Friday, 14 May 2010

Vakkuum in the Russian ghetto

Vakkuum is a Vermont based producer, but his sound can better be described as "Russian", referring to the recent BOOM of producers from there. I am talking about guys like The Mould, Marseille, Noise Invaders and Polymorphic (his star has been rising for a longer time though). All these artists are united under the MAKO flag, proudly hosted by labelboss Proxy.
Vakkuum has remixed South Ghetto, from The Mould, and has given it an even more harder make over. It's an unofficial remix, but if they hear this in Moscow at the MAKO headquarters, I'm sure they will get over excited! This will punch you right in the face for sure!

The Mould - South Ghetto (Vakkuum remix)


Ikki has made a new original, the description I read about it was that it sounded just like an old Bloody Beetroots song, and that description fits perfectly!

Ikki - Mutandine

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