his "what that fake". This track is a funny commentary on the media buzz around the skins parties, he uses vocals from a female French newscaster, and mixes those with high pitching synths and trashy electro. Now you know what a skins party is!

Sawgood - what that fake

This is a teaser for the Ep, with a preview of all the remixes. Calvertron, Ikki, The Boomzers and Shekel! This is gonna be huge, all of the remixes got me banging my head!

Sawgood & Gigi Barocco feat A girl and a gun and Loc E - Blowin up teaser

Deafman, the guys from the amazing tune "Diskett", actually have a lot more good stuff than this one track. The video below is a recording of their take on Vitalic's "Poney Part 1", remixed live for the camera. I found another remix from them which was amazing, their remix for Aerotronic's helicopter! I wasn't quite digging the original to be honest, but if you listen to this, you just can't stay calm. The rave feeling of the original stays intact, and in my opinion, it gets even more ravey!

Aerotronic - Helicopter (Deafman's gyronef remix)

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