Monday, 17 May 2010

Wrap Up # 1

Ok, from now on, you can expect these kind of posts after a few days without new stuff on our page, or just when I feel like doing one. I will throw in lots of info and songs, who don't have any relation to each other, except that they're all banging!

We'll start with Designer Drugs "Riot/Drop down" Ep. The original Ep was released in October last year, and now they are going to release a remix Ep. Stereoheroes and Mustard Pimp were called to remix-duty, and the results can be previewed below. I am really liking the Stereoheroes remix, the drop at 1.13 minutes is just insane!

Designer Drugs - Riot (StereoHeroes Remix) by stereoheroes

Designer Drugs - riot (Mustard Pimp remix) (preview)

We informed you earlier about Dj Mehdi and Riton's new project, called Carte Blanche. Their debut Ep will be released on Ed Bangers, and we were able to get our hands on a copy of "Gare Du Nord". Which is truly a prime-time banger, but judge for yourself!

Carte Blanche - Gare Du Nord

Beat & Bang are following the right path in their productions, this vid is even a bit "Russian-style". Proxy himself would surely like it!

Beat & Bang - Hunger! from Beat & Bang on Vimeo.

Now some love for Blatta & Inesha, they never seem to amaze me. This one is actually quite old, but because it's so good, I can't resist posting it.

Mightyfools - Hoo Haa (Blatta & Inesha remix) (128 kbps)

And to end this post, one interesting fact: did you know that the "woop woop" vocals in warp 1.9, weren't sung by Steve Aoki? That's right, you believed that for almost a year, and if it wasn't for me, you would still be living in this misbelief. They are actually sung by A girl and a gun, if you listen carefully you can recognise her voice.

Kasual Cocktail has a brand new site, check it here!


  1. Thanks a lot for Gare Du Nord. This track is really awesome !!
    The B&I remix is very cool too.

  2. That beat&bang track is just pure proxy-imitation, nothing to be proud of:)

  3. @ Anomynous: We will never, deny that we are inspired by such great artist like proxy. But do not forget that this is becoming a genre on it's own. The Mould, Polymorphic, Volatile, Proxy himself,.. are all making 'proxy-imitations'.

  4. beat & bang are making nice tracks, no imitation just love for the proxy style.

  5. True, I follow Beat and Bang's statement.

    Lets say it in Latin: Imitatio et aemulatio.

    Wheter or not you like the track, is an opinion.

  6. yes but polymorphic, marseille, the mould are FRIENDS of proxy and he probably told them what synth, claps etc he uses, I think it would be a shame that no djs come with new stuff but all start imitating their heroes. Ofcourse proxy is a hero to a lot of people, but I don't really share that opninion on his music being a genre on it's own, it's just his style like boys noize, bloody beetroots, you name it have their own style, would be a shame that we suddenly start hearing boysnoize & proxy sounds from everybody wouldn't it:D

  7. @ anonymous: It's not because the Mako guys are friends of Proxy, that they are allowed to copy his sound. And Proxy doesn't have the copyright on the "Russian style", to give the thing a name, he was just the first one to make such tunes.
    If you like the Proxy,you probably like the beat&bang track too :).